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Ilhan Omar Believes Biden Victim Tara Reade: ‘Justice Should NEVER Be Denied’

Rep. Ilhan Omar has declared her support for Joe Biden victim Tara Reade, warning the sexual assault allegations being made against the presumptive Democratic nominee should not be ignored. In an interview with the Sunday Times, Rep. Omar said she trusted Reade’s claim that Joe Biden violently sexually assaulted her in the halls of Congress […]

Wayback Machine Latest Victim of Big Tech Consolidation and Censorship

In what is turning out to be something of a latter-day dot com bust, many small to medium-sized tech startups are teetering on the edge of oblivion as the deliberate economic shutdown eats away at their capitalization and opens the door for the biggest fish in the tech space and others to pick the ripest […]

Merkel cites ‘hard evidence’ she was victim of ‘Russian hackers’, says it doesn’t help mend ties with Moscow

Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Russia of carrying out an online intrusion into her Bundestag constituency office back in 2015, as she spoke to MPs on Wednesday. “I can honestly say that it hurts me,” she said of the alleged hack attack, claiming there is “hard evidence” that some unspecified “Russian forces” were behind the theft […]

Pianist Valentina Lisitsa: latest victim of Canada’s pro-Zionist Sec. 319(2) Hate Propaganda laws By Arthur Topham

‘We don’t have freedom of speech to protect only those we agree with, or those whose views are inoffensive. We have it precisely to protect people who have unpopular or even outrageous opinions.’ Editorial, Toronto Star, April 7, 2015 ‘It’s really hard to come up with words to praise her highly enough because […]

Planned Parenthood on Biden: Sex Assault Victim Tara Reade MUST Be Heard

Planned Parenthood finally spoke out about the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden, demanding that survivors “should be heard, listen to, and taken seriously.” “At Planned Parenthood Action Fund, we believe women,” Alexis McGill Johnson, Acting President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, said in a statement. “We know how important it is that survivors be supported and […]

Epstein Victim Says Les Wexner Was Part of Elite Sex Ring

Jeffrey Epstein victim Maria Farmer claims that billionaire Les Wexner is the “head of a snake” when it comes to Epstein’s sex trafficking network in America. Farmer, who along with her younger sister were the first to report Epstein to the FBI in 1996, made a series of bombshell allegations in an interview with journalist […]

How to Get Out of Victim Consciousness

April 28th, 2020 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World When challenging situations occur in our lives, it’s easy to feel like a victim. However, when we attach so strongly to the identify of being a victim, we make it difficult for us to improve our situation. What we focus on becomes a […]

Epstein’s First Victim Names Names: Trump, Clinton, Rothschild!

Derrick Broze breaks down a recent interview by Jeffrey Epstein’s first victim, Maria Farmer. In the interview Farmer names names of her abusers and calls out the corporate media for holding back the truth! Source: One of Epstein’s Earliest Victims Says Trump, Clintons, Dershowitz, and Rothschilds All Involved Support our work AND get a free […]

Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Victim Just Filed a Criminal Complaint With D.C. Police

Tara Reade, a former staffer to Joe Biden, has filed a formal criminal complaint against the presidential candidate for violently sexually assaulting her in the 90’s. “Late Thursday afternoon, Reade filed a report of the incident with the sexual assault unit of the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department,” Business Insider reported. “Business Insider has obtained a […]

Corona’s Biggest Victim Is Yet to Come. The EU Itself. But Don’t Worry, Top Officials Are Talking to Albania

Martin Jay April 6, 2020 Will the European Union itself become the first real institutional victim of corona? It seems that the warning signs are already there as we see genuine anger and vitriol across the 27-nation bloc from people of all walks of life, who fall victim to the 21st century plague. What Corona has […]

Monsey stabbing victim, in coma since December attack, has died

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US: Groid psychopath kills first victim’s daughter near same crime scene 24 years later

And the groid murder mayhem continues. New York Post: One of Arkansas’ most notorious murderers returned to the scene of his crime 24 years later to kill his victim’s daughter — and then drowned as he tried to flee cops, according to officials.  Travis Santay Lewis — who had been out on parole since 2018 […]

Cremation of first Jewish victim of coronavirus in Argentina stirs controversy

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Victim: “Trump ejaculated on my dress during rape,” asks court for pervert’s DNA in lawsuit

President Donald Trump’s lawyers urged a judge Wednesday to halt a lawsuit from a woman seeking Trump’s DNA to help prove her claim that he raped her in the 1990s, though her lawyer offered to hold off the DNA request for a time. Former advice columnist E. Jean Carroll is suing Trump for calling her […]

Victim culture hits the courts: Woman gets paid for career she MIGHT have had but gave up for marriage and kids

The judgement in London could have dangerous implications for future marriages ending in years to come, thanks to a court ruling over “relationship-generated disadvantage.” A judge used the term to explain why a woman was being awarded a payout from her husband of 10 years for sacrificing her career as a solicitor. The couple share […]

Julian Assange is the victim of a power struggle in the US between Donald Trump and the deep state

Julian Assange, 48, provides the rare glimpse of a man who has suffered enough hardship in life to be a witness to his own martyrdom. After enduring a seven-year asylum inside of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid deportation on rape charges (Sweden has since dropped this claim), Assange is now fighting to avoid […]

Shooting Victim Sent Home From Hospital With Bandaid, Unaware Bullet Still Lodged in Her Head

(TMU) — 42-year-old Shakena Jefferson of Miami was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting and then sent home from the hospital with a bandaid and no treatment for her injuries. Doctors told her that she was only grazed by the bullet, but she later learned that the bullet was still lodged in her […]

Abuse Victim Ben Affleck Blames Self, Inanimate Liquids for Divorce

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 21, 2020 As we know, nothing is ever a woman’s fault. So the fault must lie with the man and maybe with inanimate objects, such as liquids. Yahoo News: Ben Affleck is getting candid about his battle with alcoholism and the personal struggles that he’s faced. But he […]

South Africa Victim of Commie Jewish Scam

  February 11, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 277

NO JAIL for Cop Guilty of Responding to Domestic Violence Call by Raping the Victim

By Matt Agorist El Paso, TX — Police, we are told, are the ones we call when we are in trouble and need help. However, often times, “help” is the last thing people receive. Instead of serving the public, many police officers use their badge to prey on them instead. As the following case out […]

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