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Newark Water Coalition Takes Struggle Against Lead Pipes Statewide

Newark Water Coalition Takes Struggle Against Lead Pipes Statewide Above photo: Newark Water Coalition organizes a meeting with allied groups and Rep. Donald Payne Jr. Over the past few months, the Newark Water Coalition has tirelessly been advocating for residents of Newark and taking action to spread awareness of the Lead Water Crisis. What started as […]

8 Year-Old Mexican Girl Invents A Solar Water Heater & Wins Nuclear Science Prize

The Facts: It was recently disclosed that Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly paid millions of dollars to the victims of a mass shooter to cover up the connection between the mass shooter and prozac. Reflect On: Why are all mass shooters, past and present, always on some similar type of prescription drugs, most notably antidepressants. Everybody […]

Regional NSW is running out of water supplies

Communities are facing a tough road ahead. Photo: ABC Parts of regional NSW could run out of water as early as November, with other locations set to follow, as reports predict the “worst-case scenario” for communities with no urgent intervention. Almost a dozen towns across regional New South Wales and southern Queensland are staring down […]

Japan’s Environment Minister: We Will Have to Dump Fukushima Radioactive Water into the Sea

by Erin Elizabeth Japan’s environment minister said on Tuesday that Tokyo Electric Power will soon run out of room to store the radioactive water from its destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant, and they will now have to dump it into the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo Electric (or Tepco) has collected more than 1 million tonnes of […]

Japan May Dump 1.1 Million Tons of Radioactive Fukushima Water Into the Pacific Ocean

Jordan Davidson, EcoWatch Waking Times The operator of the ruined Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant may have to dump huge amounts of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean. The company no longer has room to store it, said Yoshiaki Harada, Japan’s environment minister, today, as Japan Today reported. Eight years after an earthquake and tsunami triggered Japan’s worst […]

Do you drink enough water to balance your blood sodium?

(Natural News) The amount of water consumed by a person affects the amount of sodium in his body. Drinking too much water leads to hyponatremia while skimping on hydration causes hypernatremia. Since both conditions are harmful, people must strive to get the right amount of water each day. The sodium dissolved in […]

Tempers Flare Over Fukushima Plan To Dump Radioactive Water In Ocean

September 6, 2019 By Tyler Durden South Korea has fired off a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to express concerns over a Japanese plan to release radioactive water into the ocean which has been collected since the 2011 nuclear disaster, according to NHK. An official of South Korea’s science ministry said on Thursday […]

Parents charged with abusing girl, 7, scalded with hot water, tied to bathtub

Prosecutors filed an indictment Monday against a father and mother after police last month found their 7-year-old daughter tied to a bathroom fixture and showing signs of severe physical abuse at their home in the central city of Lod. According to the indictment, the injuries were inflicted on the child over a prolonged period. The […]

Hong Kong police turn to water cannon as protesters hurl petrol bombs & bricks (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Follow RT on Numerous protesters, some clad in black fatigues and yellow helmets, thronged the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday, kick-starting the 13th consecutive weekend of anti-government unrest. At one stage, a large police barrier protecting a government premises was set ablaze. ‘), link: “” }, events: { onReady: function () { if(ga) { […]

STUPID: Liberal San Francisco bans bottled water at the airport, but not soda loaded with high-fructose corn syrup

(Natural News) Liberal virtue signaling on the Left Coast reaches new heights with the banning of plastic water bottles at the San Francisco Airport. Under the ban, single-use plastic water bottles will no longer be sold at airport restaurants, shops and vending machines. According to officials, the move to eliminate plastic water […]

Nestlé and the Privatization of Water

Last February, the Government of Switzerland announced the creation of a Foundation in Geneva, under the name ‘Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator’ (GSDA). The purpose of this new foundation is to regulate new technologies, from drones and automatic cars to genetic engineering, which are examples mentioned by the Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis at the […]

Nestlé plan to take 1.1m gallons of water a day from natural springs sparks outcry

Image Source: Pixabay   The crystal blue waters of Ginnie Springs have long been treasured among the string of pearls that line Florida’s picturesque Santa Fe River, a playground for water sports enthusiasts and an ecologically critical haven for the numerous species of turtles that nest on its banks. Soon, however, it […]

Hong Kong Rolls Out Water Cannons After Protesters Hurl Bricks And Fire Bombs

The violence between Hong Kong riot police and anti-government protesters escalated on Sunday – one of the most violent nights of pro-democracy demonstrations which began three months ago.  Via SCMP While largely peaceful, a group of more violent protesters broke away from the day’s march – pelting police with bricks and fire bombs. In response, police deployed […]

Iran to launch 227 major energy, water projects in months: Minister

Tasnim – Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said by the end of the current Persian calendar year (March 2020), his ministry will inaugurate 227 major energy and water projects in the country. In remarks on Saturday on the sidelines of a visit to Savojbolagh County in the northern province of Alborz, Ardakanian said by the […]

"No Need Right Now": Bundesbank Pours Cold Water On German Fiscal Stimulus Hopes

One of the pillars of support that has helped propel European stocks higher in recent days was violently yanked this morning, when Bloomberg reported that Germany’s Bundesbank refuted repeated trial balloons by Spiegel, saying it doesn’t see a need for fiscal stimulus at this time, even though it expects the economy to shrink again this […]

Extremely High Water Stress In 17 Countries, Representing One-Quarter Of The World’s Population

August 20th, 2019 By Amelia Harris Staff Writer for Wake Up World It’s no secret that we are experiencing a world water crisis. But the situation may be more critical than we thought. A new list of 17 countries facing extremely high water stress offers insight into this issue. 17 Countries With Extremely High Water […]

The health benefits of lemon water

(Natural News) You can find lemon water in restaurants and day spas as an alternative to tea or coffee. It’s a refreshing drink that offers a multitude of health benefits. Lemons are rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C. While water is vital for hydration, combining the two will ensure that you are […]

Fast Food Water Tested for Heavy Metals: Taco Bell, KFC, Burger King, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Subway

In our latest effort to test products for heavy metals and other contaminants, we recently acquired ice water from multiple fast food chains, including Whataburger, Jack in the Box, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King and more. Using our mass spec laboratory instrumentation (ICP-MS), we tested all these water samples for heavy metals. Surprisingly high levels […]

Contaminated Water Tanks In Fukushima Will Be Full In 3 Years

By the summer of 2022, storage tanks holding processed water on the grounds of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant will become completely full, according to Tokyo Electric Power Co. That marks the first timetable the utility has set on when capacity will be reached in the tanks holding the water processed to […]

EPA Plans To Rewrite Clean Water Act Rules To Fast-Track Pipelines

EPA Plans To Rewrite Clean Water Act Rules To Fast-Track Pipelines Above Photo: “This proposed rule change would hobble the most important tool that states have to protect locally significant waters, from prized trout streams to essential drinking water sources,” said Bradley Campbell, president of the Conservation Law Foundation. Credit: Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty […]

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