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WATCH: BLM Activists Assault Woman, Damage Cars in California Protest

An anti-police protester attacked a woman in her car while another man scratched her car with a key, according to a video posted on Twitter. In a second video, another vehicle is keyed as the driver attempts to pull away from the protesters in San Bernardino, California. Protesters blocked traffic in San Bernardino and vandalized […]

Trump: They Play Games in Philadelphia — Watch the Voting Very Closely

President Donald Trump expressed suspicion of Democrat voting tactics in Philadelphia on Friday, urging his supporters to watch closely for any fraud. “You got to be very careful in Philadelphia. They play games in Philadelphia, and they won’t let us watch the count in Philadelphia,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida. The […]

WATCH: OnlyFans Star Opens Fire on Alleged Home Invaders

OnlyFans star Ansley Pacheco opened fire on alleged home invaders who burst into her Miami-Dade County, Florida, home on October 4 just before 8:45 p.m. The Daily Mail reports that the two alleged armed invaders made their way into the home as friends of Pacheco’s husband, Daniel, arrived to watch a Miami Heat basketball game […]

WATCH: Kamala Harris Tells Five Lies in Two Minutes About Trump and Race

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) told an audience at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia, that President Donald Trump is a racist, citing five proven lies in two minutes. Here is the full text of Harris’s remarks, followed by links to fact checks showing that she lied. They say, “Are you saying you think he’s a racist?” […]

Watch “The Battle of Midway 1942: Told from the Japanese Perspective (1/3)” on YouTube

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WATCH: Trump Shows Florida Crowd Video of Joe Biden Calling for Cuts to Social Security, Medicare

President Donald Trump treated his supporters at a rally at The Villages in Florida on Friday to a recorded video of former Vice President Joe Biden talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare, among other benefits. “The video I’m about to play was created by Crazy Bernie earlier this year to expose Joe Biden’s atrocious […]

Watch Live: Donald Trump Hosts a Campaign Rally at The Villages in Florida

President Donald Trump will host a campaign rally at The Villages community in Florida. The rally is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. EST. This is the first rally since the president’s final debate with former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the president is delivering campaign speeches outdoors. It is 11 […]

Watch: Breitbart News Latinos on 2020 Hispanic Conservative Awakening

In anticipation of November’s presidential election and in light of growing concern among Democrats regarding their ability to court the Hispanic vote, Breitbart News border reporter Ildefonso Ortiz and international news editor Frances Martel discussed the increasing popularity of conservative ideology within their community. In a conversation in their native tongue, Spanish, the two noted […]

RCF: Ramzy and Zarefah Baroud on Gaza’s History of Resistance (WATCH)

October 22, 2020 Ramzy and Zarefah Baroud discuss Gaza’s history of resistance. (Photo: video grab) By Rachel Corrie Foundation The Gaza Strip has been made into an Israeli combat zone with the decided aim of crushing Palestinian resistance. Israeli weapons, most of which are courtesy of Washington, have for, at least, 14 years turned Gaza into […]

WATCH: Keith Olbermann Says Trump Should Face the Death Penalty for Each Coronavirus Death

Former sports broadcaster Keith Olbermann left ESPN so he could say all the things he didn’t feel he could say at ESPN, and he is certainly saying all of those things. On Tuesday, during an unhinged rant about President Trump and his response to the coronavirus, Olbermann said that the president should be given the […]

‘What am I, a goat?’ Watch Gal Gadot teach Hebrew slang

If you have ever wanted to learn Hebrew slang, now’s your chance to with a superstar teacher. Israeli-born Holywood star Gal Gadot has posted a nearly six-minute video that will fill you in on what Israelis are talking about when they say such things as “What am I, a goat?”  “cow, cow” and “cabbage head.” […]

Watch: MEPs debate impact of COVID-19 second wave in Europe

European governments need to get the balance right when it comes to measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, with national lockdowns to be employed only as an absolute last resort, MEPs told Euronews on Wednesday. Dr Hans Kluge, Director of the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s European office told Euronews’ Darren McCaffrey at […]

VP Pence: After 60 Million Infected With Swine Flu on His Watch, ‘We Can’t Trust Biden With Coronavirus’

Vice President Mike Pence has warned that Joe Biden’s mishandling of the swine flu pandemic was so bad that he cannot be trusted to deal with the coronavirus outbreak. Pence, who had just wrapped a rally with thousands of supporters on Florida on Saturday, sat down with Breitbart News for a lengthy interview shortly before […]

WATCH: Pro-Israel Groups Air Ads for Trump & Biden

By Alison Weir The Republican Jewish Coalition and the Democratic Majority for Israel are both airing ads in Florida claiming that their presidential candidate will do the most to help Israel. Both groups hope to swing the presidential election to their candidate in Florida, the nation’s most populous swing state, and in other contested states. […]

Watch: Trump Dances To Gay Anthem; Expresses Desire To Kiss Men Now He’s ‘Immune’

