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Netanyahu, Katz Unveil Comprehensive Economic Stimulus Plan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu listens to Finance Minister Israel Katz during the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem October 27, 2019. Photo: Gali Tibbon/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo. – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz on Sunday unveiled a new stimulus plan seeking to combat the adverse economic effects of the […]

Iran to unveil stamp in honor of legendary wrestler Takhti

TEHRAN – Iranian Wrestling Federation secretary general Jalal Askari has announced that legendary wrestler Gholamreza Takhti’s new stamp will be unveiled on Wednesday. The stamp will be released to honor the 53rd death anniversary of Takhti, Askari said. “Due to coronavirus restrictions, the fans are not allowed to participate in the anniversary at the Ebn-e […]

Israel to unveil Herod’s palace, almost perfectly preserved for past 2000 years

    Israeli authorities will open King Herod’s palace-fortress in Herodium this Sunday, affording tourists the opportunity to peer back some 2,000 years and discover the lavish lifestyle of the tyrannical Roman-era leader. The already-popular tourist destination near Bethlehem has been undergoing excavation for the past 13 years, following the discovery of Herod’s grave. Archaeologists […]

IRIAF to unveil more aircraft similators: cmdr.

MNA – The Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) said that the force is working on simulators of other aircraft which soon be unveiled. Relying on IRIAF experts, we are trying to unveil simulation projects for other military aircraft such as the F-4 in the upcoming future, said Brigadier General Aziz […]

Literally shocking: Russian security forces unveil ‘Taser shield’ (VIDEO)

“Its whole surface holds an electrical charge. So, if someone charges at me, I can electrocute him,” an officer at the booth told a reporter from, adding that the shield might also help to deter possible offenders and discourage them from dangerous behavior. Different types of ‘Taser shields,’ also known as ‘stun shields,’ are […]

Iran to unveil new submarine

Tasnim– Iran’s Navy is going to unveil a new homegrown submarine in coming days, Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said. Speaking to reporters on Sunday, the top commander said the new watercraft will be the last one of midget-class submarines at the Navy’s disposal. The Iranian Navy will begin to receive a new generation […]

Pentagon Unveil ‘Troll Army’ To Spread American Propaganda Online

The Pentagon have deployed hundreds of soldiers to work within the US Army’s new ‘troll division’ – a unit tasked with spreading pro-American propaganda online.  According to white papers published on the Federal Business Opportunities website on Wednesday, the US Military wants a new intelligence tool so that soldiers working within the troll division can better […]

Trump to Unveil Skills-Based Immigration Bill

President Trump will join Republican Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas at the White House Wednesday to unveil legislation that proposes a skills-based immigration system and seeks an overall lower level of legal immigration, two sources have confirmed to the Washington Examiner. Officials stopped short of saying Trump would endorse the bill […]

Syria: US To Unveil New Terrorist Organization As ISIS Collapses

The Syrian government claim that the United States is about to unveil a new boogeyman terrorist organization on the world, as ISIS face annihilation at the hands of Russia and Syria.  Senior Syrian lawmaker Ammar al-Assad claims that the US is preparing to invent an entirely new terrorist group which will emerge in the Middle East in […]

Walmart to unveil SEDENTARY shopping where you don’t even have to walk the store… flying DRONES bring all the products to your basket

(Natural News) Humans and technology have a bittersweet relationship with one another. One the one hand, it makes our lives more convenient. If you need to know the ingredients for homemade mac and cheese, all you have to do is speak into your phone’s web browser and you’ll have the information you need within seconds. […]

US lawmakers lack consensus on more sanctions against Iran: Ben Cardin

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A senior US senator said that members of the Congress “have different views” over passing a legislation to extend anti-Iran sanctions. Senator Ben Cardin, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, acknowledged that lawmakers have not yet unified behind a proposal against Iran that would attract enough votes to pass […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

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Dr. Bill Warrick Exposes 9/11 and Anthrax False Flags

The public is finally waking up to realize that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated as a False Flag to gain popular support for what has become an endless war in the middle east. Dr. Bill Warrick focuses on the anthrax story where members of congress were intimidated into “complicity” where no meaningful action was taken […]

MSM Shamefully Links Ohio Massacre to Weed When it Should be Blaming the War on Weed

Authorities are sharing few details of their investigation into the appalling murder of eight family members in Pike County, Ohio. by Justin Gardner Autopsy reports confirm that the victims all died of gunshot wounds, and several pieces of evidence have been sent to the Bureau of Investigation for analysis. There was one piece of information, […]

How Inflammation Could Be Preventing You From Losing Weight & Foods To Help You Combat It

Many people believe that inflammation causes a variety of ailments and diseases, and this is true, at least to some degree. But inflammation is also a natural, healthy response to cellular damage, and the response of a healthy immune system to a perceived threat. Chronic Inflammation, however, is a symptom of something negative happening in the body, and it forces us […]

