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Why COVID-19 Testing Is a Tragic Waste

Why COVID-19 Testing Is a Tragic Waste Prepare For Change / Derek Knauss From Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website: Story at-a-glance PCR tests are not designed to be used as a diagnostic tool as they cannot distinguish between inactive viruses and “live” or reproductive ones Amplification over 35 cycles is considered unreliable and scientifically unjustified, yet […]

The Amazing UNESCO Site Going to Waste in Israel

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EPA Approves Radioactive Waste Product in Road Construction

By ManaSota-88, Inc. a 501.c3 Public Health and Environmental Organization Hazardous Waste Being Mixed into Roads If you live next to a road, will you be living next to a hazardous waste site? Unfortunately, this may be a reality for many, especially in Florida. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced they will approve the […]

Amount of e-waste explodes, world lags behind, with much reaching pirate sites

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‘Zero waste car’ made by Dutch team with bio-based tech of Israeli startup UBQ

A team of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands has designed a zero-waste car made out of bio-based material developed by Israeli startup UBQ Materials. The Israeli firm has patented a process to convert household trash, organic, paper and plastic, including banana peels, dirty diapers, used yogurt containers and cardboard — […]

“I’m not going to waste my time on a virtual debate,” says Trump after format changed to prevent spread of Covid-19

Update: President Donald Trump said Thursday morning that he’s “not gonna do a virtual debate” shortly after the Commission on Presidential Debates announced that next week’s town hall-style event will take place remotely to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which the president was diagnosed with just last week. “I’m not going to waste my time […]

Germany’s search for permanent nuclear waste sites

Germany is on the hunt for a place to store its nuclear waste, and an interim report has pinpointed 90 potential sites. As the country decommissions its atomic energy facilities, the arguments over where the waste should be buried are heating up. Bavaria has already declared no waste will be stored there. “We have found […]

Solar panels generate mountains of waste

Iowa Climate Science Education Isn’t sunshine a free fuel? “Harnessing sunshine (and wind) to serve humanity is not free – or clean, green, renewable or sustainable,”Duggan Flanakin points out. ______________ “Duggan Flanakin has written another important, perceptive article,” writes Paul Driessen. “This one examines the enormous amounts of plastic, metallic and dangerous chemical wastes that […]

Conquistador Lays Waste to Argentinian Thot (SPANISH)

Young women in Argentina are mentally defective zombies. Sub my bitchute. Sub my Telegram. Help me out with some shekels. Hits: 1

Russia Advises People Not to Waste Time on Western Social Media Because They’ll Just be Banned

    After a Russian TV channel loosely inspired by America’s Fox News was blocked by video-streaming service YouTube earlier this week, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman says Western web giants should be treated with a “low degree of trust.” Dmitry Peskov emphasized that the companies are completely unaccountable and can do as they please. He said […]

E-Waste, Plastic, and More! “The Story of Stuff Project” Exposes What Happens to Discarded Stuff

By B.N. Frank For 11 years, The Story of Stuff Project has been producing and posting videos about what happens to all kinds of discarded stuff. They recently released their first feature-length documentary film, The Story of Plastic. Plastic pollution is everywhere we look, smothering our oceans and poisoning communities around the world. Meanwhile, Big […]

Japan’s TEPCO Plans to Dump 777,000 Tons of Fukushima ‘Toxic Waste Water’ into Pacific Ocean

This is the big elephant in the room. When will environmentalists and green journalists take a break from climate change and start addressing clear and present threats like nuclear waste? Newsweek Toxic waste produced by one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters will be dumped into the sea, according to the head of the Japanese […]

E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PCs and Selling Them

By John Vibes Computer technician and E-waste recycler Eric Lundgren is going to prison for 15 months for selling restore disks for computers, which would extend their longevity and allow them to be resold to new users. A federal appeals court in Miami rejected the appeal in his case this week, upholding a […]

Europe Is Smuggling its E-Waste to Nigeria Inside Used Cars

The European Union has laws against exporting e-waste and dumping it in Africa, but the problem persists and, according to a new study, Nigeria is one of Europe’s prime dumping grounds. The United Nations University (UNU) and the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre (BCCC) for Africa partnered co-authored the study and found that 66,000 tons of […]

Environmentalists Who Ignore Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Are Part of The Problem, Not The Solution.

By B.N. Frank I already wrote an article about E-Waste which was posted on March 9, 2018, “Technology Can Be Beneficial, But Short Life Spans and “Planned Obsolescence” is Not Beneficial to Our Wallets or The Environment.”   Since then, I’ve collected a couple dozen more links about it (see list at end […]

CNN’s Van Jones Admits ‘Liberals Waste So Much Time Freaking Out About Trump’

CNN’s Van Jones Admits ‘Liberals Waste So Much Time Freaking Out About Trump’ “Every day is armageddon” Steve WatsonPrison March 26, 2018 CNN’s Van Jones made a rare salient point on a Sunday broadcast, admitting that those on the left spend every waking minute “freaking out” about President Trump and have lost all perspective […]

