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How do you say ‘urban renewal’ in Arabic? In Israel, you don’t

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Urban Voices Project’s Skid Row Choir Releases First Single ‘A Holiday Called Home’

[embedded content] When Mostly Kosher frontman Leeav Sofer co-founded the Urban Voices Project (UVP) Choir along with Christopher Mack, an outreach worker in skid row dubbed “the Urban Sage,” he had no idea six years later the choir would have its first single out for the community to enjoy for the holidays. Released on Dec. […]


 [embedded content]…. Are they expecting urban warfare? October 2020 – Reservists with 7th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland have stepped up their training with urban combat drills in Dalbeattie, in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland. The adventure playground at Cream o’ Galloway, in Dumfries and Galloway, is to shut for ever as the need […]

French Police Targeted With Explosives Amid Surge of Urban Warfare

    French police have been engaged in urban warfare in multiple cities with combatants utilizing fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and other deadly weapons, according to reports. In the Paris suburb of Argenteuil, officers and fire crews have been targeted in a series of ongoing ambushes around the commune, Actu17 reports. “For 3/4 days, the police […]

Minister orders urban transport in Israel restored to full force after holiday

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54 million people in the US may go hungry during pandemic—can urban farms help?

Image Credit: Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times This article was produced by Earth | Food | Life, a project of the Independent Media Institute. When I call Chef Q. Ibraheem to discuss urban farming in her own cooking career, she’s in the middle of placing an order for microgreens from a small farm in Lake Forest, […]

Democratic Convention Ignores the Elephant in the Virtual Room: Urban Violence

John Kass The “We the People”-themed Democratic National Convention, like the Republican one to follow, shows us what America has known for years: that conventions are only infomercials designed to bend reality to political will. The Democrats bend their reality toward a referendum on President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, but they bend it […]

AG Barr calls ANTIFA a ‘new form of urban guerrilla warfare’

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Community gardens: Why urban preppers are building these gardening plots

(Natural News) If you live in the city but you want to start prepping, don’t despair. You can start a kitchen garden in your own home, or you can join other preppers and cultivate a community garden. Community gardens have once again risen in popularity, and this is probably because most city-dwellers […]

New Orleans And Detroit Are Models For The Urban Police State

By Derrick Broze Detroit and New Orleans are quickly becoming examples of a city under total surveillance. How can you prevent your hometown from becoming a Surveillance State? New reports on the increasing amount of surveillance conducted by police in New Orleans and Detroit are causing concern among local residents. The Intercept recently […]

America’s Urban War Zone: Baltimore Doubles Chicago’s Homicide Rate In 2017

Via, Back in June, President Trump used Twitter to officially announce America’s urban crisis. He hit the ground running calling out the death and destruction in Chicago. Trump made it clear that he was “sending in Federal help” to contain the dying city. Crime and killings […]

Urban Warfare: NATO Issues RFP For Training To Fight In Big Cities With "Dense, Interconnected Populations"

Throughout the 2016 campaigning cycle, then candidate Trump frequently criticized NATO as “obsolete” and repeatedly knocked allies for not paying their “fair share.” Then, in a shocking reversal, Trump hosted a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, just a few months after moving into the White House, in which he […]

Big city war: NATO seeks concepts for waging urban conflict

The request, titled ‘Development of NATO Military Operations in Urban Environment Concept’, cites UN estimates which say that by 2035 the world’s population will reach 8.7 billion people, with most living in urban areas. US plans ‘global’ drills to counter Russia & other ‘complex threats’ – top US military official “The world as a whole […]

Israel unveils upgraded ‘Namer’ APC with urban warfare turret (VIDEO)

The upgraded Namer will be better suited to urban warfare and less dependent on other units to provide firepower, Brigadier General Baruch Matzliach, head of the Tank Program Administration, told the Israeli media on Monday. Matzliach also announced that the vehicle was slated for a series of tests before being introduced by the IDF Ground […]

SCI: Iran urban inflation at 7.1%; rural 8.1%

Financial Tribune- The goods and services Consumer Price Index for urban areas increased 7.1% in the 12-month period ending May 21, which marks the end of the Iranian month of Ordibehesht, compared with last year’s corresponding period, the Statistical Center of Iran announced in its latest report. SCI put the preceding month’s inflation rate at […]

Urban Abundance – 1/2-Acre Urban Property Transformed Into Organic Veggie Gardens

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast off the coast of the United States. This had unforeseen and radical consequences on the price of food. Around 2,900 oil rigs were shut down, disrupting 95% of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico — the impact of which lasted several months. While to the […]

Gov’t shifting housing policy toward urban renewal

Financial Tribune- President Hassan Rouhani’s policy regarding the housing sector revolves around moving away from construction in underdeveloped areas as in the Mehr Housing Plan and supporting distressed urban areas, the minister of roads and urban development said. “The policy we have pursued in [Rouhani’s] government is moving toward first-time homebuyers, therefore out policy is […]

Can US-Vietnam reconciliation hurt Moscow’s ties with Hanoi?

