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Bill Gates: ‘A Second Wave of (COVID) Vaccines Will Come Next Year’ After The First

The Facts: Executive director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Health Emergencies Programme Dr. Michael Ryan recently stated that according to their best estimates, 10 percent of the world’s population has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. Reflect On: Are rising case numbers as much as a concern as they’re being made out to be? Is COVID […]

Silent Epidemic (2013); The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire 1hr 45mins – Peter Miller

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Bill Gates Says US and Western Nations Must Pay For Coronavirus Vaccines For The Whole World

Microsoft founder and “world health dictator” Bill Gates has ordered the US and Western nations to dedicate more government funds to pay for coronavirus vaccines and distribution networks for the rest of the world. According to Gates, paying for billions of doses of vaccines for poorer countries, which don’t have the financial clout to strike […]

Corporate Media Already Pushing Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines on Citizens

Functioning as the spearhead of the American Empire’s propaganda dissemination, the corporate media has already begun beating the drum for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. The Hegelian Dialectic goes like this: problem > reaction > solution. The problem is obvious; the reaction is public panic; the solution is a vaccine that is not guaranteed to work but […]

Biofascist State, Partisan Vaccines, Lockdown Unconstitutional – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube This week on the New World Next Week: the biosecurity corporate fascist state marches on; the vaccine debate turns partisan; and a Pennsylvania judge rules the arbitrary lockdown closures are unconstitutional. CLICK HERE for show […]

The absurdity of “fast-tracked” COVID-19 vaccines

Vaccine hesitancy has gone mainstream. Less than 25% of Americans polled near the time of this writing stated they would get the approved vaccinations. “No vaccine containing genetic materials are safe, even if they were cleansed of poisonous heavy metals and toxic chemicals. VACCINES CAN NEVER BE MADE ‘SAFE’ BY REASON OF THEIR TOXIC INGREDIENTS. The evasion […]

Landmark FDA Paper On Aluminum Safety In Vaccines Found To Have A Critical Math Error

What Happened: The Physicians For Informed Consent (PIC) outline that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), which is a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have already raised concerns about the negative effects of aluminum exposure in humans. They state […]

Watch live: 172 countries signed up to vaccines development programme, WHO announces

Watch the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lead a briefing on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the player above. 172 countries have now signed up for a vaccine development programme that will ensure an equitable distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced. The milestone was marked by the sending out […]

A REMINDER: a 2018 court case revealed there’s been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by Big Pharma over the past three decades

A reminder Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch A reminder also … the CDC is not an independent government agency, it is a private subsidiary of Big Pharma … go figure … EWR From Posted on Feb 08, 2019, 7 p.m. Del Bigtree and RFK Jr. have been credited for the 2018 landmark lawsuit victory in […]

Military To ‘Joint Venture’ With CDC To Distribute Coming Vaccines

Technocrats at the CDC and Technocrats at the Pentagon are teaming with Technocrats at Big Pharma to deliver Technocrat-made vaccines to your body. Do you see the picture here? If you think people are scared now, just wait until military Humvees start rolling through the cities. The plan breaks with the longstanding precedent that CDC […]

Military To ‘Joint Venture’ With CDC To Distribute Coming Vaccines

Technocrats at the CDC and Technocrats at the Pentagon are teaming with Technocrats at Big Pharma to deliver Technocrat-made vaccines to your body. Do you see the picture here? If you think people are scared now, just wait until military Humvees start rolling through the cities. The plan breaks with the longstanding precedent that CDC […]

WHO backtracks on coronavirus vaccines, admits they won’t work

Wake Up To The Truth August 06, 2020 by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) For all of the hype surrounding future vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the World Health Organization’s (WHO) take on the situation is not at all promising. During his organization’s latest briefing in Geneva, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom admitted publicly that […]

Exempting Big Pharma from COVID-19 Vaccines Liability

By Stephen Lendman Global Research, August 03, 2020 House and Senate leaders are discussing whether to include this exemption for COVID-19 vaccines under development in new legislation likely to be passed and signed into law in the coming days. Most likely, tort liability protection for Big Pharma will be approved. All vaccines contain harmful to human […]

#ExposeBillGates Day of Action 2, AND Gates Questioned on Vaccines!

July 27, 2020 By Derrick Broze The Conscious Resistance Network and a coalition of alternative/indy media outlets present: #ExposeBillGates International Day of Action on August 8, 2020! Do what you can to spread the truth about Gates’ control agenda. Derrick is the founder of TCRN. The Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media organization focused […]

“The Russia Did It” Coverup. The Russian and Chinese Vaccines

The sheer magnitude of what is supposed to be news from so-called “prestigious” outlets—whether the New York Times, Washington Post, or even Reuters—or the lack thereof falling short of nothing but pure apolitical blasphemy of Russian conspiracies menacing the United States public and the West should be of no surprise anymore, or any real concern […]

Bill Gates: It Will Take Multiple Vaccines To Kick COVID-19

Bill Gates has warned that multiple doses of any coronavirus vaccine could be necessary as he slammed Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Microsoft billionaire Gates said “serious mistakes” have been made by the White House as he predicted schools could be closed until fall 2021. Speaking during an interview with Norah […]

Where Do We Draw the Line? At Wearing Masks or Taking Vaccines?

