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Poll finds Harris could help Biden with women, young voters and maybe some Republicans too

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What do Jewish voters need to know about Kamala Harris? TUT covers this story

Harris is seen as a strong supporter with ties to AIPAC, the country’s largest pro-Israel lobby, and unlike some Democrats has not broached the idea of conditioning aid to Israel. jpost It’s official: Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s choice for vice president. The California senator, who made history Tuesday as the first Black woman to […]

Slogan Voters: The Road To Political Masochism

Slogan Voters: The Road To Political Masochism Above Photo: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera/Flickr Ralph Nader points to one more problem in voting — slogan voting. A PR phrase is developed usually after it is tested through polls and focus groups, that people can emotionally relate to. Ralph focuses on Trump voters, but this could have also been applied to […]

CNN: All Trump Voters Are 100% Racist

CNN has declared all out war against Republicans – broadcasting a show suggesting that every single Donald Trump voter is a racist. During the fallout over Roseanne Barr’s tweets on Wednesday, CNN eagerly dedicated an entire show to author Michaela Angela Davis who claimed that the hundreds of millions of Trump supporters in America are […]

The Reelection of Maduro – Venezuelan Voters Defiant Answer to US Empire

The Venezuelan people reelected Nicolas Maduro for a second presidential term on May 20. A US-backed political tide of reaction had been bucked, which had swept away previously left-leaning Latin American governments – often by extra-parliamentary means – in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Honduras, and even Ecuador. The US and the right-wing opposition in Venezuela […]

A Hammer blow to the Roman Catholic Church– ‘Yes’ voters jubilant as anti-abortion campaign concedes defeat in Ireland

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Obamacare repeal may not be dead after all: New repeal plan could bring wave of GOP voters to the polls

(Natural News) Perhaps you’ve heard the saying before: “Go big or go home.” Congressional Republicans may be prepared to do just that in making a new attempt to repeal Obamacare. And if they’re successful, not only will American health care get far less complex and far more affordable, it could drive GOP […]

Anti-War Trump Voters Just Officially Ran Out Of Reasons To Support This President

The following article written by Caitlin Johnstone was originally published at Medium. Mere days after promoting Mike “I’m going to make the CIA a much more vicious agency” Pompeo to Hillary Clinton’s old job as Secretary of State, President Trump has replaced his National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, who Glenn Greenwald just […]

Putin and Jinping are two voters in Trump’s second term بوتين وبينغ ناخبان في ولاية ترامب الثانية

  Putin and Jinping are two voters in Trump’s second term مارس 20, 2018 Written by Nasser Kandil, The visit made by the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad to the communities of the displaced of Al Ghouta and his checking the front line sites of the Syrian army reflects a scene in which an alliance is […]

Italian polls prove again EU project ‘is not working,’ says UKIP as voters back anti-establishment

“The election in Italy just adds more weight that the EU project is not working. But we all know what the EU’s response will be, don’t we? ‘More Europe,’” the Euroskeptic party wrote on Twitter, as the latest exit polls showed the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) taking the lead. The election in Italy just […]

Poll: Almost half of voters question Trump’s mental stability

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Millions of Dead And Illegal Voters Discovered In Key Swing State

Millions of deceased and illegal voters have been discovered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in an investigation the Democrats are desperately trying to cover-up.  Pew Research suggests that 1.8 million registered voters were found to be deceased, a further 24 million had invalid voter registrations, and 2.75 million people illegally registered in more […]

Frightening thought, there may be as many as 95,000,000 “Christian” Zionist voters in the USA

Armageddon? Bring It On: The Evangelical Force Behind Trump’s Jerusalem Speech   The U.S. evangelical community is in raptures over Trump’s decision to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, believing it moves the world closer to Armageddon ed note–doubtless what we are about to say here will result in the typical reflexive, autonomic, reactionary, and ill-considered […]

EU Parliament Launching Campaign Urging Voters To ‘Support European Project’

If you want a classic example of EU-style democracy in action, look no further: the European Parliament is set to push for a taxpayer-funded campaign aimed at stopping voters from backing Eurosceptic parties. An internal strategy note sets out the plan clearly: “It is no exaggeration to say that the EU is at stake…campaign should not just […]

Voters Say ‘Yes’ To City Run Broadband In Colorado

Above Photo: Still from an industry-funded ad warning against municipal broadband in Fort Collins, Colorado. Priorities First Fort Collins Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Municipal broadband wins “David vs. Goliath battle” in Fort Collins, Colorado. Voters […]

