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Just 100 Companies Will Sign Humanity’s Death Warrant

Only 100 companies will sign humanity’s death sentence. That’s it. One hundred corporate boards filled with sociopaths. But I’ll get back to that in a moment. In recent weeks, climate activists in New York City jammed up foot traffic on Wall Street with a die-in, covering themselves in fake blood and lying on the ground. Other activists […]

Feds Used A ‘Reverse’ Warrant To Try To Track Down Bank Robbers In Wisconsin

Reverse warrants are the new tech-related toy law enforcement is experimenting with. Oddly, a lot of what’s come to light so far originates in the Midwest, an area not exactly known for early adoption. Outside of the NYPD and feds confirming they use warrants to seek a list of possible suspects (rather than […]

Video shows Carpentersville cops raid home without warrant and choke teen

In video of the raid, the 16-year-old boy, who wishes to remain anonymous, was knocked off his feet by the officer, who charges through the doorway. … As the officer’s partner searches upstairs, there’s more grabbing and pushing. Twice the officer grabs the boy’s neck, and then he throws him on the couch again. […]

US Unveils Warrant for Seizure of Iran-operated Grace 1

youtube twitter facebook rss Source Article from Related Posts Just 100 Companies Will Sign Humanity’s Death Warrant Only 100 companies will sign humanity’s death sentence. That’s it. One hundred corporate boards filled Feds Used A ‘Reverse’ Warrant To Try To Track Down Bank Robbers In Wisconsin Reverse warrants are the new tech-related […]

Trump’s Anti-Iran Warrant

Time and again, hard evidence shows the US is a nation run by hawkish right-wing extremists, dismissive of the rule of law and democratic values they abhor and don’t tolerate. Operating exclusively by their own rules, they maintain that UN Charter principles and other international law applies to other nations, not imperial USA. All nations […]

‘Bolton Is Desperate to Start a War’: US Issues Warrant to Seize Iranian Oil Tanker

After the Gibraltar Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s effort to stop the release of an Iranian oil tanker seized by the U.K. last month, the Justice Department further escalated tensions with Tehran by issuing a warrant on Friday in a last-ditch bid to seize the tanker before it sets sail. “Bolton is […]

US unveils warrant for seizure of Iran-operated supertanker

The US Department of Justice has unveiled a warrant for the seizure of the Iran-operated Grace 1 supertanker. The warrant was issued a day after Gibraltar’s Supreme Court confirmed the release of the vessel. The vessel was seized by British forces in the Strait of Gibraltar in early July. Source Article from Related […]

Amazon Continues Helping Police By Teaching Them How To Bypass A Warrant

By Aaron Kesel Activist Post has previously reported that Ring was running entrapment fake package operations with several police departments across the U.S., including coaching them. Now, Vice News has reported that Amazon’s Ring is teaching police to trick residents into sharing camera footage with them without a warrant as our Fourth Amendment rights are […]

Supreme Court Rules Cops Do NOT Need a Warrant to Draw Your Blood If You’re Unable to Consent

By Matt Agorist On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that police officers do not need your consent, nor do they need a warrant, to draw your blood—so long as you are unconscious—and police accuse you of being under the influence. The ruling on Thursday is in stark contrast to the previous […]

From 9/11 to Shoplifting: Assange in the Context of the European Arrest Warrant

Nina Cross 21st Century Wire It is astonishing to think that the many coordinated attacks leveled against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by the governments of the Britain, Sweden, Ecuador and the US, have all been stacked, in their colossal forms, on the tiny European Arrest Warrant (EAW).  This little manhunt-widget gifted the US and its […]

How The Full Declassification Of This FISA Warrant Could Trigger The ‘Great Awakening’

The Facts: A full declassification of the FISA warrant on Carter Page that authorized the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign before the 2016 elections may hold the key to uncovering crimes perpetrated by Deep State players in the American political arena. Reflect On: Is the ‘Great Awakening’ all about the political efforts of […]

DHS Investigators Argue The Border Warrant Exception Covers Searches Performed Miles From The Border

DHS Logo, Image Source: Pixabay The DHS is back in court, arguing for its “right” to expand border searches to cover the entire country. The case in which Homeland Security investigators are making this dubious claim involves the placement of a GPS device on a truck crossing the Canadian border… which FBI agents […]

DNC Lawyers Colluded With FBI On Russia Before Surveillance Warrant

DNC lawyers secretly colluded with the FBI to discuss allegations of Trump-Russia collusion weeks before the 2016 election, and before the bureau secured a search warrant targeting the Trump campaign.  According to Congressional investigators, former FBI general counsel James Baker, a close confidant of James Comey, met with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, […]

FISA warrant revelations reveal how Obama’s deep state weaponized government to illegally spy on political opponents

(Natural News) On Saturday government watchdog organization Judicial Watch finally received documents related to the FBI’s FISA court warrants against one-time advisor to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign Carter Page. The documents, requested more than a year ago under terms of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), were sought by the group […]

New Jersey just signed its own death warrant

     You would think New Jersey would have learned its lesson… Two years ago, New Jersey’s richest resident – hedge fund billionaire David Tepper – decided to move himself and his business to Miami Beach. Tepper, who personally earned more than $6 billion from 2012-2015, was tired of paying New Jersey’s top income-tax rate of […]

Supreme Court Says Warrant Necessary for Phone Location Data

Supreme Court Says Warrant Necessary for Phone Location Data June 22nd, 2018 Via: Cnet: The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of digital privacy. In a 5-4 decision on Friday the justices said that police need warrants to gather phone location data as […]

Seattle Police Begin Gun Confiscations: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

By Mac Slavo A man in Seattle has had his gun confiscated by police after breaking no laws. The police took his gun without a warrant and without pressing any charges. Tyranny has officially taken hold on American soil. This sets a precedent that government can now forcefully take guns away from an individual without a crime being […]

Netanyahu Orders Gaza Strike As Police Issue Arrest Warrant

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorised an illegal air strike on the Gaza Strip Sunday, as police move to arrest the leader on corruption charges.  Throughout Saturday and Sunday, Israeli warplanes pounded the Gaza Strip, with officials reporting strikes against 18 separate targets. Israel reported all the places attacked in Gaza as “terror targets,” despite […]

No Warrant Needed For Police Departments To Share Your License Plate Data

By MassPrivateI A recent story about automatic license plate readers (ALPR) revealed that police departments in numerous states share your license plate data without a warrant. Three days ago an article in the Orange Leader, revealed how police in Texas share motorists’ ALPR data with law enforcement in other states. Law enforcement agencies […]

Police in Two States Use Hospitals to Take Motorists’ Blood Without a Warrant

By MassPrivateI Police state America has found a disturbing new way to forcibly take motorists blood without a warrant. Law enforcement is using private hospitals to do their dirty work. Earlier this year, I reported that police in Oregon were forcing hospitals to take motorists’ blood without a warrant. I thought it would […]

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