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   July 18, 2020 (courtesy, snippets & snappets) “That will matter not, as, after 8 months of mandated isolation and lockdowns, deadly oxygen-stealing mask-wearing, of vitamin deficiencies, lack of exercise, job loss, depression, and extreme stress, the entire population will be at great risk of becoming […]

UK study shows COVID-19 antibodies fade quickly, rendering vaccines pointless

(Natural News) COVID-19 has proven time and time again that it’s unlike any other illness society has faced, and a new study shows that preventing the disease is going to be incredibly challenging, as infections do not give people long-term immunity to the disease as many had hoped. This is according to […]

Poland Takes To Streets To Fight Mandatory Vaccines — What Does This Mean For America?

People all over the world are under fire when it comes to their rights. Whether it be gun rights, free speech, or medical rights, the globalists are moving diligently to oppress us all. In Europe, the situation is especially bad. Many Europeans have all but lost free speech and most areas it is illegal to […]

UK Doctor Mixed 8 Vaccines Into 1 Syringe & Injected It Into Child – Here’s How You Can Help

Next Story A family from Sussex, UK, is suing their GP for giving their daughter, Jodie, eight vaccines combined into just one syringe in 1993. The GP chose to do this against the parents wishes they had expressed before they came in for the appointment. The parents had requested only the MMR be given to Jodie, who was 14 […]

UK Study: Neuroinflammation, Caused By Vaccines, Is Root Cause Of Autism

A new UK study shows that neuroinflammation, a side-effect of many common vaccines, is the root cause of autism and other neuro and psychiatric disorders.  Researchers at the University of Birmingham and University of Amsterdam found that the typhoid vaccination elicited a “transient low-grade inflammatory response” in patients and the inflammation resulted in impairment of the persons […]

Retroviruses are contaminating vaccines: Are your kids and pets at risk for serious illness?

(Natural News) It’s no secret that vaccines are not the innocuous beacons of health and well-being that they are presented as being. There are countless stories from parents and pet owners who’ve witnessed their loved ones suffering after inoculation. Despite these reports of rapidly declining health, vaccine propagandists deny responsibility — but, […]

Official Canadian Data Reveals Some Eye-Opening Statistics About Vaccines & Autism

Next Story Rates of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continue to soar worldwide, with average prevalence estimated to be around 1.5% in developed countries. This estimate appears to be spot-on for Canada, which reported in March 2018 that autism (as of 2015) affected 1 in 66 children and youth (1.52%). These numbers place Canada among the “top ten” for autism among […]

DISGUSTING: Study finds that animal vaccines have no safeguards against contamination and contribute to serious pet diseases like cancer

(Natural News) Most of us are incredibly attached to our pets. As such, we do everything we can to prevent them from getting ill, including getting them vaccinated at the intervals recommended on the schedules we receive from their veterinarians. What we might not realize, however, is that in getting them vaccinated […]

Study Ties Yeast In Vaccines To Autoimmune Diseases

Next Story It’s well-recognized that the incidence of autoimmune diseases has been rising at an enormous rate. A study indicates that a significant factor in causing them may be the common bakers or brewers yeast, Sacccharomyces cerevisiae[1] used in many vaccinations, including HepB, which is given to nearly all newborn babies in the United States before they’re […]

New flu forecasting system being rolled out; will aggressively push toxic vaccines with "science" propaganda

(Natural News) Researchers from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health in New York City have come up with a new tracking system that they claim will be able to predict the geographic spread of seasonal influenza before it starts to run its course. Published in the journal PNAS, a paper […]

New health threat from tobacco: Researchers plan to grow it for producing vaccines and new pharma drugs

(Natural News) The European Union is reportedly funding research designated as the NEWCOTIANA project that will turn tobacco plants into so-called biofactories to develop vaccines and new drugs. Scientists intend to breed new kinds of tobacco that will supposedly contain health-promoting substances. The effort also could revitalize tobacco farming and thus economic conditions in rural areas, according […]

Australia Makes It Illegal For Doctors To Speak Out Against Vaccines

The Australian government has made it illegal for doctors and nurses to speak out against the dangers of vaccines in front of patients.  The Medical Board of Australia has removed the autonomy of medical professionals to advise their patients on vaccinations based on their personal experiences. This is contrary to the Good Practice Guidelines in […]

Study Finds Multiple Vaccines Contain Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Coper & Many ‘Rare Elements’

Next Story By James Grundvig, via The World Mercury Project  Last week, the Italian police raided the home and science laboratory of Drs. Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari. The police snatched all of the digital assets owned by the husband and wife team of nanopathologists, grabbing laptops, computers, and flash-drives—and with it, years of work […]

10 Common Ingredients You Didn’t Know About That Are Found In Most Vaccines

Next Story Written By Deirdre Imus for The World Mercury Project.  Toxins surround us in many forms, but those found in vaccines are of increasing concern among parents, and rightfully so. As the World Mercury Project continues to advocate for transparency and sound science in our nation’s vaccine program, it’s important to note that mercury, still found in […]

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