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Biden inauguration: National Guard troops pour into Washington amid concerns over violent protests

Washington DC was abuzz with National Guard troops on Saturday, as governors answered the urgent pleas of US defence officials for more personnel to help safeguard the capital. Military leaders spent chunks of Thursday evening and Friday calling states in an unprecedented appeal for more National Guard troops to help lock down much of the […]

Washington’s National Mall to be closed for Biden inauguration ‘to ensure safety,’ says National Park Service

The iconic National Mall in Washington, DC will be closed to the public for a week for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, the National Park Service (NPS) said, amid security concerns in the wake of the Capitol attack. Vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians will be banned from all memorials, attractions and facilities in the area between the […]

Moscow Prepared to Bury Relations With Washington Before Biden Takes Office

World » Americas Moscow is not going to initiate any contacts with the transition team of US President-elect Joe Biden, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said. One can draw certain conclusions from Ryabkov’s statements about Moscow’s intentions regarding the prospects of relations with the United States. US-Russian relationship has been at the abysmal level lately. […]

National Guard troops on Washington streets begin carrying arms

WASHINGTON, United States — National Guard troops deployed on the streets of Washington began carrying weapons late Tuesday in a major change of posture ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president, according to an AFP photographer. The Guard soldiers were originally mobilized to provide mostly logistical support to Washington police, and on Monday General […]

Storms of Protest in Washington and Hong Kong

The coverage of groups of people, described as mobs, rioters, or protestors depending on one’s prejudice or adherence to accurate reporting, who “stormed” the Capitol in Washington and the Legislative Council in Hong Kong is revealing for how media and politicians react. The American media ran headlines such as: “Trump supporters storm Capitol,” Washington Post […]

Thousands of troops on the streets of Washington DC – (the long-planned script)

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The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet

Wanting to turn back the clock and restore the American Empire to what it was before Donald Trump’s presidency is a fool’s errand. It’s already a thing of the past – and the storming of the US Capitol was just the last straw. Don’t take my word for it, though. “If the post-American era has […]

Legal bar may be too high to charge Trump for inciting Washington riot

WASHINGTON (AP) — US President Donald Trump’s top White House lawyer has repeatedly warned the president that he could be held responsible for inciting Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol, but the standard for legal liability is high under court decisions reaching back 50 years. The admonitions from presidential counsel Pat Cipollone were delivered in part […]

Washington rioter identified as son of New York Modern Orthodox judge

One of the rioters who invaded the US Capitol on Wednesday has been identified as the son of Steven (Shlomo) Mostofsky, a New York judge and former president of the National Council of Young Israel, an Orthodox synagogue association that has been outspokenly pro-Trump, the Gothamist reported on Thursday. Aaron Mostofsky, whose father is Kings County […]

MartinezPerspective Livestream 01-07-2021: Storming Washington


Trump Supporters Are Flooding Downtown Washington DC

Above photo: A Trump supporter is seen recovering from being tear gassed as protests turned violent. Reuters. NOTE: This story will be updated during the day. Click here to find the updates. Early on the second day of protests baselessly contesting president-elect Joe Biden’s victory, maskless Trump supporters are gathering in downtown D.C. as Congress […]

Proud Boys Leader Arrested in Washington

The leader of the Proud Boys—a far-right, neo-fascist hate group—has been arrested in Washington, D.C. Henry “Enrique” Tarrio, 36, was arrested Monday upon his arrival in Washington on suspicion of burning a Black Lives Matter banner torn from a historic Black church in the nation’s capital during protests last month and charged with destruction of […]

Washington uses DAESH and Iraqi traitors to fragment the country

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Would you give full marks to George Washington for always telling the truth?

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / Would you give full marks to George Washington for always telling the truth? January 4, 2021 by Rabbi Raymond Apple Read on for article Ask the rabbi…. TELLING LIES Rabbi Raymond Apple Q. Would Jewish ethics applaud George Washington who is said to have been unable to tell […]

With new Congress, Israel loses two of its best friends in Washington

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Washington’s ignorance is why the Empire will be kicked out of West Asia

January 02, 2021 By Aram Mirzaei for the Saker blog A year has passed since US President Donald Trump, like the coward he is, ordered the murder of General Qassem Soleimani and PMU second in command Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. The Islamic Republic and the US were on the brink of all-out war as a result […]

Is Washington going to Maintain its Ties with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Source By Vladimir OdintsovSource: New Eastern Outlook According to media reports, Republican Senator Ted Cruz recently sent another bill to the US Congress, proposing to declare an Islamist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia – ed.), a terrorist organization. Earlier, in late 2014, the US administration, in the face of Congressman Ted Cruz, already made a […]

