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Telcos given powers to block websites

A new direction in the push for censorship. Photo: LDR The Australian government has passed new laws allowing internet services providers to block domains that promote “harmful and extreme” content. Authorities have accepted new recommendations from the final Digital Platforms Inquiry report — empowering telecommunications companies to restrict access to specific websites hosting ‘extremist content’. […]

Blocking Zarif’s access to social networking websites to not affect his influence in intl. community

MNA – FM spokesman Mousavi has said Americans blocked FM Zarif’s accounts on social networking websites for fear of his influence, adding the voice of the top Iranian diplomat will continue to be heard in international community. In a statement on Sunday, the foreign ministry spokesman said that blocking FM Zarif’s accounts on social networking […]

How Tel Aviv is shaping the way we manage our websites

Tel Aviv’s rise to the forefront of the technological world has been nothing short of breathtaking. Israel has long been known as the ‘Startup Nation’, and for a country where an average of 1-per-1,400 people sets up a new company compared to France’s rate of 0.112, Germany’s 0.056 and the UK’s 0.21, it’s fair to […]