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Watch: Get Vaccinated if You Want to Participate in Society, Senator Tells Ireland

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan has stated that those who wish to “participate in society” must be vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus. Senator Gerry Horkan, a member of Fianna Fáil, a party currently in government, told Seanad Éireann — the upper house of Ireland’s legislature, roughly equivalent to the UK’s House of Lords — on Tuesday […]

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Watch: ‘Caging Childhood: Palestinian Children in Israel’s Military Detention System’

Caging Childhood: Palestinian Children in Israel’s Military Detention System is a short documentary that tells the story of three Palestinian children who were detained by the Israeli military in the West Bank. The film, which was produced by Defense for Children International – Palestine, premiered on November 20 and was followed by a panel discussion. […]

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WATCH: Officers on ‘Turkey Patrol’ Deliver Thanksgiving Meals to People in Need

Police officers in Denver, Colorado, and the Denver Police Foundation went on a unique kind of patrol recently. The outing was a “turkey patrol,” not searching for turkeys but giving them to needy families who might have gone hungry over Thanksgiving, KDVR reported on Thursday. Hundreds of delicious Thanksgiving meals, 1,000 exactly, were packaged by helpers […]

WATCH: BLM Calls for Federal Murder Charges Against Rittenhouse

CHICAGO, Illinois — Black Lives Matter activist Troy Gaston told Breitbart News that the federal government should file murder charges against Kyle Rittenhouse. Gaston’s comments to Breitbart followed a speech at a “Stop White Supremacy!” rally in Chicago on Saturday. On stage, Gaston told the assembled protesters that the acquittal in the Kyle Rittenhouse case […]

WATCH: Bill Gates (of HELL) Gives Sneak Preview of COVID’s 2022 Season

WATCH: Bill Gates Gives Sneak Preview of COVID’s 2022 Season Date: November 19, 2021Author: Nwo Report    Source: Ben Sellers‘Bill Gates just admitted that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines don’t work well…’ NEW – Bill Gates: Covid deaths and infection rates may “dip below seasonal flu levels” by mid-2022 assuming “there is no […]

WATCH — DeSantis Defends Actions: ‘You’re Damn Right’ I Overruled Forced Mandates

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Thursday defended his past actions throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, including his moves effectively barring local governments from imposing fines and mandates that unnecessarily restrictsan individual’s rights, addressing his critics with a blunt, “You’re damn right I overruled them.” “Some people say hey, these local governments wanted to lock down […]

WATCH: Multiple Arrests in Kenosha as BLM Protesters Clash with Kyle Rittenhouse Supporters

Police arrested multiple people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Wednesday after Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters clashed with supporters of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. According to a viral video from Freedom News, the incident occurred near where Kyle Rittenhouse was being tried for the alleged murder of two men during riots in the city when tensions erupted […]

Man Too Sick To Attend Church Miraculously Healed Just In Time To Watch Football

NORTH ADAMS, MA—Local dad Jimmy O’Keaveney is giving praise to God for a speedy recovery from a mystery illness that kept him from attending church on Sunday. O’Keaveney says he was miraculously healed just in time to make it to the couch for the kickoff of the Patriots game at 1 p.m. O’Keaveney’s wife Sarah said […]

Watch: Joe Rogan Compares Media Spin On Rittenhouse Trial To “Cult Sh*t”

During a must-see round table discussion involving Alex Jones, Tim Pool, Michael Malice and others, podcast king Joe Rogan warned that the media presentation of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is an example of a “left-wing cult” in action. Rogan joined Jones and Malice, along with Blaire White on TimCastIRL with hosts Tim Pool, Luke Rudkowski, […]

WATCH: Prosecutor Says Rittenhouse Should Have Let Mob Attack Him Because ‘Everybody Takes a Beating Sometimes’

James Kraus, one of the prosecutors in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, told the jury in a Kenosha, Wisconsin court Monday that the defendant should have let himself be attacked last August because “everybody takes a beating sometimes.” Kraus was delivering the rebuttal argument, after fellow prosecutor Thomas Binger gave the first closing argument, […]

WATCH– Prosecution: Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Too Cowardly to Use His Own Fists’

The prosecution in the Kyle Rittenhouse case accused the teenager of being “too cowardly to use his own fists” when an enraged rioter and subsequent mob attacked him. During the rebuttal on Monday, shortly after the Rittenhouse defense offered the jury its closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney James Kraus repeated lead prosecutor Thomas Binger’s line […]

Poor Jizlaine Maxwell Complains About Rats In Her Cell & ‘Creepy’ Guards Who Watch Her Shower plus more

Ex-Security Guard for Ghislaine Maxwell Says Her Team Hired ‘Lookalikes’ to Help Alleged Rapist Hide Date: November 15, 2021Author: Nwo Report 0 Comments Source: Jack GistBritish security expert Matt Hellyer, who headed the crack security team that guarded Ghislaine Maxwell for a year, has gone on record.“Ghislaine was not running from the authorities, she was […]

Judicial Watch Says It Has First-Hand Evidence From DC Police That Shooting Death of Ashli Babbitt Was ‘Unjustified’

Judicial Watch has received first-hand evidence from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department that the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt was “unjustified,” the conservative activist group announced on Nov.10. The organization said in a statement that it has received new audio, video footage and photo records pertaining to the shooting death of Babbitt, including a cellphone video of the […]

