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New Arbery Footage: Arrested While Jogging Past Walmart on His Way to Church

ON December 1, 2017 Ahmaud Arbery and three associates were detained by store security as they attempted to push a 65-inch Vizio television out of a Walmart. They were unable to produce a receipt and the store employees would not let them take the TV out of the store. Police were called and stopped the […]

Walmart Hits All Time High On Blowout Earnings From Coronavirus-Linked Stockpiling

Some other observations from the report, via Bloomberg: Walmart will shutter the online business, which it acquired four years ago, an unsurprising move as Walmart has been integrating Jet into its broader web unit over the past year. While Walmart’s sales are up, there’s concern that everyday items like food […]

Amazon, Walmart, FedEx Workers Plan Walkout On Friday

Amazon, Walmart, FedEx Workers Plan Walkout On Friday Above photo: From Socialist Alternative. Workers from corporations are planning a walkout Friday, including employees from Amazon, Walmart and FedEx. The workers are seeking better health and safety standards as well as hazard pay while working during the coronavirus pandemic.  Former Amazon employee Christian Smalls, shared a flyer on Twitter last week that […]

Walmart, Costco, Target are barred from selling ‘nonessential’ items such as clothing and electronics in parts of the US

   The only way that customers can shop for these nonessential items is by using online delivery services or curbside pickup. Local governments around the US are taking more draconian measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by barring “essential” stores such as grocery chains or big-box retailers from selling “nonessential” items such as […]

Walmart Limits Number of Customers Allowed Inside at Once, Creates Bizarre “One-Way” Aisles

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer April 5, 2020 Walmarts and other stores across the country have begun a weird program to limit the number of people allowed in the store at one time and to funnel them through on a path like it’s a Disneyland ride. This sort of fun is apparently just […]

Walmart Considers 5G for All Health Clinics and Stores Despite Warnings AND Illness Where It’s Been Activated

By B.N. Frank Since 2018 there have been reports of sudden illness among people and animals after 5G was turned on (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).  In December 2019 doctors, scientists, engineers, and public advocates asked President Trump for a moratorium on 5G because of health and safety risks (see 1, 2, 3).  Many […]

Walmart Misses Across The Board As Guidance Disappoints, Online Sales Slow

One quarter after after Walmart shares jumped when the company reported a solid beat in its Q3 earnings report and boosted the full year outlook, it’s a complete mirror image, as Walmart not only couldn’t deliver on its guidance boost from just three months ago, but also delivered 2021 EPS guidance that was well below […]

Walmart Testing Robots For Fulfilling Grocery Orders

A Walmart Supercenter in Salem, New Hampshire, has been the first store to test a new kind of technology that will use robots to collect grocery items for online order fulfillment.  Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue, with at least 2.3 million employees in the US, has seen rapid […]

Walmart Selling ‘Children’s Book of Demons’ For Parents Who Want Kids To Summon The Devil

For parents looking to introduce their children to devil worship and commune with the spirit of Satan, Walmart and Amazon are now selling a new children’s book called: ‘A Children’s Book of Demons’. In the book’s ‘about‘ section, the publishers try to turn the act of hailing Satan and summoning demons into a child-friendly activity saying: […]

Walmart to discontinue sales of e-cigs amid deaths and illnesses linked to vaping

   Walmart (WMT) is exiting the e-cigarette category completely as a rash of mysterious deaths linked to vaping draws intense scrutiny. In an internal memo obtained by Yahoo Finance on Friday, the retail giant said that “Given the growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity and uncertainty regarding e-cigarettes, we plan to discontinue the sale […]

Is Walmart Working With the Government to Distribute EVERYTHING When the SHTF?

By Daisy Luther In conspiratorial circles, it’s long been rumored that Walmarts across the country would become FEMA camps after an epic disaster. Some folks even suggested that once you were in the camp, you would not be able to leave. Sort of like those old roach motel commercials. If you’re not familiar with it, […]

Walmart Bans Open Carry, Asks White House To Pursue ‘Common Sense’ Gun Controls

Walmart is banning customers from openly carrying guns in their stores across America and is petitioning the White House to pursue new gun controls. CNBC reports that Walmart will continue to allow permitted concealed carry inside its stores but will post signs announcing an end to open carry, even in states where open carry is legal. Walmart […]

Armed citizens STOPPED mass shootings at Walmart stores, but retail chain’s new policies could now allow customers to be targeted more frequently

(Natural News) Following a mass shooting at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas last month, company executives did a little math and figured out they could use the incident to their advantage and virtue signal to a majority of customers by implementing new policies aimed at curbing gun and ammunition sales. […]

Tesla Solar Panels Are Catching Fire. Amazon and Walmart Have Both Been Burned. Walmart Is Suing.

August 30, 2019 By B.N. Frank Solar panels that catch fire are not desirable or eco-friendly.  What’s bizarrely coincidental is that these combustible panels are being made by Elon Musk’s company, which also sells flamethrowers. According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Walmart is suing Tesla because of solar panels that caught fire at 7 of its […]

Walmart CEO: It’s Time to Debate Banning Assault Weapons

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says its time for Americans to debate on whether or not to ban assault weapons. McMillon made the comments Thursday in the retailer’s quarterly earnings report, according to CBS. “In the national conversation around gun safety, we’re encouraged that broad support is emerging to strengthen background checks and to remove weapons […]

Inflation Is Showing Up At The Worst Place Possible For Consumers: Walmart

When it comes to aimlessly bemoaning about how inflation is a giant mystery that nobody will ever figure out, the Federal Reserve are experts. When it comes to actually assessing real world inflation that is rearing its head in places that have a direct impact on consumers, the Fed is conspicuously absent from the conversation. […]

GLADIO STRIKES AGAIN! Another Walmart targeted with terrorist fear-mongering to strip gun ownership

    BREAKING: Good Guy With Gun Stops Potential Attack At Walmart After Man Shows Up With Rifle, Body Armor By RYAN SAAVEDRA The Daily Wire An off-duty firefighter who had a firearm with him stopped a potential attack from taking place at a Walmart in Missouri after a 20-year-old man showed up to the […]

20 Dead, Walmart Shooter Worships Trump

Editor’s note:  20 dead so far, 26 wounded when a Trump fan started killing “foreign looking” Americans as a way of, according to his manifesto and twitter account, give President Trump the kind of support needed to prevent race mixing and get that border wall put up….predictable.  Chalk up these killings to Donald Trump, no […]

Walmart Is Trying To Patent Its Own "Libra"-Like Digital Currency

Authored by Marie Huillet via, A new patent filing suggests that United States retail giant Walmart may be developing its own U.S. dollar-backed digital currency similar to Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency.  image courtesy of CoinTelgraph Walmart filed patent for “Digital Currency via Blockchain” Patent filing number 20190236564, “System and Method for Digital Currency via Blockchain,” was published by the […]

Ice Age Farmer Report: WHERE ARE THE PEAS? Walmart’s nationwide shortages don’t add up

   Walmarts across the United States are bereft of canned peas. The media blames Beyond Meat’s Bleeding Burgers for creating pea protein — but does this add up? Christian breaks down the facts and offers some high-octane speculation. Start growing your own food today! Sources Source Article from Hits: 46

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