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Abbas warns Security Council, Palestinians could become ‘refugees or terrorists in Europe’

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said yesterday at the United Nations Security Council that President Donald Trump had harmed prospects for peacemaking when he made the “dangerous” and “unlawful” decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last December. It was Abbas’ first speech with senior White House officials in attendance since communication with U.S. negotiators […]

Russia Warns US To "Stop Playing With Fire" In Syria, Immediately Leave Area It Controls

Speaking to a Moscow audience at the Valdai Club conference on the Middle East, Lavrov said that US troops must immediately cease operations in the Southern Syria area of Al-Tanf, adding that he once again calls “on our American colleagues not to play with fire and measure their steps proceeding not from immediate needs of […]

Jewish MP warns Netanyahu of Iran’s crushing response to Israeli aggression

FNA- Representative of the Iranian Jewish community at the parliament Siamak Mareh Sedq warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Tehran’s crushing and unforgettable response to any foreign aggression, specially by Israel. “The enemies of the Iranian nation, including the child-killing Israeli prime minister, should have understood that although the revolutionary Iranian nation is not […]

After downing of Israeli F-16, Iran warns: ‘Era of Israeli strikes over’

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Iran & Syria ‘are playing with fire,’ Israeli military warns amid flare-up of tensions

“Iran and Syria are playing with fire,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement on Twitter. The military added that it acts “with determination” against “the attempt of the Iranian-Syrian attack and the violation of Israeli sovereignty.” “The IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios and will continue to act as necessary.” The […]

Africa Expert Warns Western Aid May Have Contributed to Next Migrant Crisis

Africa specialist Stephen Smith has warned that the next migrant crisis is on the horizon as Africa’s population continues to boom and that Western aid, particularly education, may contribute to Africans seeking a better life in Europe. Mr. Smith, the author of the new book La ruée vers l’Europe, or The Rush To Europe, warned […]

Satire: FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies

Satire: FBI Warns Republican Memo Could Undermine Faith In Massive, Unaccountable Government Secret Agencies February 6th, 2018 Via: The Onion: “If we take away the people’s faith in this shadowy monolith exempt from any consequences, all that’s left is an extensive network of rogue, […]

A desperate Rex Tillerson warns Latin America not to trust ‘predatory China’

     Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned Latin American governments Thursday to be wary of Chinese attempts to invest heavily in their states and make their economy dependent on Beijing. He criticized “unfair trading practices” China uses to trap smaller states. Speaking at the University of Texas at Austin, Tillerson noted that “today, China is […]

Corrupt FBI, DOJ officials committed TREASON, warns lawmaker; James Comey could face DEATH penalty

(Natural News) The shocking revelations uncovered in yesterday’s release of the FISA memo reveal a pattern of treason among top officials at the FBI and DOJ, warns  Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona. The FISA memo documented how the most powerful law enforcement elements of the United States government were weaponized under President […]

Trump Warns Of ‘False Flag’ Following Memo Release

President Trump has warned of a potential false flag attack in the United States in the wake of the release of the FISA memo.  The release of the memo has already rocked the Democratic party and Deep State to their very core, and they will do everything in their power to fight back. According to […]

Iran deputy FM warns Asia of US sabotage in nuclear deal

IRNA – Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs called on the Asian political parties to beware of the US attempt to thwart the nuclear deal Iran and the world major powers signed in 2015. Speaking at the The 29th Meeting of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) Standing Committee in Tehran, Abbas […]

Bitcoin created by the CIA and NSA, warns co-founder of Kaspersky security software firm

(Natural News) One of the co-founders of a Russian cybersecurity firm recently gave a presentation in which she alleged that the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is a project of American intelligence agencies to fund their covert spying operations throughout the world. Natalya Kaspersky, president of the “InfoWatch” group of companies and co-founder and […]

UN Warns US Inflicting ‘Unacceptable’ Civilian Casualties In ( ILLEGAL) Syrian Strikes

UN Warns US Inflicting ‘Unacceptable’ Civilian Casualties In Syrian Strikes        The US recently spurned a call by the UN to temporarily halt airstrikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa to allow civilians to flee. That call had come after multiple instances of US strikes killing civilians in and around the city. Today, UN officials […]

Germany warns israel over growing EU Concerns

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has issued a warning to Israel over the EU’s rising “frustration” with the Tel Aviv regime’s policies toward the future of a so-called two-state solution. Speaking at a conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, Gabriel noted that several members of the Israeli cabinet were “explicitly against the two-state solution.” He added that […]

Former top FBI officer warns: Israeli law enforcement lax, reforms needed

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Local News Warns of a Fourth Snowfall and Geoengineering for Houston

