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WATCH: Explosives used to dislodge dangerous cranes at partially-collapsed Hard Rock Hotel.

The under-construction New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel partially collapsed last week, killing three people and injuring thirty more, and efforts to dislodge cranes attached to the building didn’t go entirely to plan on Sunday. CNN reports that the still-stuck second crane is at least now safe to work around, so rescue workers can now […]

Watch: Football Coach Disarms a Student Who Brought a Loaded Gun to School

Emma Fiala, The Mind Unleashed Waking Times In May of this year, 18-year-old Angel Granados-Diaz brought a loaded gun to his Oregon high school. At the time, the story didn’t make national headlines because, unlike the stories of this nature that do, Granados-Diaz didn’t shoot anyone. But now, due to a public records request by KOIN […]

WATCH: Police open fire as Oslo ambulance ramming suspect flees the scene

The armed suspect was apprehended but not critically injured, despite the fact that police reportedly opened fire on the ambulance during their pursuit. Several people have been injured in the incident but their condition is unknown at this time. The ambulance was stolen at approximately 12:30 local time and, according to the police, the rampage […]

WATCH migrants BURN CARS in protest against detention in a Maltese holding center

The riot took place late Sunday evening in a Hal Far camp occupying a former British army barracks near island’s main airport. The migrants torched several rooms and staff cars and, as a result, managed to take control over a part of the compound for a while. The riot was contained only in the early […]

WATCH: 1st female spacewalking team, including Jewish astronaut, makes history

The world’s first female spacewalking team is making history high above Earth. NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, whose father is Israeli, exited the International Space Station on Friday, the first time in a half-century of spacewalking that a woman floated out without a male crewmate. Their job is to fix a broken part […]

WATCH: Buenos Aires commuters stage frantic rescue after woman KNOCKED onto metro tracks (VIDEO)

CCTV footage from Pueyrredon station shows an approaching metro train bearing down on the prone woman as commuters gathered around realise the danger and frantically signal to the driver to jump on the brakes. The woman appears unconscious and doesn’t seem to react at all to her terrible predicament. Incredibly, the driver manages to bring […]

Storm watch: 7 things to know for October 16

1. Bolt of terror: A lightning strike out of the clear blue sky hit a family during an outing at the beach and left a 13-year-old boy in critical condition Tuesday. The extremely rare incident came as the country has experienced an-also rare spate of tropical thunderstorms, which almost never strike this time of year. […]

WATCH: Dutch farmers clog roads with tractors & machinery over climate change blame

“Last year you didn’t hear anything about nitrogen, and now suddenly it’s a mortal question,” farmer Micha Bouwer of the Farmers Defence Force told state broadcaster NOS. “These are all people in the city who have two plants on their balcony and say ‘nature is suffering’.” While livestock farming is among the chief causes of […]

Orionids are due to peak next week: Here’s what they are & how to watch

“I would rank the Orionids in the top five meteor showers of the year,” AccuWeather Astronomy Blogger Dave Samuhel said. “It will be the strongest shower since the Perseids of August.” The Orionids, named after their point of origin in the constellation Orion, are already underway and are due to peak on October 22 and […]

Watch a giant 3D printer spit out an entire boat

The University of Maine just set three world records in one fell swoop. Using the world’s largest prototype polymer 3D printer, a UMaine team built the world’s largest 3D-printed boat, which also happened to be the world’s largest solid 3D-printed object — and a new time-lapse video lets you watch the vessel’s record-setting, three-day […]

Watch: CNN Reporter Abruptly Muzzled While Asking NBA Stars About China

While asking a question during a press conference in Japan, CNN’s Christina Macfarlane was abruptly cut off by an NBA spokeswoman after asking Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook what they thought about freedom of expression in light of this week’s controversy over a now-deleted pro-Hong Kong tweet made by general […]

WATCH Smoke plume in the sky as Colombian oil pipeline BOMBED causing water contamination

The Transandino pipeline was damaged in a bomb attack that happened Orito municipality in Putumayo Department in Southern Colombia. According to the oil and gas giant Ecopetrol, which operates the pipeline, it was the 19th such incident this year alone. Footage released by the company shows a fire and an oil spillage in the aftermath […]

Secret Mueller Discussions Uncovered. Judicial Watch

Rod Rosenstein, who was once a deputy attorney general, is a key figure in enabling, at a minimum, the Deep State’s seditious attacks on President Trump. More proof is in new documents uncovered by a Judicial Watch lawsuit. Specifically, we forced the release of 145 pages of Rosenstein’s communications that include a one-line email from […]

Watch as New WiFi Method Sees Through Walls and Identifies People from Video Footage

October 1, 2019 By Kevin Samson Several years ago, I wrote an article titled “How WiFi Will Be Used to Erase Civil Liberties.”  At that time, announcements in the UK and in New York City demonstrated that governments had been working with private corporations to blanket entire cities with WiFi connectivity. Now that 5G is […]

WATCH: Cop Caught on Video Punching Man in Head 12 Times Indicted on Federal Crimes

A federal grand jury has indicted a Camden County police officer who was caught on video punching a man 12 times in the head after stopping him on a Camden street in February. The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Friday that a grand jury found evidence that Officer Nicholas Romantino, 25, of Egg Harbor Township, violated […]

WATCH: Florida Officer Off the Job After SWAT Team Raids Wrong House

MELBOURNE, Fla. – A Melbourne officer is off the job after the city’s SWAT team raided the wrong house. Melbourne police Detective Jonathan Hawk submitted his resignation at the end of October, five months after the raid. According to investigative transcripts, the SWAT team entered a home on Bentwood Court, when they meant to search […]

Platts: 4 Commodity Charts To Watch This Week

Via S&P Global Platt’s ‘The Barrel’ blog, Asian demand for light crude oil grades and record US gas exports to Mexico are in the sights of S&P Global Platts editors this week. Plus, European gas price trends and the prospects for German power plant fuel switching. 1. Asian crude buying helps widen spread between light […]

Watch Imran Khan’s Full Speech Before the UN General Assembly — Eurasia Future

The post Watch Imran Khan’s Full Speech Before the UN General Assembly appeared first on Eurasia Future. Filed under: Hindu Imperialism, Imran Khan, India, Indian Hegemony, Indian Lies, Indian Lobby, Islamophobia, Occupied Jammu Kashmir, Pakistan, Western Imperialism | Tagged: Climate Change, Imran Khan Speech in UNGA | Source Article from Related Posts WATCH: Explosives used […]

Why Netanyahu was smart to go 1st, and why Liberman may yet be the man to watch

Over the past week, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin has proven that he is a creative politician, one determined to untangle the political Gordian Knot Israel is facing since the September 17 elections produced a deadlock between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud and Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party. Likud won 32 Knesset seats and Blue […]

Watch Russian combat drone in maiden flight with Su-57

Russia’s Okhotnik combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) conducted its first-ever joint flight with a fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 jet, as seen from footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Friday. (Source: Ruptly) Source Article from Related Posts WATCH: Explosives used to dislodge dangerous cranes at partially-collapsed Hard Rock Hotel. The under-construction New […]

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