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CNN Analyst Rick Wilson: Place Anti-Vaccine Parents In “Re-Education Camps… Seize Their Property… Put Their Children In Protective Custody”

TOP SECRET – A Secret History of the Deep State (read more) President Truman: 33 Degree Freemason and Father of The Jewish State of Israel (read more) Jewish President Eisenhower Created DARPA Which Created Social Media Weapon ‘LifeLog’ Which Became Facebook, Which Is Now Creating Mark of the Beast Digital Currency, Announced It’s Going To […]

Bestselling Novelist Who Wrote About Vaccine Industry Deception Found Dead

The Facts: As thanksgiving weekend takes place in America, and recently in Canada and in other parts of the world, it’s important to remember the true history of our indigenous roots, and the genocide that took place upon the ‘discovery’ of the Americas. Reflect On: Why is it that we remember our troops who have […]

More polio cases are now caused by vaccine than by wild virus

   Four African countries have reported new cases of polio linked to the oral vaccine, as global health numbers show there are now more children being paralyzed by viruses originating in vaccines than in the wild. In a report late last week, the World Health Organization and partners noted nine new polio cases caused by […]

Vaccine Warning: Vaccines can cause PERMANENT brain injury during brain development years

(Natural News) Americans are  scared to death of infectious diseases (almost literally). Most people in this country believe that human babies are born with very weak immune systems, and that most humans would die as children without getting the entire CDC-recommended schedule of “childhood” vaccines. They would be dead wrong. In this case, there is […]

Two Huge Vaccine Scandals the Mainstream Media is Ignoring

by Jon Rappoport Some lies are so big, many people can’t accept the fact that they’re lies. Their minds are boggled. “No,” they say, “that couldn’t be.” But yes, that could be, and is. The mainstream press is mentioning them, here and there, but without any intent to raise alarms, dig in, investigate, and get […]

Polio outbreak in Philippines caused by the vaccine, says WHO

On 19 September 2019, the Philippines declared an outbreak of polio. Two cases have been reported to date, both caused by vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (VDPV2). Environmental samples taken from sewage in Manila on 13 August and a waterway in Davao on 22 August have also tested positive for VDPV2. The […]

Vaccine ingredient warning: Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 times more toxic than methyl mercury in fish

(Natural News) Did you know that mercury in vaccines is not the same as the mercury in fish? While both are toxic to humans, the mainstream medical establishment would have us all believe that the ethyl mercury in vaccines is no big deal when it is actually 50 times more toxic than […]

Alfred Nobel and the Vaccine Apocalypse

   The plague of vaccines will be eradicated when the truth about vaccines goes viral Today we remember Alfred Nobel as the eponymous founder of the Nobel Prize, given to those who excel in various fields of endeavor. Most notably, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those who make the greatest contributions to the […]

Thousands Gather To Mark The 33rd Anniversary of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

The Facts: Sadhguru has commented on ‘mystical’ phenomenon for a while. He has speculated about life that originated from somewhere else, not Earth. He explains how he believes 95 percent of it is simply false, but also speaks of a 5 percent reality. Reflect On: What are the implications of humanity waking up to such […]

Save the Date! On November 14, 2019, vaccine safety advocates are gathering on the National Mall to raise awareness about vaccine dangers

(Natural News) This upcoming Thursday marks the 33rd anniversary of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NVCIA), which exempts the vaccine industry from all liability associated with injuries and deaths caused by vaccines. And in honor of the tens of thousands of children who’ve fallen victim to these liability-free […]

Discussion: MRC-5, vaccine deception, big pharma

Do you know what’s in a vaccine? Photo: MKA Australians have been deceived from lack of knowledge about the healthcare system, as fake science and fake medicine continues to kill, steal and destroy the lives of uninformed citizens. Behind the scenes, an oligopoly of pharmaceutical giants control a monopoly over the medical and political processes, […]

New Study Explains How The HPV Vaccine Can Trigger “An Extremely Wide Spectrum of Autoimmune Diseases”

The Facts: Along with the science showing how the HPV vaccine can be dangerous, there are numerous examples of adverse reactions, hospitalizations and deaths that have resulted from the HPV vaccine. Reflect On: Why are the points made by vaccine safety advocates never addressed and countered by the mainstream? Why does the mainstream always respond […]

Facebook Owner Admits to Congress that They are Censoring Vaccine Safety Information

by Brian Shilhavy Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg, testified before the House Financial Services Committee in the U.S. Congress on October 23, 2019. One of the Representatives who questioned Mr. Zuckerberg was Florida Congressman Bill Posey. Congressman Posey addressed Mr. Zuckerberg with the following: Unfortunately, some in politics and the media see their role as cajoling […]

Workings of Ebola vaccine decoded; smaller dose seen yielding similar protection

Israeli and German scientists have decoded how the body’s immune system reacts to a poorly understood vaccine against the deadly Ebola disease, and how the body generates effective antibodies against the disease. The findings could have implications for how the medicine could provide a long-term defense against the epidemic. Over 100,000 people have received Ebola […]

5 Falsehoods About The Measles Vaccine That Continue To Be Perpetuated By Mainstream Media

The Facts: This article was written By Dr. Alan Palmer, Contributing Writer for Children’s Health Defense. Reflect On: Why does mainstream media never address the points made by vaccine safety advocates? Why do they always resort to ridicule and use terms like “anti vax conspiracy” instead of simply refuting evidence with their own evidence? [CHD […]

GoFundMe EXPOSED for taking money from Big Pharma to de-platform vaccine skeptics

(Natural News) It was recently announced that the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has begun purging all users from its site who attempt to raise money for causes that in any way call into question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. And as to be expected, this censorship push is being driven by Big […]

Al Sharpton Cancels NYC ‘Vaccine Forum’ Amid Pressure From Physicians – But It’s Happening Anyway

The Facts: Amid pressure from scientists and physicians, Al Sharpton cancels vaccine forum event aimed at educating the public about potential vaccine dangers. But the event is still on in a new location! Reflect On: Why such a concerted effort from the establishment to shut down public events aimed at educating people about safety concerns […]

October Vaccine Injury Awareness Month — New York Event October 12th

October 11, 2019 Subscribe to Activist Post for truth, peace, and freedom news. Follow us on Minds, Twitter, Steemit, and SoMee. Become an Activist Post Patron for as little as $1 per month. Provide, Protect and Profit from what’s coming! Get a free issue of Counter Markets today. Activist Post Daily Newsletter […]

Genetic Sequencing of Common Vaccine Finds Entire Male Genome from Aborted Baby: 560 Genes Linked to Cancer

Vaccines are routinely formulated with aborted human fetal cells known as MRC-5 and WI-38. The CDC openly lists some of the vaccines that use these “human diploid” cells, including Twinrix (Hep A / Hep B), ProQuad (MMRV) and Varivax (Varicella / chicken pox). FDA-published vaccine insert sheets such as this one for Varivax also openly […]

Vaccine-Injured Teen Heals From Severe Symptoms After Detox Diet & Herbal Formula

The Facts: A new study has found United States drinking water pollution could cause 100,000 cancer cases. Reflect On: What will it take for us to clean up our planet and our waterways? Why are we always focused on raising money for cancer treatment instead of creating awareness about the many causes of cancer? While […]

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