Iraqi security forces enter city of Hit

Commanders from Iraq’s counterterrorism forces said on Monday that troops entered Hit earlier in the day and began clearing its northern neighborhoods. They said advances have been made against Daesh toward the central parts of Hit, located in Anbar Province along a Daesh supply line to Syria. The advance comes just one week after Iraqi […]

Library of Congress to stop using ‘illegal’ and ‘alien’ to describe immigrants, group says

From: The Library of Congress will no longer use the words “illegal” and “alien” to describe undocumented immigrants after Dartmouth College students petitioned for the change, the group said Wednesday. Instead, the Library of Congress will use the terms “non-citizen” and “unauthorized immigrants” in subject headings to refer to undocumented […]

Multiple Sclerosis Is Actually Lyme Disease. Here’s Why

One of the biggest medical scandal’s of the last 100 years is the fact that since 1911 the medical establishment have known that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by a bacterium, and that Big Pharma have covered this up in order to profit from so called “MS patients”.  Medical research shows that the living Borrelia bacteria […]

Cleric criticizes US lobbying with UN against Iran’s defense power

Tehran, March 18, IRNA – Tehran’s interim Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahhedi slammed US government for lobbying with the United Nations Security Council against Iran’s defense power. Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani said in sermons of the Friday Prayers that the Iranian government has the right to bolster its defense power. ‘Don’t we have the right […]

UN Agenda 2030 Revealed: They Want A One World Government

The UN have unveiled their masterplan for the next 14 years – saying that they wish to implement global socialism and corporate fascism as part of their “Agenda 2030” plans. Part of their plans, officially dubbed “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals,” aims to reduce inequality worldwide by forcing individual governments and citizens alike to share their wealth under […]

Caffeinated underwear makers’ weight loss claims scrutinized by FTC

(NaturalNews) Weight loss is such an obsession that anything promising to help one lose weight or unsightly fat is almost a guaranteed sale. You’ll hear radio ads explaining that there’s still time to get involved in their free trial if you call 1-800-NEW-SLIM in the next 10 minutes. There are plenty of potions […]

Tabriz gets ready to host 1.5mn tourists in 2018

Tabriz, Feb 13, IRNA – Deputy governor-general of East Azarbaijan province said on Saturday that as Tabriz, the capital city of this province, has been selected as Muslim world’s main tourism city for 2018, the city has to get ready for hosting 1.5 million tourists by that year. Mohammad-Sadeq Pourmahdi said that Tabriz’s main terminal […]

Tabriz gets ready to host 1.5mn tourists in 2018

Tabriz, Feb 13, IRNA – Deputy governor-general of East Azarbaijan province said on Saturday that as Tabriz, the capital city of this province, has been selected as Muslim world’s main tourism city for 2018, the city has to get ready for hosting 1.5 million tourists by that year. Mohammad-Sadeq Pourmahdi said that Tabriz’s main terminal […]

Will the GOP Mount a Third-Party Challenge to Trump?

Commentary — This article by Zionist Jewish “political analyst” Jeff Greenfield suggests that the Republican establishment may want to back a “third-party” challenge by a traditional (read “kosher”) Republican should Donald Trump win the nomination. Greenfield quotes a number of Jewish analysts and publications in reaching the conclusion that nominating Donald Trump would pose a […]

Study: Dispersants did not help oil degrade in BP spill

The chemical sprayed on the 2010 BP oil spill may not have helped crucial petroleum-munching microbes get rid of the slick, a new study suggests. And that leads to more questions about where much of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill went. If the new results are true, up to half the oil can’t be accounted […]

Brotherhood’s Badie, 17 MB leaders put on terror list by court ruling: official paper

TCP : Former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 17 other leaders were put on the list of “Terrorist Entities and Individuals” for three years per a court ruling, state official newspaper al-Waqaei al-Masryia reported. Mohamed Badie, Youm7 The newspaper published a Cairo Criminal Court ruling from Sept. 16. By publishing the court ruling […]

Saturn’s geyser moon shines in close flyby views

In the recent sci-fi hit, The Martian, the main character, astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon), manages to grow potatoes on the planet with a mix of ingenuity, science, and a bit of Hollywood make-believe. Could … Source Article from 00 Hits: 0

Hospital in Mali receives Russian medical equipment as humanitarian aid (VIDEO)

“That is very important for our bilateral relations and strengthening our friendship, which has lasted for 50 years. This humanitarian aid coincides with this anniversary,” Russian ambassador to Mali Aleksey Duljan told Interfax news agency. Dulyan said that the equipment is very important for the hospital. He discussed this with the country’s Minister of Health […]

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