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Death in Astro-Zeneca Vaccine Trial

DEATH DURING COVID VACCINE TRIAL Over the past month, Covid-19 vaccine trials have repeatedly paused as participants continue to report adverse events, but a recent event revealed a death in AstraZeneca’s trial currently underway in Brazil. With few details being made available to the public, what do you need to know about this latest setback […]

Coronavirus: Joe Biden promises vaccine will be ‘free for everyone’ in US under plan to fight virus

Democratic US presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden promised on Friday that a future coronavirus vaccine would be “free for everyone” as part of his national plan to fight the pandemic if elected to the White House. “Once we have a safe and effective vaccine, it should be free for everyone, whether you […]

In 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw A Vaccine That Would ‘Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality Out of People’s Souls’

If you’ve felt at all like you’re in a spiritual war right now, you’re not alone. Many of the world’s greatest scholars, philosophers and ascetics understood the world to be multi-dimensional and co-inhabited by non-physical beings both good and evil, always at war with us and each other. It’s not something that can be rightly […]

Bill Gates, Vaccine Billionaire, Is Making Your Healthcare Decisions

by Admin · October 21, 2020 Comment: Bill Gates is a member of the cabal as are his partners in crime Warren Buffett & Angelina Jolie. Hits: 12

Volunteer in Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Trial DIES in Brazil

A volunteer in the AstraZeneca and University of Oxford’s coronavirus vaccine trial has died, the country’s health authority Anvisa announced on Wednesday. G1 Rio in Brazil confirmed the volunteer to be Dr João Pedro R. Feitosa, a 28-year-old from Rio De Janeiro. A spokesperson from AstraZeneca declined to comment on the volunteer, citing “medical confidentiality and clinical trial […]

Trump Says He Won’t Force Americans To Take COVID-19 Vaccine It’s not every day that President Trump outflanks his progressive critics on the issue of ‘consent’. But according to some recent comments from the president, skeptics worried about the prospect of mandatory vaccination orders in the US and in the UK have rallied to voice their opposition. But if President Trump is reelected, Americans who are concerned about […]

The Advance Vaccine Directive Card—What is it and how does it work?

Index Obtain Your Cards Advance Vaccine Directive Cards are “The embodiment of Informed Consent.”Rima E. Laibow, MD, Natural Solutions Foundation Medical Director “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century.”Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army Ret.) Foundation President Summary of Legal Justification for the AVD Card: Even a “…diminished expectation of privacy does […]

There has never been a safe or effective vaccine in the history of the death sport of vaccine development, until people realize this, they will never emerge from their cocoons of denial, and become the solution to mankind’s current dilemma | Gates | Fouci | The Truth About HIV and AIDS | The Fourth Industrial Revolution

John Hall – Vaccines Cause Diseases They “Prevent”OCTOBER 16, 2020 AT 11:19 AMHenry Makow “the violence of mechanized warfare had claimed 20 to 25 million victims while the Spanish Flu killed 50 to 100 million worldwide. There are extremely good reasons to believe that the “jab” was the cause of the disease…” “… We […]

President Trump Says He Will NOT Make Coronavirus Vaccine Mandatory

President Trump said he would not issue a mandate for a coronavirus vaccine when a jab becomes available. Trump said he wants individuals to choose for themselves amid concerns that immunizations are being rushed through trials. RT reports: Asked who would be first to receive a vaccine in an interview on Fox Business on Thursday, […]

Bill Gates Wants Religious Leaders to Sell the COVID-19 Vaccine to their Sheeple

by Ethan Huff (Natural News) Because less than half of the American population is planning to get vaccinated for the COVID-19, even with a $100 cash incentive, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is desperately calling on pro-vaxxers in power to come up with new ways to manipulate people into getting jabbed, including at church. Having already […]

Head of Oxford University Vaccine Team: Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue Until Next Summer

The leader of the coronavirus vaccine team at Oxford University boasted Tuesday that the public will not return to normal until at least next summer. Professor Andrew Pollard said that face masks and social distancing rules are here with us to stay for the foreseeable future, declaring that a vaccine is still months away and would only […]

YouTube BANS Any Videos That Question Vaccine Agenda

Twitter has locked the accounts of anyone who shared the New York Post story regarding Joe Biden’s foreign lobbying scandal, including media organisations, reporters, celebrities, and even government officials. The story, which has been met with denials from the Biden campaign, claims that Hunter Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a […]

Head Of Oxford University Vaccine Team Says Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue Until NEXT SUMMER

The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge says governments should stop enforcing lockdowns, unless as a “last resort,” because the impact on other areas of health and mental well-being is more damaging. In an interview with Euro News, Kluge cautioned against the imposition of more lockdowns unless they are “absolutely necessary.” NEW: […]

Johnson & Johnson Halts Coronavirus Vaccine Trial After Participant Contracted “Unexplained Illness”

Johnson & Johnson say they have temporarily suspended their coronavirus vaccine trial after a trial participant contracted an “unexplained illness” The big pharma company said it had paused the Phase 3 clinical vaccine trial but offered little detail about the setback. RT reports: The pharma firm’s 60,000-patient vaccine study was paused due to an adverse […]

Half a Million Sharks Could Be Killed to Make COVID-19 Vaccine

The Facts: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University recently gave an interview stating “there is more harm from the lockdown than there is from COVID.” He’s one of many experts who feel this way, and explains why. Reflect On: Should the government use force on their citizenry to comply, or should […]

