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US Soldiers And Contractors Rape 54 Girls In Colombia And Sell The Videos That Show Their Crimes

US Soldiers And Contractors Rape 54 Girls In Colombia And Sell The Videos That Show Their Crimes Above Photo: Kim Hong U.S. soldiers and contractors raped at least 54 Colombian girls between 2003 and 2007 in this Latin American country, recorded most of these abuses on video and sold them as pornographic material, according to […]

AIM Videos-Audios for January 2020

This is our collection of audios and videos from January 2020. January 31, 2020 Stay tuned. Douglas and Michael will be recording a session about the British origins of Coronavirus and the backstory of this pandemic false flag. While we wait with high anticipation, get a refresher on British and American media weaponized by the […]

Videos of snowfall in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

   Social media users flooded Twitter on Friday morning with pictures and videos of snow in Tabuk, a northwestern city in Saudi Arabia close to the border with Jordan. Shaher Bin Atiyah posted a video on Twitter of huge layers of snow covering trees in Tabuk. “Can you imagine? This is not Russia, or Italy […]

AIM Patriot Charles Organizes Videos

We wanted to give a shout out to AIM Patriot Charles from the Philippines who has been working to organize our videos and audios in a way that can be shared off-line with folks. Below you will see a sampling of his work product. In the tables below, Charles has prepared summaries that will appear […]

Impending doom: Day turns to night as huge storm batters Argentinian city (VIDEOS)

Shortly before 7pm local time on Sunday, locals noticed a rather foreboding cloud heading straight for the city of Rio Cuarto. Temperatures fell dramatically, and darkness descended as residents fled the sudden downpour of hail and debris. The violent dust storm enveloped the city in minutes, bringing with it downpours of up to 37mm of […]

AIM Videos-Audios: November – December 2019

We left YouTube after our last post on November 10, 2019. Now we keep our videos on Vimeo, and our VIDEO – AUDIO HOMEPAGE. At the end of each month we catalog the videos of the month on a separate blog page. We list them under the category of videos-audios so if you ever need […]

French police fire TEAR GAS at pension reform protesters in Nantes (VIDEOS)

Unions have refused to back down in their opposition to the reforms, which were unveiled by Prime Minister Édouard Philippe last week. The crippling protests and workers’ strikes have brought transport chaos to French cities since they kicked off on December 5. Footage from Nantes, shared on social media, shows tear gas and water cannons […]

Students jump out of windows as college burns in Ukraine (VIDEOS)

A 1914 building caught fire on Wednesday morning and thick clouds of smoke could be seen billowing from its windows. Multiple fire brigades and ambulance crews are at the scene. Students began rushing outside as soon as the fire started. Some of them had to jump out of windows. Dozens of people have been evacuated […]

Google Has 10,000 Employees Censoring YouTube Videos, Some of Them Starting to Believe Conspiracy Theories

Via: RealClearPolitics: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tells Lesley Stahl what the video platform is doing about hate speech in an interview Sunday on the CBS newsmagazine program ’60 Minutes.’ Wojcicki told ’60 Minutes’ that Google employs 10,000 people to focus on “controversial content.” She described their schedule, which includes time for […]

Disturbing Sex Ed Videos Prove Liberals Are Indoctrinating Kids On Transgenderism

Scenes from a series of disturbing sex education videos have been shared online, sparking outrage from parents who thought their elementary school-aged children were learning about reading, writing and arithmetic, rather than hormone injections, body modification, anal sex and gender transitioning. The videos, produced for 9-12 year olds by a Canadian sex education group, “Sex-ed School” address […]

Bomb attack kills 18 in Syrian city south of Turkish border (VIDEOS)

The city is located some 30 km South of Turkish border and has remained under Turkish control since late 2016. A video purportedly shot in the aftermath of the explosion by an AlJazeera correspondent showed a chaotic scene with multiple small fires and what appears to be a large pool of blood on the ground. The […]

Nude photos & videos remain on internet as Modi-hating Pakistani pop star struggles to have them taken down

Rabi Pirzada, who made headlines with several provocative social media posts attacking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recently became the victim of an embarrassing privacy breach. The incident prompted her to quit the entertainment industry and file a petition with Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to have the X-rated photographs and videos removed from the […]

Hillary Totally Flips Out About ‘Flashing Videos’ on the Dark Web

    Hillary Clinton Blames ‘Flashing Videos That Appear and Disappear on Dark Web’ For Her 2016 Election Loss by Cristina Laila GATEWAY Hillary Clinton blamed “flashing videos that appear and disappear on the dark web” for her crushing 2016 election loss against Donald Trump. Hillary said during an appearance on Campaign HQ’s podcast with […]

Just like home: UAE sends Russian road patrol after Putin to make him feel welcome (VIDEOS)

Follow RT on After his first visit to Saudi Arabia in over a decade, Putin proceeded to the UAE. Not to be outdone by their larger neighbor, the Emiratis prepared a few welcoming gestures – some of which ended up just a bit off-kilter. After being personally greeted in Abu Dhabi by Crown Prince Mohammed […]

Cop Acquitted for Rape, Despite 5 Videos Showing Him Having Sex With a Child

Despite overwhelming video and photo evidence against him and telling his victim not to testify, an NYPD detective was acquitted this month for child rape. Flexing his mighty blue privilege granted to him by his badge, a former NYPD cop was acquitted on felony child rape and sex abuse charges this month — despite filming […]

Epstein’s Trail Leads To The Top: A Collection of Articles and Videos That Help Connect The Dots

By Brandon Turbeville The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on July 6, 2019 triggered a renewed interest in the dark networks of sex trafficking, blackmail, espionage, satanism, and pedophilia that infest the halls of Big Corporations, banks, and government. Epstein’s alleged suicide on August 10 virtually united the world in the knowledge that there was much […]

Red Ice Videos Banned From YouTube

Here is a partial list of some of the shorter videos that have been banned from YouTube. This does not include the interviews and longer shows that have been banned. Go Back To EuropeLana responds to anti-Whites who tell White Americans to “go back to Europe,” but would they be allowed in? First published: Jun 16, 2017   Why I […]

Frightening Videos Surface Of Tesla’s "Smart" Summon Feature

With Tesla releasing V10 of its vehicle software earlier this week, owners were chomping at the bit to get their hands on the long touted “Smart Summon” feature, which is supposed to allow drivers to summon their vehicles to them in parking lots using their cell phones.  But, as things go with Tesla, the idea […]

59 killed by ‘unprecedented’ torrential monsoon in India (VIDEOS)

Most of the fatalities were caused by house collapses, lightning strikes and by drowning in heavy floods in the state of Uttar Pradesh. At least five people were killed by snake bites in flooded areas, said Sandhaya Kureel, a spokeswoman of the Disaster Management and Relief Department. Also on Epidemic level: Bangladesh hit by […]

US Navy Confirms UFOs Are Real Using Two Videos of Mysterious Objects

The Facts: The US Navy has acknowledged footage showing multiple UFOs that was released a couple of years ago by the To The Stars Academy. They’ve recently confirmed that the videos are indeed real. Reflect On: Why is all of this mainstream UFO disclosure happening when we’ve had years of secrecy? Is the mainstream establishment […]

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