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How ‘Black Boxes’ In Autonomous Cars Will Be Used to Blame Humans

In the wake of a Tesla car’s fatal crash while on autopilot, German lawmakers are proposing mandatory “black boxes” for self-driving cars, similar to the devices in airplanes that record the moments before a fatal accident. The idea is that this type of recorder would help authorities piece together what happened in the […]

Congress’s Move To Delay IRS Muzzle Rule Another Year Is Not All Good News

Print Friendly Above Photo: While the US Congress may have postponed the enforcement of the IRS muzzle rule once again, they missed the opportunity to stop this threat to free speech for good. (Photo: New Statesman) Note: A new IRS rule was set to take effect on October 1, 2016, that would severely limit the ability of […]

Orlando Changes Everything

Orlando Changes Everything The Jewish Debasing Of American Culture, America In Decline Articles Orlando Changes EverythingBy Brother Nathanael Kapner June 16, 2016 ©___________________________________ AFTER THE MOURNING ENDS, and the clowns have all gone to bed, a new mourning begins for those who forsee the destruction of America. One glance at the ‘Orlando statements’ by Jewish […]

40% Increase in “Asylum” Claims in UK

There were 41,563 “asylum” applications—including dependents—made in Britain in the year ending March 2016, an increase of 30 percent compared with the previous year, new figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics have revealed. This is the fifth successive year in which asylum applications have risen, although the number of applications is low […]

From ‘Merci Patron’ To ‘Nuit Debout’

Print Friendly Above photo: Preparing for the global protests of #NuitDebout this month. Photo courtesy: @nuitdebout This year on March 31, a citizen movement, ‘Nuit Debout’ began in Paris. Similar to ‘Occupy’ in the USA or London and to the ‘Indignados’ in Spain, this movement had a tumultuous beginning. At its origin: a thought-provoking film and […]

Donald Trump Accuses Ted Cruz’s Father of Associating With Kennedy Assassin

Donald Trump Accuses Ted Cruz’s Father of Associating With Kennedy Assassin May 3rd, 2016 Eh?! Via: New York Times: Donald J. Trump, who has repeatedly dabbled in conspiracy theories during his time on the campaign trail, accused Senator Ted Cruz’s father of associating with […]

Man’s Peaceful Facebook Post About Corrupt Cops Leads to Felony Charges, Endless Persecution

By William N. Grigg A mistrial was called in the case of police accountability activist Matthew Townsend, who faces a potential five-year prison sentence for writing a Facebook post critical of a Meridian, Idaho police officer who arrested him without justification. His new trial, which is scheduled for three days, will begin on February 29. […]

Adding fluoride to public water may cause bone cancer in some, warns expert

(NaturalNews) The byproducts of the phosphate mining industry, hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride, are sold to cities around the world, and then dumped into those cities’ municipal water supplies. We’re told that fluoride prevents cavities, and this is the justification used to pour it into the water supply to mass medicate entire populations. […]

Baking Soda and Honey Homemade Remedy That Destroys Even the Most Dangerous Diseases

Cancer cells love sugar – and mixing and heating alkaline bicarbonate of soda (BS) with sugar-rich maple syrup or honey, binds the two together such that the maple syrup targets the “sugar hungry” cancer cells (which consume 15x more glucose than normal cells), and thus “sneakily” also carries the baking soda into the cells, as if […]

The State of Emergency and the Collapse of French Democracy

The measures being taken by the government of President François Hollande in response to Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris constitute an unprecedented attack on democratic rights. The Socialist Party (PS) government has declared a state of emergency and mobilized more than 100,000 security personnel throughout the country, including regular police, gendarmes, paramilitary riot police and […]

We Are All Everyone: Lessons Of The Paris Attacks

Print Friendly Above Photo: From This piece is a little long, friends, but I hope that it sheds some light on a difficult subject. “WE ARE ALL EVERYONE”: LESSONS OF THE PARIS ATTACKS Rich Rubenstein In the aftermath of the Islamic State’s cruel and vicious attacks in Paris, one is tempted to declare, “Nous […]

Libyan rebels using Canadian urban surveillance drones

  Defense Web August 29, 2011 Libyan rebels are using the Aeryon Scout micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in their fight against pro-Gaddafi forces, after receiving one of the aircraft from Canadian manufacturer Aeryon Labs. While numerous UAVs operate over Libya (such as the Predator, Fire Scout and ScanEagle), these are all NATO assets, leaving […]

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