Voters Say Country is Full, Support Partial Muslim Immigration Ban

In a blow for multiculturalism and open-door migration, a majority of Australian voters believe the country is full and almost half support a partial ban on new Muslim arrivals. The changing approach to immigration Down Under has been highlighted in a new survey that shows that just over 50 per cent of voters agree that Australia has […]

Catalan Voters Face Police State Violence

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Catalonian firefighters protecting voters beaten by Spanish riot police (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Forming human chains and acting as buffer zones between civilians and security forces, selfless firefighters allowed many voters to cast their ballots and prevented more violence across Catalonia. As soon as polling stations opened Sunday morning, defying Madrid’s “illegal” vote ban, hundreds of off-duty firefighters rushed to the stations. Dressed in full gear, they stood […]

Catalonia: Police firing rubber bullets in clash with voters (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

READ MORE: Catalonia holds independence referendum amid violent attempts to thwart vote (Live updates) Spain’s Guardia Civil was deployed Sunday morning as the government sought to prevent the referendum, which it considers illegal. Police have smashed their way into a number of voting stations, removing ballot boxes in the process. In some instances police forcibly removed […]

German Voters put a Far-Right Party into Parliament for the First Time Since the Second World War

Angela Merkel’s party may have won the general election today, but 13% of the voting population said “No” to her refugee policy by choosing the right-wing nationalists Alternative for Germany (AfD). AfD co-head Alexander Gauland immediately told supporters his party would launch a parliamentary investigation into Merkel for her handling of the refugee crisis. The AfD would “hunt” […]

‘Trump Voters Don’t Care about Race’ – Is this true?

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Judicial Watch: Fake Clinton Voters Originated In California

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch has discovered that millions of fake California voter registrations were lodged for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.  11 Californian counties have a significantly higher number of registered voters than they have voting-age citizens. In Los Angeles alone, the number was as high as 144% of the total number of residents. […]

Majority of Voters Support Trump’s Travel Ban on Six Majority-Moslem Nations

Lee RogersDaily Stormer July 7, 2017 The majority of Americans do not want to live near these Moslem gentlemen. Donald Trump’s travel ban on six majority-Moslem nations is far more popular than the dying fake news media wants to admit. A new poll shows that the majority of Americans support Trump’s ban. […]

Virginia student pleads guilty to registering dead voters for Democrats

     A student from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, will spend at least 100 days in prison after admitting to registering deceased voters for Democrats during the 2016 presidential election. Andrew J. Spieles, 21, pleaded guilty Monday in the U.S. District Court of the Western District of Virginia to submitting the names of dead […]

Data Firm Working for Trump Exposes 200M Voters Personal Info on Internet

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show UpGuard, a voter data firm hired by the Republican National Committee on behalf of Donald Trump exposed 1.1 terabytes of personal voter data online for 12 days on an easily and publicly accessible Amazon cloud server. The information exposed represents 62% of the […]

Voters Are Fired Up For Single Payer Creating Dilemma For Democrats

Above Photo: From On Sunday, June 4, the same day that Our Revolution, a Democratic Party group that arose from the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, organized rallies and die-ins to highlight the number of people dying in the United States due to lack of access to health care, the New York Times published an […]

Trump’s Rural Voters Fighting To Keep Land From Growing Web Of Pipelines

Norm MacQueen would seem to fit the profile of a property owner comfortable with an oil and gas pipeline running through his land. A retired oil refinery employee, MacQueen worked amid risky conditions for more than 20 years, as a pipe fitter and a welder. But early last year, MacQueen learned that an oil company, […]

Trump, Pence Robo-calls to Montana Voters for Special Election are Illegal, but They’re Doing It Anyway

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show The special election in Montana has Republicans on edge; so much so that they have broken the law in order to influence voters in their favor. In the Montana House a seat has opened thanks to Donald Trump’s appointment of former Congressman Ryan […]

Rouhani, Raeisi in heated race to win over voters in Mashhad

Press TV – On the last day of campaigning for Iran’s 12th presidential election, the two main rivals gearing up for a head-to-head battle, Hassan Rouhani and Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, are revving up their campaigns in the northeastern city of Mashhad. Incumbent President Rouhani arrived in Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi province, on Wednesday […]

Poll: UK voters love Labour’s manifesto, but not enough to vote Corbyn

     British voters back Labour’s promise to nationalize the railways and tax the rich, but when it comes to choosing the country’s next prime minister, Theresa May is still the favorite for the job, polling data shows. According to a new ComRes poll for the Mirror, 52 percent of Brits support bringing the railways back […]

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