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How A Lawbreaking International Coalition Failed To Overthrow Venezuela’s Government

By Vijay Prashad and Carlos Ron/Globetrotter, Popular Resistance. January 14, 2021 | Educate! Above photo: Rally in Ottawa, Canada. The Lima Group represents a key tool in the hybrid war arsenal: diplomatic war. On January 5, 2021, the newly elected National Assembly took its seats in Venezuela’s capital. That day the Lima Group released a […]

Is Venezuela’s Maduro regime quietly cheering US ‘civil war’? – analysis

It is in Caracas’s interests to see the US have internal strife. Source 00 Hits: 1

EU backs away from Venezuela’s Guaido, joining US president-elect to suggest opposition leader is done

The EU has made a point of not calling former Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido by his adopted title, fueling speculation that the US might relax sanctions without requiring President Nicolas Maduro’s exit. Europe will continue its “engagement” with all Venezuelan “political and social actors,” High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security […]

Venezuela’s Maduro: U.S. ‘in Chaos’ over Coronavirus

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro claimed on Sunday that the U.S. is currently “in chaos” and has “no measures in place” to control its Chinese coronavirus epidemic, after eliminating all coronavirus precautions in his own country for at least a month. Maduro issued his diatribe during a government meeting on health care broadcast by Venezuela’s state-run […]

Iranian Presence in Crisis-Ridden Venezuela Is Growing, Warns Top Organization of American States Official

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) embraces Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif at a meeting in Caracas. Photo: Reuters / Carlos Garcia Rawlins. Venezuela remains the center of Iranian ambitions in Latin America, a top official from the Organization of American States (OAS) told The Algemeiner this week. In an extensive interview, David Smolansky — […]

Venezuela Advances In Case Against The US Before International Criminal Court

Collaborates in ‘Venezuela I’ Case. The International Criminal Court (ICC), in its annual report, confirmed the deposit of evidence by Venezuelan authorities regarding the lawsuit (Venezuela II) against United States officials for committing crimes against humanity as a result of the blockade and the coercive measures imposed on the Caribbean country. The information was released […]

Max Blumenthal Meets Rafael Correa In Venezuela

[embedded content] Rafael Correa on Venezuela, Assange, and ‘preventing the total destruction of our homeland.’ Max Blumenthal interviews former Ecuador President Rafael Correa, who was in Venezuela to observe its legislative elections and show support to a government under sustained economic and political attack by the US. Correa addresses issues ranging from the repression in […]

Venezuela’s Guaido-led opposition holds alternative vote and then BURNS BALLOTS after boycotting legislative elections

Venezuelan opposition led by US-backed ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido has held “popular consultations” to demonstrate rejection of the nation’s government after boycotting parliamentary vote but ended up burning ballots instead. The so-called “popular consultations” organized by the supporters of the self-styled “interim president” started online on Monday and concluded with an in-person participation on Saturday. […]

Empire Files: Myth And Fact In Venezuela’s Latest Election

Empire Files: Myth And Fact In Venezuela’s Latest Election [embedded content] Was the Venezuelan election rigged? Abby Martin speaks with election observer, Kei Pritsker. We’ve all heard the same things about Venezuela coming from every corporate news outlet. Venezuela’s a dictatorship and Maduro is a dangerous tyrant further consolidating power though fraudulent elections. Weirdly enough, […]

Venezuela, An Operational Stage For Russia And Iran To Challenge The USA

Above photo: Caracas. Elijah J. Magnier. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and his team ended President Donald Trump’s dream of overthrowing the ruling governing democratic system in Venezuela by scoring a KO punch—an overwhelming victory in the National Assembly elections with over 67% in favour of Maduro’s ruling party. “Washington’s boy”, Juan Guaidó, henceforth belongs to […]

Venezuela: Socialist election win masks deeper problems

With a majority of the opposition boycotting and an abstention rate of almost 70%, the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) obtained 69% of the vote in the country’s December 6 National Assembly (AN) elections. The PSUV and its allies will now hold 253 of the 277 seats in the new parliament. This is […]

Free Elections In Venezuela Are A Blow To Regime Change

By Leonardo Flores, Popular Resistance. December 11, 2020 Above photo: A voter in Venezuela’s legislative elections. Photo: Manaure Quintero/Reuters. Venezuela held legislative elections on December 6 and, as has become the norm, the U.S. and sectors of the opposition that boycotted the election are claiming fraud without presenting evidence. The coalition of parties supporting President […]

US Congress And Corporate Media Claim Venezuela’s Government Threatened To Starve Non-Voters

Spun out by the US Congress and Wall Street Journal, the cynical deception is part of an assault on Venezuela’s legislative election, in which even opposition politicians were sanctioned for participating. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and US corporate media declared Venezuela’s legislative elections a “sham” before results were even announced, opening a new front in the […]

Parliamentary Elections In Venezuela: All You Need To Know

For the first time in recent history, Venezuela’s left is divided. Will this disrupt the PSUV’s plans to retake control of the National Assembly? This December 6, Venezuela is holding its twenty-sixth election since Chavismo took political power in 1998. This time around, the people will elect a new National Assembly with one of the […]

Venezuela; 6D Elections, What’s At Stake And Who Will Win?

