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ANOTHER Democrat Caught Violating His Own COVID Rules

The Democratic Mayor of Denver was caught violating his own COVID travel ordinance, getting on a plane to see family just 30 minutes after decreeing that people should not travel to visit their own relatives. “Pass the potatoes, not COVID,” Denver Mayor Michael Hancock tweeted Wednesday, adding “Stay home as much as you can, especially […]

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Sets $10K Fine for Businesses Violating Pandemic Rules

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) has issued an executive order, to take effect Thanksgiving Day, that sets a fine of $10,000 for businesses that violate his Chinese coronavirus restrictions. Lamont’s 82nd executive order, released Tuesday, states businesses that violate “the size or capacity limitations,” as determined by the state’s commissioner of the Department of Economic […]

YouTube Continues Violating the 2nd Amendment, Suspends OANN for Covid Cure Video

YouTube Suspends Pro-Trump News Network OANN, Completely Demonetizes Channel Over COVID-19 ‘Cure’ Video YouTube has suspended the One America News Network from posting new content for one week and has completely demonetized the channel, after the pro-Trump news network reportedly uploaded a video touting a non-approved ‘cure’ for COVID-19. According to Axios, “YouTube has been criticized for allowing OANN […]

Russia accuses US Navy destroyer of violating territorial waters in Sea of Japan

Russia has accused a US naval vessel of “operating illegally” in territorial waters in the Sea of Japan near the country’s far east. The USS John S. McCain, which had been in the area for several days, “violated the territorial waters of the Russian Federation in the Gulf Peter the Great”, according to a statement […]

Coronavirus Israel live: Violating restrictions, ultra-Orthodox reopen schools in hotspots

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Video: Armed Police Sent to Issue Fine to COVID-Violating Gym in UK

The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge says governments should stop enforcing lockdowns, unless as a “last resort,” because the impact on other areas of health and mental well-being is more damaging. In an interview with Euro News, Kluge cautioned against the imposition of more lockdowns unless they are “absolutely necessary.” NEW: […]

Ultra-Orthodox extremists reopen schools, violating Israel’s COVID lockdown

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Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of violating ceasefire

Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other of violating a temporary ceasefire within minutes of it coming into force on Saturday. The two countries agreed to a truce on Friday evening after 11-hour talks chaired by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow. The ceasefire, to allow for the exchange of prisoners and the recovery of […]

Anti-Netanyahu protesters fined despite not violating coronavirus restrictions

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Hundreds fined for violating lockdown, but restrictions generally respected

Police on Saturday handed out hundreds of fines for alleged violations of a national lockdown aimed at curbing the resurgent coronavirus outbreak in Israel. Police dished out a total of 342 fines by 5 p.m., including 253 to Israelis who were accused of leaving their homes in violation of the new lockdown measures, according to […]

US asks United Nations to reimpose sanctions on Iran for violating nuclear deal

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EU nothing better than US in violating JCPOA: cleric

MNA– The interim leader of Tehran Friday Prayers said that Europeans will be the same as US in violating the nuclear deal and advised Iranian government not to trust Europe after US withdrawal from the agreement. “If we say no to US but yes to Europe, it is inconsistent with lessons learned from our experiences […]

Iran Isn’t Violating the Nuclear Agreement — America Is!!!

The following article was written by Darius Shahtahmasebi and originally published at ANTIMEDIA. On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his most grandiose anti-Iranian performance to date, revealing what he believed was direct proof that Iran “lied” about its nuclear program. This isn’t the first time Netanyahu has overhyped the threat of Iran’s non-existent nuclear weapons […]

Facebook Is Violating Your Privacy via Facial Recognition Technology

On April 6, a coalition of consumer privacy organizations led by the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, accusing Facebook of violating individual’s privacy via the company’s facial recognition practices. The complaint focuses on changes to Facebook’s policy which went into effect in early 2018, namely the ability to scan user […]

Boston Police Waste Taxpayer Money Violating Law Through Illegal Surveillance Of Citizenry

By Aaron Kesel Boston Police effectively broke the law by illegally surveilling social media users for years to conduct online surveillance in 2014, 2015, and 2016, without telling the city council, and violating civilians right to free speech, a new blog post by the ACLU alleges. In December 2016, the Boston City Council held […]

‘Don’t add war to war’: France blasts Turkey for ‘violating intl law in Syria’

