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Sewage or stale vomit? Passengers refuse to fly with ‘king of fruits’ on board

A Sriwijaya Air flight departing from Bengkulu, Sumatra, and bound for the capital Jakarta was delayed for a whole hour after passengers refused to take off if the rank fruit had to travel with them in the passenger cabin. Passenger Amir Zidane said, in a Facebook post, that he had flagged the issue with a […]

Botched Hernia Operations Are Making People Vomit Fecal Matter

Botched hernia operations are causing patients to suffer excruciating pain, hallucinations and projectile vomit fecal matter, according to victims who describe the new hernia mesh surgery as extremely dangerous. Surgeons claim complications are rare for hernia mesh surgery, but more patients are coming forward and speaking out about issues they have experienced after the procedure. […]

Parliament Cleaners Complain They Have To Clear Up Used Condoms & Vomit Left By MP’s

Disgusted cleaners are fed up of being forced to clear up after partying MP’s and staff at the UK Houses of Parliament. Cleaning staff have complained that they have to clear up used condoms and vomit left by unruly politicians and their aides. The problem is so severe that MP’s now face strict new rules […]

“A Vomit-Inducing Spectacle” – World Reacts with Shock and Fear to Kylie Jenner’s New Ape Baby

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer September 24, 2018 Nigh the entirety of humanity has reacted with shock, fear and outrage as Kylie Jenner unveiled her nigger child to the world. “This is an outrage,” said one person from the internet, adding, “this is a vomit-inducing spectacle.” “This is intended to strike fear in […]

Broadway Play “1984” Is Causing Audiences To Vomit And Faint

By Dawn Luger of The Daily Sheeple Geroge Orwell’s legendary book, “1984“, was not in any way meant to be a prediction of our future, yet that’s exactly what appears to have happened. And now that there’s a Broadway play which follows the events in the book closely, many are finding it difficult to stomach. Since […]

Radioactive tritium found present at over 200 times normal levels in Florida Bay

(NaturalNews) The water quality throughout the United States leaves much to be desired; it’s in such horrible shape that just about everywhere you turn, it’s ruining people’s health. This isn’t about an occasional situation either, but rather several ongoing problems that seem to have no end in sight. The latest water issue to […]

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