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Viruses to stop cholera infections – the viral enemy of deadly bacteria could be humanity’s friend

In the latest of a string of high-profile cases in the U.S., a cocktail of bacteria-killing viruses successfully treated a cystic fibrosis patient suffering from a deadly infection caused by a pathogen that was resistant to multiple forms of antibiotics. Curing infections is great, of course. But what about using these bacteria-killing viruses – […]

Biological viruses could hold key to super-fast supercomputers

Scientists from MIT and the Singapore University of Technology and Design used a biological virus, M13 bacteriophage, to genetically engineer a more efficient form of memory. Their findings are published in the journal ACS Applied Nano Materials. READ MORE: Mutant superbugs menace future space station expeditions – NASA When a computer is moving data from […]

Why Everything You Learned About Viruses Is WRONG

November 14th, 2018 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Groundbreaking research indicates that most of what we believed about the purportedly ‘deadly’ properties of viruses like influenza is based on nothing more than institutionalized superstition and myth. Germ theory is an immensely powerful force on this planet, affecting everyday interactions from a handshake, all the way […]

Scientist Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines

Molecular biologist Dr. Judy A. Mikovits was thrown in prison after discovering evidence that deadly retroviruses are transmitted through vaccines given to humans.  In a disturbing true story first published by Natural News, Dr. Mikovits found evidence “that deadly retroviruses have been transmitted to 25 million Americans through vaccines.” Dr. Mikovits worked with human retroviruses and […]

The Next Generation Of Warfare: Genetically Engineered VIRUSES

Genetically engineered viruses could very well become the next generation of warfare. Deadly viruses modified in labs could be released, eliminating entire communities of people as they infect, making them a valuable asset to militaries worldwide. As dystopian as that sounds, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is already working on a […]

Genetically engineered viruses may become the next generation of warfare

German rocket technology led to the creation of V2 ballistic missiles in WW2 and later enabled the US to launch space exploration missions in the latter half of the 20th century. The technology also helped the US develop its own ballistic missile program. Nowadays, US scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are […]

DARPA to weaponize insects to spread viruses across the population… sinister plans exposed by team of scientists

(Natural News) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on an agricultural bio-weapon, and a team of scientists are speaking out about it. For many years, agricultural firms have experimented with plant life, genetically modifying crops to confer desired, profitable traits. This experimentation has largely been conducted in labs, whereas […]

UK COLUMN: Investigation into ‘Diplomatic Viruses’ with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

Special guest, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, talks about her new investigative documentary ‘Diplomatic Viruses‘, NATO’s latest sabre rattling exercise in Serbia, Bosnian election lattice, Britain’s disturbing 5G roll-out, Vatican ‘exorcism’, and much more. Hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen for the early week’s news round-up from the UK Column. Watch: . START – Russia claims US running […]

DARPA Plans to Spread Viruses Using Insects — Scientists Sound Alarm About the Dangers

A team of scientist sounds the alarm in a new Science Policy Forum report about a mysterious US government program that is developing genetically modified viruses that would be dispersed into the environment using insects. by Tyler Durden The virus-infected or ‘Frankenstein’ insects are being developed as countermeasures against potential natural and engineered threats to […]

Modern human viruses millions of yrs old, traced to first-ever animals – study

The study by researchers at The University of Sydney along with the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Centre, has been published in the journal ‘Nature’ and offers new insight on the modern-day understanding of viruses. The Thing: Melting Siberian permafrost reveals terrifying creatures (PHOTOS) The team says […]

Billions of Viruses and Bacteria are Falling from the Sky Daily!

In a scientific first, a team of international researchers recorded the number of viruses being swept up daily from the Earth’s surface into the free troposphere – the lowest layer of the atmosphere, in which nearly all weather occurs. The study, published in the International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal, describes the detection of hundreds […]

A Federal Ban on Making Lethal Viruses Is Lifted

Now, a government panel will require that researchers show that their studies in this area are scientifically sound and that they will be done in a high-security lab. The pathogen to be modified must pose a serious health threat, and the work must produce knowledge — such as a vaccine — that […]

SURPRISE: US Finally Legalizes Funding The Creation Of Deadly Viruses

A colorized electron micrograph of the coronavirus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS. Federal officials ended a moratorium imposed on funding research that alters viruses like this one to become more lethal. Credit Reuters It looks like the cabal that controls the entire world is letting be know that they are exposing […]

Symbionts – Viruses are being redefined as more than just pathogens

     One of the best estimates we have for the average total number of cells in the human body is 37.2 trillion.1,2,3 It sounds like a lot, until you consider that the average number of microbes in an adult human is estimated at 20 times the number of cells in the body.4 That would equal […]

US Air Force Purchase Weaponized Viruses To Use On American Citizens

The US Air Force has purchased weaponized viruses from Russia, in a move experts fear will be used to wage biological warfare on American citizens. The Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command has placed a listing on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking for samples of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and synovial fluid from the Russians. […]

Compound in turmeric found to suppress viruses, including hepatitis, herpes, chikungunya, influenza-A, HIV and HPV

(Natural News) The turmeric compound curcumin was found to effectively suppress a large number of viruses, recent studies showed. The compound was previously known to defer cancer growth, resolve Lichen Panus, reduce type-2 diabetes and prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia onset. However, a new article published in listed several other studies indicating that the compound was […]

Soviet-born scientist stirs up a revolution in rotary engines in the U.S.

     In 1975 Russian physicist Nikolai Shkolnik left the Soviet Union for the U.S. after graduating from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. For 10 years he worked as a consultant for struggling innovation companies. Throughout these years, he was constantly preoccupied with one question – why are modern car engines so inefficient? Shkolnik developed his own […]

3 US B-52 heavy bombers fly to Europe for joint NATO Baltic military drills

US Strategic Command announced on Wednesday that the aircraft would depart from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota on Thursday for the third year in a row to participate in BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) annual exercises. The US-led drills, which were first held in 1971, will see about 6,100 maritime, air force and ground troops […]

SpaceX Plans to Send Dragon Spacecraft to Mars in 2018

SpaceX Plans to Send Dragon Spacecraft to Mars in 2018 April 27th, 2016 Via: Ars Technica: SpaceX announced Wednesday that it intends to begin sending uncrewed Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018. This is the first step in the company’s plan to […]

Could fracking be causing cancer? This experiment’s results say YES… and quite rapidly, too!

(NaturalNews) According to statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, natural gas now powers about 33 percent of the US electrical grid, but the technique that’s used to extract oil from the ground today is much different from the drilling methods of the past. To speed up the process, a high-tech method was […]

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