In an interview with French BFM TV, the foreign minister called for the withdrawal of all forces that “ought not to be in Syria, including Iranian militia, including Hezbollah.” He added that international law “is being violated by Turkey, by the Damascus regime, by Iran and those who are attacking eastern Ghouta and Idlib.” ‘Crooked […]

Police Chief and Half of an Entire Dept Arrested for Violating ONE Man’s 4th Amendment

February 3, 2018 By Matt Agorist LLANO, TX – All too often those who continuously apologize for crimes committed by police officers are able to justify some of the most egregious instances of outright murder by claiming the officer was a bad apple. Almost as often, however, as TFTP has shown […]

Defense: Government Burdens Reality Winner To Excuse FBI Violating Her Rights

Defense attorneys for NSA whistleblower Reality Winner contend whether she asked to end her FBI interrogation or leave her home when agents arrived has “little bearing” on whether she was in custody and deserved to be read her rights. Winner is an NSA contractor who is accused of mailing a classified document on Russian hacking […]

Government Orders Amish Family To Use Electricity Violating Their Religious Beliefs

An Amish family in Pennsylvania have lost a major battle against the state which is now forcing them to violate their religious beliefs and use electricity. Joseph and Barbara Yoder live entirely off-grid in Warren County  and their religious lifestyle includes the use of an old fashioned self-composting toilet, that does not require electricity or […]

Ex-CIA case officer arrested in New York for violating Espionage Act

A former operations officer in the United States Central Intelligence Agency has been arrested on charges of illegally possessing top secret information, including lists of real names of foreign assets and addresses of CIA safe houses. The news emerged on Tuesday, as the US Department of Justice announced that the Federal Bureau of […]

WATCH: Oregon Admits Violating Rights of Man Fined For Using Math

Back in April, we reported on Mats Järlström, an Oregon resident who was fined $500 for using math to challenge the state’s traffic cameras. This week, The Oregonian reported that the Oregon state board admitted it violated Järlström’s First Amendment rights when issuing the fine. Though Järlström’s $500 was returned, he and the group at […]

St. Louis Police Are Now Under Federal Investigation For Violating Protesters’ Civil Rights

This week, the FBI and the Justice Department opened investigations into the conduct of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers for unconstitutional actions during protests in September. The federal investigation is just the latest in a string of actions by courts and community leaders to hold the St. Louis police accountable for its systemic abuses […]

America’s Renegade Warfare Killing Civilians, Violating Law

Above: US bombings kill civilians in Syria. Claiming the right to launch preemptive wars and fighting an ill-defined “global war on terror,” the U.S. government has slaughtered vast numbers of civilians in defiance of international law Seventy-seven million people in North and South Korea find themselves directly in the line of fire from the threat of […]

Informing on Other Jews for Violating American Law: A Jewish Law View

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“Tit-For-Tat”: Russia Accuses CNN Of “Violating Russian Media Law”

The “Russian collusion” crusade took a bizarre turn yesterday when Twitter, apparently in the absence of any tangible evidence that Kremlin spies exploited the social media service to undermine the 2016 election, decided to publicly disclose the exact amount of advertising revenue it received from Russia Today during 2016. It’s unclear what that disclosure was intended to […]

[WATCH] Buffalo Officer Suspended For Second Time After Violating Social Media Policy

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EU slams Google with €2.42 billion fine for violating antitrust rules

How Google and Froogle violate antitrust regulations – and what it means for you and competitors Google’s flagship product is the Google search engine. It provides search results to consumers, who pay for the service with their data. Every year, Google makes almost 80 billion US dollars worldwide from adverts, such as those it shows […]

Greece to raze Idomeni refugee camp, relocate migrants to ‘hospitality areas’

“The transfer of refugees trapped at Idomeni to hospitality areas will probably begin [on Tuesday],” the spokesman for the Greek Migration Coordination service, Giorgos Kyritsis, told the state ANA news agency. He added, however, that the plan is to clear the area no sooner than in a week’s time and without the use of force. […]

Nitin Gadkari ordered to travel to Iran in a last minute decision

In a last minute decision, Union Minister of Road, Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has been ordered to pack his bags to travel to Iran by the prime minister’s office. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be signing the trilateral Chabahar agreement during his two day trip to Iran from May 22-23, which will open up […]

Iran’s new oil investment contract to be ready by July: official

Iran’s new oil industry investment contract for international oil firms will be ready by July, a senior Oil Ministry official was quoted as saying on Thursday by Iranian state TV. “The new contracts will be ready in June, July … We welcome investors from all countries,” Deputy Oil Minister Rokneddin Javadi said. Some 135 companies […]

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