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Police Officer First Praised, Then Threatened Over Viral Video Criticizing Police Tyranny

The Facts: The study accessed health records from 1.2 million Danish children between 1979 and 1999, 60,400 of which had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy or a combined surgery and found they’re at greater risk for multiple diseases. Reflect On: The fact that what we accept as truth, medically speaking, isn’t always correct. Did you have your […]

Scheer Intelligence: Does Medicare For All Await Us At The End Of This Viral Massacre?

Scheer Intelligence: Does Medicare For All Await Us At The End Of This Viral Massacre? Above image: By Mr. Fish. The coronavirus pandemic has revealed a number of fatal flaws in the ways the United States operates that all link back to capitalism. Perhaps the most egregious, however, is the country’s inhumane health care system. Given […]

Bill Gates Warns Viral Pandemic Could Happen Every 20 Years

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates says the world faces the risk of viral pandemics like the coronavirus every 20 years or so. The Microsdoft co founder also said that although some governments failed to plan for the current crisis, they will be prepared for the future. “A vaccine platform, cheap, fast diagnostics — these are not […]

Discover Potent Antiviral Herbs and Formulas to Protect Your Body From Viral Conditions – FREE Online Event

With world events unfolding rapidly, there’s never been a more critical time to become your own clinical herbalist. By educating yourself and taking your health into your own hands, you can create the best line of defense possible — now and in the future. Join world-renowned plant medicine pioneer David Crow for an exciting FREE online video […]

Slavoj Zizek: May 1 in the viral world is a holiday for the NEW working class

The first thing that strikes the eye is that, contrary to the cheap motto ‘we’re all in the same boat’, class divisions have exploded. At the very bottom of our hierarchy, there are those – refugees, people caught in war zones – whose life is so destitute that, for them, the pandemic is not the […]

Man Skillfully Raps Dr. Seuss Rhymes Over Dr. Dre Beats in Must-See Viral Videos

(TMU) — Wes Tank may be a successful filmmaker and musician, but it seems Wisconsin’s Safer at Home order has provided the Milwaukee resident the opportunity to explore his true calling: rapping Dr. Seuss books to Dr. Dre’s beats. While the idea of rapping Dr. Seuss’ famous words isn’t new to Wes, who reportedly once […]

Corona Crisis: a Viral Episode or a Half-Life Nightmare*

APRIL 27, 2020 BY GILAD ATZMON By Gilad Atzmon Herd Immunity Ratio As an intellectual exercise let’s think of an imaginary state, “State A.” Our fictional State A is devastated that 100 of its citizens are infected with Covid-19. For this exercise, we accept that these 100 citizens are representative of State A‘s demography, classes, ethnicities […]

#DropOutBiden Goes Viral, Fuelled by Liberals and #MeToo Supporters

The hashtag #DropOutBiden went viral on Twitter on Saturday, fuelled by liberals and #MeToo supporters calling on Joe Biden to drop out fo the 2020 race amid credible sexual assault allegations being made against him. Although staunch supporters of Biden tried their usual trick of blaming the hashtag on Russian bots, a larger number of […]

When Oil Markets Go Viral

The ecological dimensions of COVID-19 have become increasingly prominent in much recent discussion, with several important contributions exploring the pandemic in relation to capitalist agribusiness, widespread loss of biodiversity, and the destruction of natural ecosystems. There is, however, a further element to COVID-19’s ‘ecology’ that deserves much greater attention: the ways the escalating pandemic intersects […]

‘Dense!’ Tokyo governor’s coronavirus catchphrase turned into viral video game that mocks Japan’s mask plan

Many of the Tokyo metropolitan area’s 36 million residents will, by now, be familiar with Governor Yuriko Koike’s “mitsu desu!” (meaning “dense!”) finger-wagging catchphrase calling for social distancing. The soundbyte has become so embedded in the public’s minds that game developers have created their own adventures in 2D and 3D.  The first game, published by […]

We ran a massive Corona viral pandemic simulation

We ran a massive Corona viral pandemic simulation In October 2019, participants at a pandemic response exercise called Event 201 were confronted with a hypothetical scenario to test the world’s preparedness for a viral disease outbreak. After the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic John’s Hopkins Centre for public health issued the following statement: In October […]

Bizarre Theories Blaming Coronavirus Pandemic on 5G Have Gone Viral

(TMU Op-Ed) — Over the last two years I have been researching the 5th Generation of wireless technology, also known as 5G, and the potential dangers posed by the unprecedented roll out across the world. I have produced dozens of investigative reports and articles and interviewed a range of experts in the fields of health, […]

Sick West Goes Viral

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM SATURDAY 4 APR 20 The world is in a sick place. We’re not just talking about the escalating coronavirus pandemic, serious though that is with global deaths doubling over the past week. What is also sick is the way gestures of solidarity are being cynically twisted. Take the arrival of Russian medical aid to […]

Indian Police Officer Goes Viral Wearing Coronavirus Helmet To Help Raise Awareness of Staying Home

(TMU) — Rajesh Babu, a police inspector in the southern city of Chennai has creatively took efforts to raise awareness of the seriousness of the CoVid-19 pandemic. The officer began wearing an artist’s rendition of the Coronavirus and believes to be having an immediate effect on the people of India. The uniquely designed helmet was […]

If we have to #StayAtHome, we’ll take the house with us! Defiant Kyrgyz say with viral VIDEO

Kyrgyzstan declared a state of emergency on Saturday, March 21, with travel restrictions and store closures in place and the general population asked to remain at home and avoid all non-essential travel. However, with a traditionally nomadic culture comes a certain ‘flexibility’ when it comes to the definition of staying at home, as this hilarious […]

Coronavirus – MD’s Advice to Family Goes Viral

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   March 4, 2020 Dr. Henry, whatever the situation may be, on whether corona virus is as deadly as it is being hyped up to be, the gist of the matter should be clear to all; that as each day passes, the world is becoming smaller […]

Coronavirus – MD’s Advice to Family Goes Viral

Bigger Text | Default Text | Smaller Text |   March 4, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 15

LISTEN: Filmmaker on documenting four mutations of ‘viral’ anti-Semitism

This week, People of the Pod speaks with director Andrew Goldberg, whose new documentary, “Viral: Anti-Semitism in Four Mutations,” takes viewers through four countries – the United States, Great Britain, France, and Hungary – to see how this timeless hatred is taking different forms around the world. In the film, which hit theaters on February […]

Viral Video Exposes Israeli Practice of Holding and Desecrating Palestinian Bodies

Jerusalem, Palestine — The Israeli public relations machine is once again making attempts to obfuscate and justify the actions of its army along the Gaza fence. The Gaza Strip, which holds two million Palestinians captive without access to clean water, food or medical supplies, is also subjected to ongoing military attacks by the Israeli army. […]

Market ‘Starts’ To Price In "Viral Impacts"

Authored by Lance Roberts via, At the end of January, I wrote a piece titled “This Is Nuts: Why We Reduced Risk” discussing why we took profits in our portfolios. Here is the important point: “When you sit down with your portfolio management team, and the first comment made is ‘this is nuts,’ it’s probably time […]

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