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CNN-Breaking-Vital: Trump’s Privatized Testing Faked, Huge Backlogs, Few Real Tests Ever Done!

LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 19: Donald Trump appears at a news conference after the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant at PH Live at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 19, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images) (CNN)As the US health care system has scrambled to track the spread of coronavirus, one […]

Syria: Medical and Civil Protocols for CV 19 Treatment (Vital Pharmacology Treatment Guidelines)

For medical and security professionals only In English and Arabic Corona virus 19 is a reality and dealing with it is not a difficult thing and it is the least dangerous virus that threatens human health… Closed borders and the use of deadly force Treatment protocols Corona 19 is a reality in our country, Syria, […]

Vital/Exclusive: Erdogan prematurely revealed his true intentions

Alive and in Syria Arab Army custody, Nana Lancaster/ Gordon Duff Exclusive with top level intelligence agency sources ~ One of Erdogan’s previously proclaimed principles – “zero problems with neighbors” is suffering a terrible collapse. Turkey’s problems are growing from all sides, both from Iran and from Syria, but most importantly, the position of the […]

Vital Exhaustion, Commonly Referred to as ‘Burnout,’ May Increase The Risk of Atrial Fibrillation

The Facts: The more we complain, the more we wire our brain to focus on the ‘negative’ aspects of our lives. Luckily this is a two-way street, and we can undo this wiring and begin to step into a more neutral mindset and outlook. Reflect On: How much do you complain? The first step towards […]

Turkey to carry on buying ‘vital’ S-400 from Russia ‘whatever the consequences’ – FM Cavusoglu

“Whatever the consequences,” Turkey will not cancel the multibillion deal it signed with Russia over the S-400 anti-aircraft systems, Cavusoglu told a conference in Doha, Qatar. Turkey is in acute need of shielding its territory against incoming threats. We are very desperate for an air defense system. We tried to procure it from the US […]

Doctors can now monitor vital signs using radar waves, but what about their side effects?

(Natural News) Researchers celebrated their recent completion of a radar system that keeps track of the vital signs of a patient without the need to attach cumbersome wires to his body. However, the side effects of the radar waves on human health remain unknown. The new vital signs monitoring device is smaller […]

Restrictions Worldwide Show Why It’s Vital to Be Your Own Bank

By Graham Smith As capital controls and banking restrictions continue to affect various populations worldwide, standing in the way of individuals and their hard-earned savings, some are looking to safer options and even cryptocurrencies. Lebanon, Zimbabwe, and India are just a few of the countries to deal with centralized restrictions on access to money in […]

Israeli siege causes vital medicines to run out in Gaza

Stocks of medicines are dangerously low at al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City. Mohammed AsadAPA images A new report by the World Health Organization indicates Israel’s siege – imposed since 2007 – has disastrously affected Gaza’s healthcare system. By Yousef M. Aljamal, reposted from The Electronic Intifada Shaaban is a 10-year-old child with autism. He requires […]

Through the Eyes of Jesselyn Radack: A Look at the Vital Role of Whistleblowers and Their Attorneys

This week Dutch journalist Rico Brouwer sat down with U.S. whistleblower attorney Jesselyn Radack in what turned out to be an absolute must-see interview. The two discussed topics ranging from what it’s like to represent some of the most hunted and hounded defendants in the nation, the perfect outcome for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, and […]

What We Still Do Not Know About Russiagate Vital questions about perhaps the worst alleged presidential scandal in US history remain unanswered STEPHEN F. COHEN

What We Still Do Not Know About Russiagate Vital questions about perhaps the worst alleged presidential scandal in US history remain unanswered STEPHEN F. COHEN Source Article from Hits: 38

Vital: Imran Khan’s Visit to the USA

Asif Haroon Raja Trump’s dual faced policy against Pakistan Donald Trump has been maintaining a highly belligerent posture against Pakistan as was evident from his policy on Afghanistan and on South Asia and his random statements accusing Pakistan of harboring Haqqani network and Afghan Taliban, and holding it responsible for the instability in Afghanistan. On […]

6 Vital Things To Do BEFORE An Economic Collapse

By Mac Slavo With signs all over that this “booming economy” may not be as robust as is reported, it may be time to consider the possibility of all-out economic crash. BEFORE and economic collapse occurs, there are six things that you should do to prepare yourself and your family, giving you the best chance […]

7 Reasons To Avoid Fake People Who Drain Your Vital Energy

Each and every day, we encounter different types of people. And while we can’t take anyone for who they are at first glance, we often have an innate sense of who someone is within moments of meeting them. Sadly, even the most spiritual people can be toxic, and in a world full of an increasing […]

9 Vital Keys to Holding Space For Yourself

Azriel ReShel, Uplift Waking Times Most people would say they are good at supporting their friends and family, but why are we so bad at being there for ourselves? When my second eldest daughter was a few months old, she developed colic. She would wake every night, crying for several hours, utterly inconsolable. Nothing I […]

The People Demand Urgent, Vital, And Ambitious Action A COP 24

1. Transform energy systems away from corporate-controlled fossil fuels and other harmful sources such as nuclear, mega-hydro, and biofuels to a clean, safe system that empowers people and communities. 2. Support ecological restoration to recover natural sinks, and stop all projects that are extremely destructive of Earth’s natural capacity to absorb greenhouse gases. 3. Support global efforts for […]

Science Says Silence is Vital for Our Brains

Azriel ReShel, Uplift Waking Times The value of silence is felt by everyone at some point in their life. Silence is comforting, nourishing and cosy. It opens us up to inspiration, and nurtures the mind, body and soul. Meanwhile, the madness of the noisy world is drowning out our creativity, our inner connection and hampering our […]

‘Vital’ US moles in the Kremlin go missing! – by Stephen Cohen

For nearly two years, mostly vacuous (though malignant) Russiagate allegations have drowned out truly significant news directly affecting America’s place in the world. In recent days, for example, French President Emmanuel Macron declared  “Europe can no longer rely on the United States to provide its security,” calling for instead a broader kind of security “and […]

Trump’s war of words with Iran shines spotlight on vital oil route

Bloomberg |  Anthony Dipaola:  The war of words between U.S. President Donald Trump and his counterpart in Iran over oil exports and sanctions is shining a spotlight on the narrow, twisting conduit for about 30 percent of the world’s seaborne-traded crude. The Middle East’s biggest oil exporters rely on the Strait of Hormuz, the passage linking […]

Saudi Arabia and Houthis Delay Vital Aid to Yemen, Says Amnesty

The Saudi-led coalition and the Houthi armed group in Yemen are hampering the delivery of aid to Yemen, a new briefing released by Amnesty International reveals today. Amnesty International carried out research between December 2017 and June 2018, including interviewing 12 aid workers, eight medics and five local community activists in the capital Sana’a, the strategic port […]

Net Neutrality Is Vital – So Is Rural Broadband

Net Neutrality Is Vital – So Is Rural Broadband Above photo: The sun sets behind a microwave broadband tower, part of GCI’s TERRA network that provides internet to 40,000 people in rural Alaska. (GCI photo) Most issues look different from rural America, but that’s especially true of net neutrality. No one doubts that net neutrality policies to […]

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