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The Truth About Shadowbanning — Propaganda Watch

January 14, 2020 By corbettreport Are you subscribed to The Corbett Report on GooTube? Are you sure? Today on #PropagandaWatch we tackle the concept of shadowbanning on social media and the insidious nature of “the intelligent manipulation of the organized habits of the masses.” SHOW NOTES: Facebook admits shadowbanning Twitter denies shadowbanning Twitter employees caught […]

‘Time For A Fresh Criminal Investigation’: Judicial Watch Release 37 Pages of New Clinton Emails

Judicial Watch, the team of patriotic lawyers hell-bent on getting at the truth, have released 37 pages of new Hillary Clinton emails that prove the “need for a fresh, unbiased and thorough criminal investigation into Clinton’s blatant malfeasance,” according to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. It has been more than three years since President Trump defeated […]

WATCH lightning strike over Taal Volcano in the Philippines during 1st eruption in DECADES

The eruption began on Sunday and was caught on video by numerous bystanders, as well as surveillance cameras used to monitor the volcano. While Taal has been quiet since 1977, when the last major eruption occurred, it has been exhibiting increased seismic activity over the past few years. The initial eruption is described as phreatic […]

These rescued baby otters just can’t get enough of their new meal. Watch them squeal with delight

These cute baby otters that squeal in delight when they get a new kind of snack they’ve never tried before will definitely put a huge smile on your face. The snuggling animals have been rescued by a man named Frank Cuesta and are now kept at an animal preserve center. Cuesta, who has helped rescue […]

Watch: Mobileye’s self-driving car on streets of Jerusalem

Intel Corp. has released a video showing a Mobileye self-driving car navigating the streets of Jerusalem using cameras but no other sensors. The video was released by Intel, which acquired the Jerusalem-based Mobileye in 2017 for a whopping $15.3 billion, at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where Mobileye also announced two […]

Watch Live: Ghosn Speaks For First Time Since Arrest & ‘Great Escape’

Speaking from his hideout in Beirut, former auto executive and infamous fugitive from justice Carlos Ghosn is preparing to deliver his first press conference since his Nov 2018 arrest and subsequent “great escape” from house arrest in Tokyo. Ghosn has previously said he would “name names” of Japanese officials whom he alleged conspired to have […]

Watch: Smartphone Radiation vs. Steel Wool — It Also Disrupts Blood-Brain Barrier

By B.N. Frank Humans aren’t made of steel wool.  Neither are animals or plants.  However research has already determined that exposure to cell phone and WiFi radiation can cause harm to humans, animals, and plants.  Symptoms, severity, and tolerance to exposure vary (see 1, 2).  American Academy of Pediatrics and other health experts warn that […]

WATCH: Bushfires turn entire sky orange in eerie video from Aussie military cockpit

In addition to water bombings to help beat back the fires which have ravaged vast swathes of Australia, the country’s air force is also braving the heat and smoke to evacuate desperate residents from the inferno.  Iervasi shared footage from a Royal Australia Air Force cockpit during a rescue mission on Saturday, January 4, to […]

‘Impressive display of firepower’? WATCH Pakistan Navy fire volley of missiles in Arabian Sea drills (VIDEO)

The drills involved at least one Navy destroyer, as well as helicopters, submarines and fast attack missile boats – yet from a video and press release by the Pakistani military it remains unclear how many of each. A range of anti-ship and land-attack missiles were fired from “surface, subsurface and air platforms,” in addition to […]

‘Christmas shopping brings happiness’: WATCH Christians enjoy holiday spirit in Iran

Follow RT on Christians set up Christmas trees at their homes, and a mass was held in St. Joseph Cathedral in Tehran on Christmas Eve. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga && mediaMute === false) { ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JWPLAYER-GA’, ‘CLICK PLAY’, location.href); ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘JW Player Article’, ‘Ready’, location.href); // […]

WATCH Russian military police secure yet another abandoned US outpost in Syria

The servicemen arrived at Tal Samin, some 25km north of Raqqa, the former capital of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), earlier this week. The video, published by the Zvezda TV channel, shows APCs and armored jeeps with Russian flags entering the village, with dozens of armed troops securing the area. A Russian flag was raised […]

‘Season of giving’: WATCH rapper make Christmas CASH RAIN for homeless in LA’s impoverished Skid Row block

The hip hop artist, 22, was filmed standing on top of a dark SUV, taking the stacks of money out of a bag and tossing the bills in the air. Dozens of people flocked to the vehicle, frantically trying to catch the flying cash and pick it up from the ground. It is not clear […]

Joe Biden calls for Christians to be added to terror watch list for opposing LGBT abuse of children

(Natural News) Former Vice President Joe Biden – who will never be elected president, by the way – has a message for American Christians: If you don’t defect from your faith and embrace leftism, then you’re going to be added to the government’s terror watch list. This is what Biden promised during […]

Watch as Cops Frame Innocent Brothers for Cocaine, Try to Destroy Video — But it Survived

By Matt Agorist New York, NY — To all those who make the bogus claim of “if you don’t do anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about,” consider the following case as even more evidence of how ridiculous that assertion is. Two innocent brothers were framed by NYPD cops who were caught on video […]

State Dept BLOCKS Judicial Watch After FBI Finds 30 MORE Clinton Emails. They Are STILL Protecting Hillary

The FBI, DOJ and State Department are STILL protecting Hillary Clinton and covering her tracks, as the State Department admitted Wednesday that the FBI magically found 30 MORE Hillary Clinton emails. But the State Department is BLOCKING the Judicial Watch from obtaining any more information about the mysterious Hillary Clinton emails and just filed a […]

Watch Live: The Final Democratic Debate Of 2019

Tonight’s Democratic debate – the final one of 2019 – features seven candidates; the four leading candidates Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren, as well as Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer. Of the remaining candidates, who won’t be there? Cory Booker, Julián Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Bloomberg, Deval Patrick, Michael Benne, and […]

WATCH: ANA passenger jet makes emergency landing at Fukuoka Airport with ENGINE ON FIRE

The crew on board the Boeing 767 raised the alarm and sought emergency permission to land just minutes after takeoff from Fukuoka. Eyewitness video from the scene showed the aircraft’s right engine on fire as it circled back to the airport before making the emergency landing. The plane touched down before taxiing a short distance […]

Human Rights Watch 92 page report: Israeli suspension of Palestinian rights is unlawful & unjustifiable

Human Rights watch says that 52 years into the Israeli occupation, its human rights suspension is unlawful and unjustifiable. The organization tells Israel: ‘Grant Palestinians Equal Rights’ reposted from Human Rights Watch (Jerusalem) – Israel should grant Palestinians in the West Bank rights protections at least equal to those afforded Israeli citizens, Human Rights Watch said in a report […]

Watch Live: House Begins Historic Impeachment Debate As Trump Rages On Twitter

Update 3: And so it begins… The House is first expected to pass a resolution to kick off six hours of floor debate on the articles. The time will be split equally between Republicans and Democrats. The chamber’s 197 Republicans are expected to vote against impeachment, along with two Democrats: Rep. Collin Peterson  of Minnesota […]

WATCH Pakistani billionaire’s luxury superyacht SMASH traffic control booth in the Caribbean

A video which has gone viral on social media, shows the Pakistani financier and investor’s boat steering off course in Simpson Bay Lagoon on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. The 282-feet ‘Ecstasea’ superyacht, which is said to be worth somewhere between $75 million and $120 million, collided with the marine traffic control booth, scaring […]

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