WATCH: Federal Prisoner Escapes Custody at Milwaukee Airport

Federal prisoner Robert Johnson Jr. ran past an unarmed guard on Tuesday inside Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport, ABC 13 reported. Officials said Johnson got off the airplane and asked to use the restroom, however, once his handcuffs were undone, he allegedly hit his escort and took off running. An additional camera outside the building showed […]

Ghislaine Maxwell Complains About Rats In Her Cell & ‘Creepy’ Guards Who Watch Her Shower

Ghislaine Maxwell has spoken out from behind her bars for the first time to reveal that rats share her cell and “creepy” guards watch her in the shower. The former socialite is due to appear before a federal court in New York later this month where she has pleaded not guilty to procuring underage girls for […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – July Updates

(28 July 2021) – It looks like the globalist war plans for July are dead (Kim Jong Un reached out to South Korea yesterday, and China arrested their market plunge today), so we can now focus our attention on August. August is a key month because it’s their last chance to stage the war before […]

WATCH: Kenosha Detective Admits Kyle Rittenhouse Only Shot People Chasing Him

Kenosha Police Department Detective Ben Antaramian, a prosecution witness, admitted under cross-examination Monday in Kenosha County Court that Kyle Rittenhouse only shot people who chased him through the streets during Black Lives Matter riots last Aug. 25. Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, is on trial for murder and related charges after shooting and […]

Watch: Special documentary on life inside Afghanistan immediately after the Taliban’s takeover

The historian Will Durant calculated that there have only been 29 years in all of human history when war was not underway somewhere. In Afghanistan, that estimate gains a whole new meaning. For the past four decades, the country has been a symbol of a state ruined by war. From the Soviet Union’s invasion in […]

Important info for NZers re the mandates – must watch

About the mandates Kiwis. Chris Lind speaks from a Health and Safety Act perspective on strategies. LISTEN AT THE LINK: RELATED: Keep an eye on Voices For Freedom also who are producing material very regularly on this important topic. Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

WATCH: Israeli Authorities Demolish Palestinian Home in Lod

Posted on October 31, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians October 31, 2021 Israel demolished a Palestinian house in Lod. (Photo: via WAFA news agency) Israeli authorities on Sunday demolished a Palestinian house in the Palestinian city of Lod inside Israel, the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. Israeli forces, accompanied by bulldozers, raided the al-Mahatta neighborhood in […]

Watch the film the Jewish Defense League didn’t want you to see

A still from “The Palestinian” (1977). Back in August I wrote an article for subscribers about leftist actress Vanessa Redgrave’s famously anti-Zionist speech at the 1978 Oscar awards ceremony. The far-right Zionist thugs of the Jewish Defense League had put a price on Redgrave’s head and picketed the Oscars. Redgrave was a supporter of the […]

Apple Watch Will Now Warn You When You’re Enjoying Life Without A Screen

CUPERTINO, CA—Apple has just announced an exciting new update to its WatchOS. Using a combination of motion sensing, heart rate monitoring, and machine learning, the Apple Watch can now detect when you’re actually enjoying a moment of life away from the screen and will instantly interrupt. “The problem with the iPhone and the iPad was […]

WATCH: Alleged Human Smugglers Crash While Pursued by Texas Troopers near Border

An alleged pair of female human smugglers led Texas Department of Public Safety troopers on a pursuit with five migrants on board. The armed driver lost control and crashed following the lengthy pursuit. Fox News reporter Bill Melugin tweeted a video showing a vehicle being pursued by DPS troopers. The voices, reportedly coming from five […]

Exclusive Interview — Watch: Buffalo Wrangling Kristi Noem Takes on her Critics, Exposes the Biden Agenda, and Celebrates the American West

CUSTER, South Dakota — Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) told Breitbart News that her background farming and ranching informs her decision-making in politics, serving as a foundation for what she calls her “problem-solving, common-sense approach” to governing. “This is a special place,” Noem said in an interview in Custer State Park after its annual Governor’s Buffalo […]

Couple With 9 Entertainment Subscriptions Just Going To Watch ‘The Office’ Again

Couple With 9 Entertainment Subscriptions Just Going To Watch ‘The Office’ Again SCRANTON, PA—According to sources, local man Marvin Martindale came home Friday afternoon to relax on the couch and watch TV with his wife. After scrolling through hundreds of exciting new shows and movies on their 9 streaming services, the couple elected to just watch […]

Watch: Migrants cling to UK-bound trucks in dangerous bid to cross Channel

Like hundreds of other migrants in the French port city of Calais, Mohammad and Jaber spend every day looking for trucks to climb onto in the hopes of making it to the UK. If they are successful and manage to latch on the moving truck between the front cabin and the cargo, the vehicle and […]

WATCH: British NFL Fans Throw Bottles on Field After Taunting Penalty

Apparently, unruly behavior at NFL games is not strictly an American phenomenon after British NFL fans began pelting the field with bottles and cups after an unfavorable call in London on Sunday. British Jags fans became enraged after a Jags defender was hit with a taunting penalty for standing over a Dolphins player after a […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – June Updates

(30 June 2021) – The globalist strategy for July 4th weekend appears to be a two-pronged… 1) They will stage a RMVE racial outrage before turning out the lights with a false-flag cyberattack / “EMP” attack this weekend, then order their Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs to take to the streets and get the […]

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