Researchers have recycled clothing waste into an "aerogel" supermaterial that can help stop wound bleeding

(Natural News) Cotton-based fabric waste has a multitude of uses that range from being recycled into polishing and wiper clothes to automotive insulation. Though, as researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have discovered and demonstrated, this type of waste could be turned into cotton aerogels that have their own practical […]

The Big Picture – Put Your Money Where Your Waste Is | The Big Picture on RT America |

The Big Picture – Put Your Money Where Your Waste Is | The Big Picture on RT America | By The Big Holland Cooke discusses the Cash Bail System in the United States with the Host of Americas Lawyer Mike Papantonio and later takes a look at the State of Net Neutrality. Then Holland […]

Zeolites improve crop growth in soil contaminated by industrial waste and heavy metals

(Natural News) Soils that have been contaminated with heavy metals are not optimal for pretty much any kind of crop. However, a new study revealed that making one simple change could turn things around. Researchers from the Agricultural University of Tirana have discovered that the simple addition of natural zeolite can serve as […]

World Renowned Chef Opens 5 Star Restaurant To Feed The Homeless & Fight Food Waste

Next Story Finally, thanks to the internet we are becoming aware of just how much food is being wasted on a regular basis. Supermarkets are throwing out astronomical amounts of unsold food that is actually perfectly fine to eat. When the amount of homeless people who don’t always have access to food, and the many […]

Rand Paul Slams ‘Ridiculous Waste’ Of Taxpayer Money By Government

Rand Paul Slams ‘Ridiculous Waste’ Of Taxpayer Money By Government ‘Some idiot in government’ spent $700,000 on deciphering 1969 moon landing speech… in 2017 Steve WatsonPrison February 12, 2018 Following his impromptu filibuster speech on Friday, Senator Rand Paul made several media appearances at the weekend to explain how insane government spending has become […]

Boston Police Waste Taxpayer Money Violating Law Through Illegal Surveillance Of Citizenry

By Aaron Kesel Boston Police effectively broke the law by illegally surveilling social media users for years to conduct online surveillance in 2014, 2015, and 2016, without telling the city council, and violating civilians right to free speech, a new blog post by the ACLU alleges. In December 2016, the Boston City Council held […]

US Nuclear Waste, Equivalent To 2,000 Hiroshima’s, Pouring Into Pacific Ocean

A concrete dome holding radioactive waste of 42 nuclear explosions is leaking into the pacific ocean, veterans have warned.   The Enewetak Atoll was used by the US government to test 30 megatons of weapons – equivalent to 2,000 Hiroshima blasts – in the 1950’s. reports: More than 8,000 people would later work to clean […]

$1.5 Trillion in 16 Years – The Shocking Cost and Waste of America’s Endless Wars

$1.5 Trillion in 16 Years – The Shocking Cost and Waste of America’s Endless Wars That’s around $4,643 for every man, woman & child   “more than 73% of the world’s dictators are currently being sponsored through the military assistance provided by US taxpayers.” At the beginning of 2017, the chief of US Special Operations […]

Alternative fuel for home heating reduces emissions and recycles waste: Researchers say wood pellet fuel is a win-win that outperforms traditional fuels

(Natural News) Wood pellets not only look cool, but they’re also doing great things for the environment. According to a study conducted by the University of New Hampshire, utilizing wood pellets as your primary source of home fuel cuts greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than half, compared with fossil fuels and natural gas. “Wood pellet […]

Israel Illegally Dumps Toxic Waste In The West Bank

The occupied West Bank has been turned into a dumping site for Israel’s hazardous waste in violation of international law, according to a new report by human rights group B’Tselem The report says: “Israel’s environmental policy in the West Bank, including situating polluting waste treatment facilities there, is part and parcel of the policy of […]

Israel uses Palestinian land to illegally dump toxic waste

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 7 December 2017 Israel dumps unknown waste and military garbage in a disposal site in Qissan village, west of Nablus in the West Bank, 4 February 2014.  Ahmad Al-Bazz ActiveStills Israel has turned the occupied West Bank into a dumping ground for its waste in violation of international law. “Israel’s […]

Radioactive waste continues to leak from Illinois power plants: BGA report

nsnbc : An investigation by the US Better Government Association (BGA) found that Illinois nuclear power plants reported at least 35 accidental releases of […]

HomeBiogas Device Turns Food Waste into Clean Cooking Fuel and Nutrient-Rich Fertilizer

Anna Hunt, StaffWaking Times Imagine being able to turn your food waste into clean cooking gas and nutrient-rich fertilizer, while at the same time reducing potent greenhouse gases. This was the exact vision of Israeli-based HomeBiogas, which resulted in the creation of an affordable consumer appliance that efficiently produces sustainable fuel out of kitchen […]

This Zero-Waste Superstar Keeps 4 Years of Trash in One Small Jar (Here’s How You Can Too!)

October 26th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Lauren Singer is on a crusade for zero-waste lifestyles. Famously known for the tiny footprint she leaves in our landfills — around a 16 ounce mason jar worth of trash in four years — she’s a living example of how drastically slashing our waste really […]

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