Horseshoe crab blood key to COVID-19 vaccine despite negative impact it could have on ecosystem

Image Credit: National Geographic/Getty Images Dwindling in numbers and on the brink of extinction, horseshoe crabs could soon become an indirect victim of the COVID-19 vaccine. Horseshoe crabs have long been a feature of vaccination research. Their blue blood, used to test the safety of vaccinations and other medial products, is “able to detect endotoxins—a […]

Bill Gates Says Life Will Only Return to “Normal” at the End of 2021 When There’s a Corona Vaccine

Over six thousand scientists and doctors have signed a petition against coronavirus lockdown measures, urging that those not in the at risk category should be able to get on with their lives as normal, and that lockdown rules in both the US and UK are causing ‘irreparable damage’. Those who have signed include professors from […]

Pope Francis Says The Poor & Weak Should Get Coronavirus Vaccine First

How very kind & considerate of the pope … on the other hand I feel they, ie himself & all of those pushing the vax, they should go first to prove to us all that it’s safe given it’s been barely if at all tested Nwo Report Source:Niamh Harris The poor and weakest members of […]

“The flu vaccine is really bad medicine”: Dr. Jim Meehan sums up the overwhelming evidence that it (a) doesn’t work, and (b) can make you very sick

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The COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport?

By Dr. Pascal Sacre Source The COVID-19 vaccine… Is this THE final goal of this crisis, to impose a compulsory vaccination on everyone, with a biometric health passport and without it, the impossibility to move, to buy, to eat? The near future will tell. With time, the accumulation of side effects, the testimonies of more […]

Has the government already released their plans to force a vaccine on every citizen?

Mac Earlier today, the Trump administration released its plans to vaccine everyone in a short time.  Three potential vaccines are currently in Stage 3 trials in the United States and could be ready in weeks, President Donald Trump said Tuesday. Time is running out. And Trump has the military lined up and ready to distribute this […]

Vaccine trial FAILURE: Second AstraZeneca COVID-19 volunteer develops rare neurological condition

(NaturalHealth365) As COVID-19 vaccine trials continue speeding along, a major pharmaceutical company leading the way is facing heat yet again for subjecting volunteers to these fast-tracked vaccines. Internal papers from AstraZeneca reveal another victim who has developed a rare and serious condition affecting the nervous system after getting treated with the investigational drug.  Of course, AstraZeneca representatives say it’s, […]

The Government Has Released Their Initial Plans To Force A Vaccine On Everyone

The Trump administration released its plans to vaccine everyone in a short time.  Three potential vaccines are currently in Stage 3 trials in the United States and could be ready in weeks, President Donald Trump said Tuesday. Time is running out, and Trump has the military lined up and ready to distribute this vaccine to the public, […]

Medical Journal Calls For Mandatory Covid Vaccine: ‘Noncompliance Should Incur A Penalty’

After it was announced that President Trump had contracted coronavirus, numerous leftists took to Twitter to vehemently argue that Trump had staged the infection in order to help his re-election chances. The consensus opinion appears to be that Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 will harm his campaign because it will stop him traveling for 2 […]

CDC is a Privately Owned Vaccine Company (For Profit)

CDC, CORONAVIRUS, COVID-19, US NEWS, USA Date: July 2, 2018Author: Nwo Report40 Comments Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims the CDC owns patents on at least 57 different vaccines, and profits $4.1 billion per year in vaccination sales.  According to RFK Jr., the CDC is not an independent government agency but is actually a subsidiary of Big Pharma. reports: Mr. Kennedy told EcoWatch, “The CDC […]

COVID-19 vaccine won’t immediately end the pandemic, experts say

Finding a vaccine for COVID-19 does not mean an automatic return to normality, experts say, warning people to be “realistic” about the challenges that remain. There may still be some time before it makes a major difference, according to Data Evaluation and Learning for Viral Epidemics (DELVE), a group convened by the Royal Society. The […]

How did Bill Gates get away with spreading polio across Africa with his dangerous vaccine?

By F. William EngdahlGlobal Research Microsoft founder Bill Gates has made himself the global vaccine czar as his foundation spends billions on spreading new vaccines globally. While much attention has been given to the role of Gates behind the corrupt WHO in promoting radical untested coronavirus vaccines, the record of the Gates Foundation pushing an […]

Half A Million Sharks May Be Captured and Sacrificed For Covid-19 Vaccine

The commercial production and roll out of a COVID-19 vaccine could rely on the capture and sacrifice of 500,000 sharks worldwide, according to an advocacy group. Shark Allies, a non-profit group that raises awareness about shark conservation, is warning that mass production of a vaccine with an adjuvant could wipe out hundreds of thousands of […]

Musk says neither he nor his family will take Covid-19 vaccine, blasts Bill Gates as ‘knucklehead’

    SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has said that neither he nor his family will likely take future coronavirus vaccines even when they are readily available, saying the pandemic has “diminished [his] faith in humanity.” Speaking during a podcast interview with Kara Swisher, 49-year-old Musk stated that neither he nor his children are […]

Gates Vaccine Spreads Polio Across Africa

Counter Information Global Research, September 29, 2020 Microsoft founder Bill Gates has made himself the global vaccine czar as his foundation spends billions on spreading new vaccines globally. While much attention has been given to the role of Gates behind the corrupt WHO in promoting radical untested coronavirus vaccines, the record of the Gates Foundation pushing an […]

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