By Dakotah Lilly, Popular Resistance. December 7, 2020 | Educate! Above photo: Indira Alfonzo, the President of the National Electoral Council in Venezuela (center) announces the preliminary results of the National Assembly election early in the morning of December 7, 2020. Margaret Flowers. NOTE: This article was written the day before the election. The opening […]

Venezuela Votes To End Neocolonialism, Create Its Own Path

On December 2, the Embassy Protection Collective (EPC) members, who were arrested in May 2019 when the United States illegally invaded the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC, completed their probation, ending the risk of the 30 days in prison that was being held over their heads. I am one of the four who were arrested. […]

Venezuela’s Legislative Elections

Venezuela’s Legislative Elections Above photo: Ariana Cubillos/AP. A Defiant Stand Against Neo-colonialism. Venezuela wins just by carrying out this election. The legislative process, stalled for years, will return to normal under a plural assembly that truly resembles the country’s current political landscape and positions itself in favour of self-determination and national sovereignty, writes Carlos Ron, Venezuela’s Deputy […]

Venezuela Wins Simply By Holding An Election

Above photo: PSUV campaign rally in Portuguesa. PSUV. NOTE: I am in Venezuela currently to serve as an international election observer and will report on the elections and more.  – MF The upcoming legislative elections in Venezuela are going to be held in a context of great adversity are an important step in the democratic […]

 Why Venezuela’s National Assembly elections matter

Venezuelans are set to vote in elections like no other in the country’s recent history when they go to the polls to elect a new National Assembly (AN) on December 6. Ever since Hugo Chavez’s victory in the 1998 presidential election, electoral contests in the South American country have been highly polarised between the pro-Chavez, […]

Fuel Shortages In Venezuela

Fuel Shortages In Venezuela [embedded content] What’s behind Venezuela’s fuel shortages? We investigate in our latest video with Tatuy Tv. Fuel shortages have become of the main issues in Venezuela. The mainstream media, always on board the regime change bandwagon, is keen to report that “the country with the world’s largest oil reserves” has no […]

Venezuela Sentences Former Citgo Executives For Corruption

Above photo: The six executives worked for PDVSA’s US subsidiary, Citgo. Reuters. The so-called “Citgo six” had been arrested in 2017 and their lawyers will appeal the ruling. Merida – Six former oil executives were sentenced for corruption on Thursday by a Venezuelan court. They were detained in November 2017 in Caracas on charges of embezzlement, money […]

Venezuela Convicts Six CITGO Former Executives Of Corruption

Above photo: CITGO Petroleum Corporation refinery in Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., 2020. Twitter/ @realDailyWire. CITGO is Venezuela’s U.S.-based leading oil refiner and supplier of gasoline and petrochemicals. Six former executives of the CITGO Petroleum Corporation were sentenced to between eight and 13 years in prison after being found guilty of corruption. Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) announced […]

US Intervenes As Venezuela Prepares For High Stakes Election

By Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance. November 27, 2020 | Educate! Above photo: A woman attends to an electoral college during the second mock-vote, Venezuela, Nov. 16, 2020. EFE. The US finally appointed an ambassador to Venezuela after a decade hiatus and in the runup to the Venezuelan National Assembly elections. The new ambassador, James […]

Venezuela: Biden Should Live Up To His Promise Of Mutual Respect

Cancel the sanctions. Take Action: Sign the petition against US sanctions on Venezuela at As Joe Biden takes over the US presidency there is much speculation over how much his Latin America policy will differ from that of Donald Trump. Whilst Trump’s sanctions on Venezuela have undoubtedly been harsher and more damaging than those […]

Election Fraud Update #7: Voting Machines from Hell (Venezuela)

Unclean viruses in voting machines Pastor Eli documents the foreign control of America’s voting machines and how easily they can be hacked by democrats. RH – COVID and Vaccines, Plus Voting Machine Investigation – EURO·FOLK·RADIO OAN Report on the corrupt Dominion (foreign-owned) voting machines. Dominion-izing the Vote ( Praise Yahweh for the TRUTH. Share this: […]

Fact-checking Trumpworld’s accusation that a Venezuela-Soros-linked voting machine stole the election

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What Biden’s Election Means For Venezuela

[embedded content] Leo Flores of CODEPINK joins Anya Parampil to discuss what the election of Joe Biden will mean for US Venezuela policy, and the importance of Venezuela’s upcoming parliamentary elections in preserving the country’s sovereignty. Anya Parampil: In July you wrote a piece for The Grayzone and CODEPINK exploring candidate Joe Biden’s vision for […]

US Mercenary Exposes Trump Administration Links To Abortive Venezuela Invasion

Above photo: US mercenaries Airan Berry (circled at top) and Luke Denman (bottom) after being captured in Venezuela. Senior Trump administration officials were in on the planning of and offered assistance to the abortive May 3, 2020, invasion of Venezuela carried out by a mercenary band that included at least two former US special forces […]

Maduro: Venezuela Has Right to Buy Weapons from Any Country, Even US

By Staff, Agencies Venezuela can buy weapons from any country that wants to sell them, even the United States, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro told reporters. During a press conference, broadcast on Twitter, Maduro was again asked to comment on the words of Colombian President Ivan Duque, that Venezuela bought missiles from Iran. “Venezuela can buy […]

A New Revolutionary Alternative For The People Of Venezuela

Above photo: Protesting teachers on World Teachers’ Day (October 5) holding placards that read: “‘An uneducated person is an incomplete person,’ Bolivar” and “Low salaries … enough of misery”. For many on the left in Britain and within the heart of the global capitalist system, Venezuela has been an example of staunch opposition to US and […]

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