Lessons To Be Learned From Washington’s Lethal War Against The World

Lessons To Be Learned From Washington’s Lethal War Against The World Above photo: Evo Morales (left) and Vijay Prashad. Twitter. Vijay Prashad’s investigation of US’s murderous global interventions against socialism and national liberation is a must-read. The latest book from Indian Marxist Vijay Prashad is a passionate critique of the “US-led liberal international order,” in […]

Violence, Both Literal and Rhetorical, Marks Right-Wing Convergence on Washington, DC

Roaming the streets of Washington, D.C., Saturday night, the Proud Boys, a self-declared “Western chauvinist” group with ties to white nationalists, looked for fights. They found them; in most cases, they seem to have started them. In one instance, members of the hate group, dressed in their signature black-and-yellow polos, shoved a counterprotester to the […]

Antifa Terrorist Brutally Stabs 4 Trump Supporters in Washington, D.C.

An Antifa terrorist brutally stabbed four Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night. Disturbing videos on Twitter show the incident shortly before the Antifa suspect is captured by police. Reports indicate the four victims were transported to local hospitals. Two videos tweeted by Mauro Gomez shows a “BLM/Antifa allegedly stabs 2 Trump supporters.” […]

Tempers flare as Trump supporters rally in Washington

Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump returned to Washington for weekend rallies to back his desperate efforts to subvert the election that he lost to Joe Biden. Sporadic fights broke out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators after sundown Saturday. WRC-TV reported that four people were taken to a hospital with stab wounds, and the […]

LIVE: Proud Boys vs Antifa in the streets | Washington DC | United States America

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Israel asks Washington to accept Erdan as ambassador

Israel submitted a request to the US State Department to accept Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan as ambassador to the US, as well, The Jerusalem Post learned on Friday.Earlier this week, several Israeli media outlets reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to have Erdan choose only one posting, rather than adhere to the […]

‘Cold War mindset’: China hits out at US after Washington ends exchange programs and curbs visas for officials

Beijing has slammed Washington after it terminated cultural exchange programs, put visa restrictions on officials and plans to delete shares of Chinese companies blacklisted by the US, as hostility between the states continues. Beijing’s latest criticism of US foreign policy comes after the Trump administration placed visa restrictions on Chinese Communist Party members and their […]

Past Tensions Between Biden, Erdoğan Cast Shadow Over Ankara-Washington Relations

The Media Line — The world is turning the page on the Trump Administration and getting ready for the Joe Biden presidency. While many world leaders are breathing a sigh of relief that Donald Trump will soon exit the White House, a few like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are bracing for a stormy four […]

Washington State School District Considers Asians Too Smart To Be Considered ‘Students Of Color’

The North Thurston Public School district in Washington State has evidently decided that Asians no longer qualify as ‘persons of color‘ because they inconveniently do not chronically under-perform academically the way Blacks and Hispanics do: In their latest equity report, administrators at North Thurston Public Schools—which oversees some 16,000 students—lumped Asians in with whites and […]

Donald Trump supporters descend on Washington, call for ‘four more years’

Donald Trump’s supporters staged a rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday more than ten days since the country’s election and having yet to concede to Joe Biden, who won the November 3 poll by flipping a number of states from Republican to Democrat. Chanting ‘USA’ and ‘Stop the Steal’, protesters gathered in the city’s Freedom […]

Scientists in Washington destroy murder hornet nest in ‘nick of time’

Scientists in Washington claim they destroyed a nest of so-called murder hornets in the “nick of time”. They discovered 500 live hornets in various stages of development in addition to nearly 200 queens that could have started their own nests. “We got there just in the nick of time,″ said Sven-Erik Spichiger, an entomologist leading […]

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: ‘We Must BURN DOWN the Republican Party’

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has called on her fellow progressives to help burn down the Republican Party so that it is destroyed forever. Over the weekend, Rubin appeared on MSNBC to espouse the complete ostracization of Trump supporters and Republicans: “It’s not only that Trump has to lose, his enablers have to lose. We […]

Washington Nationals Invite Joe Biden to Throw First Pitch

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Washington Nationals are making their pitch to President-elect Joe Biden. The Nats have invited Biden to toss out the ceremonial first ball next season on opening day. Washington is scheduled to host the New York Mets at Nationals Park on April 1. “We’re excited to continue the long-standing tradition of sitting […]

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