C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, who was scheduled to be the moderator for the next presidential debate, is apparently claiming that his Twitter account was “hacked” after he sent a tweet to anti-Trump former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci asking him for advice. The controversy began when Scaramucci responded to a tweet that appeared as if […]

Exclusive — Pence: After 60 Million Infected with Swine Flu on His Watch, ‘We Can’t Trust Joe Biden to Deal with the Pandemic’

THE VILLAGES, Florida — Vice President Mike Pence told Breitbart News over the weekend that, after Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden oversaw 60 million Americans getting infected with swine flu—H1N1—America cannot trust Biden to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Pence, who had just wrapped a rally with several thousand supporters here on […]

Do You Want to Catch & Punish Child-Raping Pedophile Jew Monsters? Watch This!

Whoops! Disgusting fag Jew thought he could rape White boy but ran into the Aryan superhero and immortal martyr Tesak. Ouch! When we National Socialists take power, baby-raping child-molesters will be hunted down and eliminated. This is why International Jewry always slither out from the shadows to defend pedophilia. Jews are inherently pedophilic by blood […]

Watch “”They Can’t Hide It Anymore”” on YouTube

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Trump Taps Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton For Court Oversight Body With Power to Remove Judges

Obama judges have been put on notice after President Donald Trump tapped Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton for appointment to a D.C. court oversight body that has the power to remove judges for misconduct. The White House announced Trump’s intention to name Fitton, the most tenacious conservative watchdog in the country, to the D.C. Commission […]

Watch Live: Trump Rally Continues at Walter Reed After President Pays Surprise Visit

President Donald Trump supporters have held vigil outside of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, ever since he was transported there on Friday after testing positive for the coronavirus. The “get well” rally continues on Sunday — including a surprise visit by the president. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 4, […]

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Appointed by Trump to Powerful Court Oversight Position

By Cristina LailaThe Gateway Pundit Tom Fitton President Trump plans to name Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton to a court oversight agency which has the power to remove certain judges for misconduct. The White House on Friday announced Trump’s intention to name Tom Fitton to the D.C. Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure. Tom Fitton is currently […]

Watch: In Mecca, pilgrims return to Islam’s holiest site

A small number of people worshipped at Islam’s holiest site in Mecca on Sunday after Saudi Arabia lifted coronavirus restrictions that had been in place for months. The male worshippers donned the white garment symbolic of the Muslim pilgrimage. The kingdom had taken the rare step of suspending the smaller “umrah” pilgrimage that draws millions […]

Watch: Cars and houses buried by mud as France battered by storms

Cars and houses were entombed in mud in Breil-sur-Roya, a French town close to the Italian border, two days after torrential rains and floods hit the south-east of France. A family urgently emptied their house by the Vésubie river in Roquebillière which threatened to collapse at any time. “I feel like I’m still living in […]

Watch: Israelis protest Netanyahu despite emergency regulations

Israelis across the country took to the streets on Saturday, continuing months of weekly protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and despite restrictions prompted by the coronavirus. The protesters gathered in clusters close to their homes, an attempt not to violate pandemic measures that limit movement within one kilometre (0.6 miles) of a person’s place […]

Watch Live: Trump Supporters Gather at Walter Reed Medical Center for Prayer Rally

FreedomWorks and other activists are hosting a “Get Well Soon Mr. President” prayer rally outside the gates of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Gate 2, on Wisconsin Avenue, in Washington, DC, at 7 p.m. Saturday. A protester holds a sign outside Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (Matthew Perdie / Breitbart News) (Matthew Perdie […]

WATCH: Protester Punched During Texas Trump Parade Stop

Police in Denton, Texas, are looking for a man seen striking a protester carrying a red and black flag at a Trump parade meetup location. Denton Police Chief Frank Dixon tweeted photos of a man who allegedly assaulted another man at a Buc-ee’s in that city. He said detectives are investigating the alleged assault and […]

Watch “The great death of insects | DW Documentary (ecology documentary)” on YouTube

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Click Here To Watch Trump VS Biden Presidential Debate

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Neo-Con Never Trumper Bill Kristol Too Afraid to Watch Biden-Trump Debate

Neo-con Never Trumper Bill Kristol suggested that he was too afraid to watch tonight’s presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, indicating a total lack of confidence in Biden’s ability to last the course of the 3 hour event. “If it’s too nerve-wracking to watch tonight’s presidential debate, what do you recommend watching instead? […]

Watch Live! Ballot Harvesting And Election Theft: How the Dems Plan To Steal The White House

Tune in to find out what YOU can do to stop election theft and the downfall of America by globalist forces from within! War Room: Democrats Caught On Tape Buying Votes and Ballot Harvesting: Watch Live Project Veritas uncovered ballot harvesting scheme by political allies and associates of Rep. Ilhan Omar… Owen Shroyer hosts this […]

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