Terence Newton, Staff Writer Waking Times  The weather is doing some unusual things this year, and there is no consensus on what is bringing about such dramatic changes to our climate. Is it global warming, climate change, ocean warming, or maybe geoengineering? The gulf port city of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the […]

Iran’s civil defense chief warns of ISIL access to biological weapons

FNA- Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Gholam Reza Jalali warned that the ISIL has gained access to the know-how for the limited production of biological weapons. “We have received reports saying that the ISIL has gained the tools and know-how for the limited production of biological weapons which have, of course, been damaged during […]

Erdogan vows swift end to Afrin operation, warns pro-Kurdish opposition against taking to streets

“We will complete the operation in a very short time,” Erdogan said, addressing a huge crowd of supporters in the north-western city of Bursa on Sunday. The Turkish leader added that the pro-Kurdish opposition and PKK had failed to call people for protests and warned that Turkish forces “are following their every step.”“Know that wherever […]

CDC Cancels Nuke Talk, Warns About "Widespread" Flue Epidemic

In late December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it would conduct a briefing on January 16 regarding the “public health response to a nuclear detonation” over the skies of the United States. Now, the CDC has canceled the nuclear briefing and focused on something much more important: the flu epidemic across the […]

State Dept Warns: Avoid Travel to Shithole Countries

State Dept Warns: Avoid Travel to Shithole Countries Travel advisories reveal some countries are dangerous shitholes Kit DanielsPrison Jan. 12, 2018 The State Dept. recommends US citizens avoid traveling to third-world countries the mainstream media claims President Trump referred to as shitholes. In particular, the department said travelers should reconsider going to Haiti due […]

State Department ridiculed on Twitter after it warns citizens against travel to Russia

     The US State Department found itself the focus of social media jibes after an overhaul of its travel safety warning system downgraded Russia to the same category as Mauritania, Sudan and other trouble spots. The move, explained as “due to terrorism and harassment,” comes at a time of heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow […]

Russia warns US about ‘futility and viciousness’ of Washington’s stance on Iran deal

US slaps sanctions on 5 Iranian entities for ‘involvement in Iran’s ballistic missile program’ Moscow believes that Washington has either already made or is close to making a decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), according to deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov. “This may be one of Washington’s major foreign policy […]

CBI governor warns on bitcoin again

Turning to bitcoin transactions, he added, “although transactions with this cryptocurrency have become widespread, people should be careful about this issue seriously.” Transacting with bitcoin is followed with several risks, he said, adding, “under no circumstances, CBI does not confirm bitcoin.” CBI has conducted vast studies on transacting with bitcoin, the results of which would […]

Tokyo Warns of War: US Wary as Seoul Asserts Itself, Pursues Peace Talks with North

As South and North Korea begin a cautious, deliberate and “sincere” process of peace talks in the hope of defusing regional tensions in a neighborly manner, right-wing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has suddenly sounded alarm bells over the “unacceptable” moves by Pyongyang, playing up its nuclear program and weapons development as a reason to bolster Japanese […]

Turkey warns those who would interfere in Iran politics

Reuters – Turkey on Thursday warned against external parties attempting to interfere in Iran’s domestic politics, saying that such actions could provoke a backlash, after six days of anti-government protests in Iran. President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, also told reporters during a news conference in Ankara that while Iranian citizens had the right to […]

Russia warns US against meddling in Iran’s internal affairs – senior diplomat

TASS– Moscow warns Washington against attempts to interfere in Iran’s internal affairs, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told TASS on Thursday. “We warn the US against attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he stressed. “What is happening there is an internal affair, which attracts the attention of […]

Kim warns Washington of ‘nuclear button on desk’ but vows ‘Olympic truce’ with South Korea

“The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, and a nuclear button is always on my desk. This is reality, not a threat,” he said in a televised speech, adding that “these weapons will be used only if our security is threatened.” ‘US mainland in our nuclear strike range’, Kim Jong-un warns […]

SHOCK NEWS — “We may not be alone!” warns Pentagon expert on UFOs

By JON SHARMANThe Independent The former head of the Pentagon’s secret UFO-hunting bureau has said he believes “we may not be alone”. UFOs . . . ARE THEY COMING TO GET US? Luis Elizondo’s admission came after declassified footage showed US fighter pilots reacting with astonishment as they observed an unknown aerial object off California in 2014. The Advanced […]

Haley Warns US ‘Will Be Taking Names’ During UN Vote On Jerusalem Move

Nikki Haley told UN member states that Donald Trump will take a vote on his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital “personally,” and warned that she will be reporting back to him on those countries who vote against the US at the UN General Assembly. Her warning was contained in a letter ahead of the […]

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