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Tony Robbins: Who is watching the watchdogs?

   The story BuzzFeed doesn’t want you to read U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter said, “Without a free press, there can be no free society.” Freedom of the press is central to the democratic experiment and our last, best line of defense against those in power who threaten the rule of law. But in […]

The Revolution Will Be Televised… But Is Anyone Watching

Submitted by Michael Every of Rabobank ‘The Revolution Will Be Televised’. But is anyone actually watching? US President Trump’s speech at the Economic Club of New York contained few surprises. for those who have been paying attention (which seems to rule out most markets at present). There was the usual pre-election self-aggrandizement, emphasis on how […]

Iran closely watching developments in neighboring Iraq: Spokesman

Press TV – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi says Tehran is closely watching the recent developments in neighboring Iraq, where scores of people have been killed or injured in clashes between security forces and protesters. Mousavi said on Saturday that Iran deeply regretted the loss of lives as well as destruction of public properties during […]

Yes, the deep state is real… and it’s watching you: FBI caught running 3.1 million covert searches of U.S. citizens in latest abuse of power

(Natural News) We were hoping that President Donald Trump’s promise to “drain the swamp” would involve the firing (or indictment and conviction) of rogue members of the deep state who couldn’t care less about the Constitution and run their agencies like their own unaccountable fiefdoms. So far, the president has managed to […]

Watching far left professors discuss a second civil war is painful and necessary

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World Watching The Fate Of Iranian Tanker

World Watching The Fate Of Iranian Tanker Above Photo: Frans Berkelaar/Flickr At 11:30pm on Sunday, August 18, the Iranian tanker Adrian Darya-1 left the shores of Gibraltar at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea. This ship had been detained about six weeks previous by British Royal Marines and Gibraltar officials. The British claimed that the ship, then named Grace […]

"We Are Watching Google Very Closely": Trump Slams Search Giant For ‘Making Sure He Loses In 2020’ 

President Trump slammed Google on Tuesday morning in a three-part tweetstorm over allegations by a former engineer that the company will do everything they can to make sure he doesn’t win again in 2020. Trump explained how CEO Sundar Pichai “was in the Oval Office working very hard to explain how much he liked me, what […]

Satellites Have Already Started Watching Your Every Movement

By Mac Slavo There are “real-time” spies in the skies.  Satellites have already begun watching your every move as mass surveillance becomes a horror story reality, especially for liberty-loving humans. While commercial satellite imagery is powerful enough, for instance, to see a car, it’s not detailed enough to identify the make […]

How Officials Discuss Foreign Policy When Nobody’s Watching

How Officials Discuss Foreign Policy When Nobody’s Watching Above photo: Kena Lorenzini/WikiCommons On 11 September 1973, the Chilean military violently removed the elected government of Salvador Allende and installed a dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet. UK-manufactured arms were used in the coup, and prime minister Margaret Thatcher would go on to call Pinochet a “true friend” and lobby against his persecution for war crimes. Less […]

Lord Falconer is Watching You

June 27, 2019  /  Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon Those who follow my work know that I have little respect for the Labour Party in its current form. However, yesterday, the crumbling party managed to make the right decision in letting Chris Williamson, MP for Derby North, back into its ranks. Williamson was suspended in February after saying Labour had […]

Somebody’s Watching You: The Surveillance of Self-driving Cars

Picture the future, where driving is a thing of the past. You can hop in your car or one from a ride-share, buckle up and tell the car where you want to go. During your ride, you can check your email and look up a few things online through your dashboard. Meanwhile, your whereabouts and […]

Could we be watching John Bolton’s last stand?

The Ugly Truth GREENWICH TIME – Is John Bolton about to get the Iran war he’s always wanted, or is he on the verge of losing his job?  Over the past several days, President Trump’s national security adviser has made comments and issued statements about Iran and Venezuela that are usually reserved for the run-up to […]

Your car is watching you. Who owns the data?

If you’re driving a late model car or truck, chances are that the vehicle is mostly computers on wheels, collecting and wirelessly transmitting vast quantities of data to the car manufacturer not just on vehicle performance but personal information, too, such as your weight, the restaurants you visit, your music tastes and places […]

“The Whole Internet Is Watching.” Internet Protest Planned Ahead Of Key Net Neutrality Vote Next Week

“The Whole Internet Is Watching.” Internet Protest Planned Ahead Of Key Net Neutrality Vote Next Week Above Photo: From Internet activists plan to make livestream of committee markup go viral to stop telecom lobbyists from gutting the Save the Internet Act with bad amendments The House Energy and Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on Communications and Technology […]

Member Circle: Big Brother is Watching | February 2019

A new path is emerging; dictated by a digital biometric system that will restrict movements, change behaviours and alter associations. What is this system and where is it leading across the world? On the latest Member Circle Podcast, we discuss mass surveillance across the world, including the history of identification, 9/11 and the expansion of […]

Watching israel Own The U.S.

Watching Israel Own The U.S. “The Israelis control the policy in the Congress and the Senate.” – Senator William Fulbright, 1973 Senator William Fulbright, 1973 “America is a thing you can move very easily.” – Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001 If you have half an hour to spare, you might want to watch the most “powerful” Democrat in the […]

Watching The Hawks – Women in Film, the Hospital, and the Government

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Watching The Hawks – The Year of the Woman & Real Lives Fake News

Watching The Hawks – The Year of the Woman & Real Lives Fake News Watching The A top reporter for German news magazine Der Spiegel has reportedly falsified stories for several years. The search for justice for Yemen continues on Capitol Hill. And an a panel full of incredible women to discuss womens issues! […]

Watching The Hawks – Clemency for Cyntoia Brown, Israeli Military Censoring Twitter, & CIA Controlled Dogs

Watching The Hawks – Clemency for Cyntoia Brown, Israeli Military Censoring Twitter, & CIA Controlled Dogs Watching The A rundown of the weeks top stories with author D. Watkins. A review of whats happening on the internet and social media. And a preview of this weeks episode of Redacted Tonight. [853] ‘Like’ us on […]

Watching The Hawks – Taylor Swifts Facial Recognition & Inching Towards War With Russia

Watching The Hawks – Taylor Swifts Facial Recognition & Inching Towards War With Russia Watching The It seems every week theres a new pundit or politician inching us closer to war with Russia, author and professor Stephen F. Cohen johns us to make sense of it all. The FBI has been keeping files on […]

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