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IDF officer hit by rock while driving in West Bank, moderately hurt

An Israeli military officer on leave was moderately wounded Friday afternoon after being hit in the face with a rock while driving in the northern West Bank. The 23-year-old was hit when the rock flew through the windshield of his car near the settlement of Ma’aleh Shomron, west of Nablus. The officer’s father was with […]

Cop Arrested With Gloves, Knife, and Zip Ties While On His Way to Meet a 14-Year-Old Girl

An Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy was arrested with a large knife, gloves, and zip ties while he was on his way to meet a young girl from social media. On a near daily basis, police officers across the country are arrested for possessing child pornography or attempting to rape adults and children alike. These scenarios are […]

Liberals sign petition to protect unborn eagles while advocating the killing of unborn humans

(Natural News) In the wonderful world of Los Angeles California, liberals are all about protecting the environment, the animals, and all the cute little creatures that roam the Earth. This is empathy, love and nurture – traits that we all hope to share in the great circle of life. When PragerU’s Will […]

New World Order Globalist Cabal Melting Down While Russia Fortifies

    New World Order in Meltdown, But Russia Stronger Than Ever by Jon Hellevig for The Saker Blog Last week was full of portentous events. Only somebody who has not been awake for the last few years will fail to realize how these at first sight unconnected events are part of the same matrix. […]

Nan Goldin Among Activists Arrested While Protesting Governor Cuomo’s Failure To Open Safe Injection Sites

Nan Goldin Among Activists Arrested While Protesting Governor Cuomo’s Failure To Open Safe Injection Sites Above Photo: From At 11:00 AM on Wednesday, around two hundred health and drug policy activists swarmed New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, where they protested the lawmaker’s failure to deliver on a promise he made during his 2017 […]

Hollywood’s contribution to world peace: Kick ass while chewing bubblegum

The Scottish movie star’s latest offering to the God of US exceptionalism is Angel Has Fallen. It is the third instalment in his ‘Has Fallen’ action series. In it, he reprises the role of Mike Banning, a former US Army Ranger who now works as a protective detail agent for the Secret Service, charged with […]

Cities Unveil Unethical Homeless Reporting, While LA Pushes Anti-Homeless Law

By Aaron Kesel The cities of San Francisco and Seattle are testing a new way to report homeless encampments or “tent cities” via dialing 311 or using an app. Meanwhile, LA lawmakers are pushing to ban homeless people from parks, schools, and other designated areas, LA Times reported. Snitch On Homeless People, See Someone Say […]

MSM Levels Bizarre ‘Anti-Semitism’ Charge at Trump While Conveniently Ignoring US Middle East Policy Train Wreck

SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP: If anything, Trump’s unprecedented over-the-top support of Israel is more akin to subservience to Jewish interests, and can hardly be construed as ‘anti semitic.’ By Igor Ogorodnev The media has willfully misinterpreted Donald Trump’s words to portray the most pro-Israel US president in history as an anti-Semite. It makes more sense to chide […]

West’s news dominated by Hong Kong while Yellow Vests largely ignored – Pilger

“The news is dominated by Hong Kong, and yet 29 miles from England is France and this extraordinary rebellion of the ‘yellow jackets’ that has produced an equally extraordinary violence from the state and has been virtually ignored,” Pilger told RT’s Going Underground program. The explanation of course is that the US and its allies […]

EU ready for no-deal Brexit while UK will suffer most – European Commission spokesperson

   UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated on numerous occasions that he is willing to pull the United Kingdom out from the European Union with or without a deal. Brussels, in turn, has repeatedly underlined its commitment to the already agreed deal with former UK PM Theresa May, which, however, was blocked by the […]

Indiana State Representative arrested for impersonating a cop while searching for cocaine

   An Indiana state lawmaker is accused of impersonating a police officer to find cocaine, driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest, according to prosecutors. Rep. Dan Forestal, a Democrat who was elected to the state House in 2012, approached a couple outside their Indianapolis home Saturday night and told them: “I’m a legit officer doing […]

Watch: Tesla Model X In Puerto Rico Goes Berzerk While Parking, Narrowly Missing Two Pedestrians

Shocking new video out of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico shows a Tesla Model X going bezerk while attempting to park. The incident reportedly occurred last Saturday in front of a bakery on Calle de la Candelaria street. The Model X was attempting to park next to a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, when it suddenly sped up, smashing […]

Left-wing hate? Shots fired into “occupied” ICE building in San Antonio while Democrats ramp up crazed hatred against those who defend America’s borders

(Natural News) Criticizing a federal agency is one thing and it’s something we’ve all done. Whether it’s bashing the IRS, complaining about the VA, hammering Medicare, or lambasting the heavy hand of the EPA, government agencies are very often the subject of our collective anxieties and frustrations. But for the past year […]

Two tiered system of justice: Top FBI officials escape prosecution, while others pay heavy price

(Natural News) All we need is what we already know. And what we know is that top senior officials at the FBI, thus far, have escaped any prosecution for lying and leaking. It wasn’t the same for others. Just look at Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who is still fighting for justice against a […]

Here Are the Questions Re #BreakingNews: Jeffrey Epstein Dies From Suicide While On Suicide Watch

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts IDF officer hit by rock while driving in West Bank, moderately hurt An Israeli military officer on leave was moderately wounded Friday afternoon after being hit in Cop Arrested With Gloves, Knife, and Zip Ties While On His Way to Meet a 14-Year-Old Girl An […]

ANOTHER scientist dies while jogging in Greece

   Rescuers found her body on Wednesday at the bottom of a ravine in an area known as Katafygi. A large rock – which may have been dislodged by her in the fall – appeared to have crushed her. Search teams left the body there overnight so a coroner can examine her in the morning […]

Cop Murders Woman While Trying to Killer Her Dog….One of Endless More

No question the victim had it coming. She may have had some Hispanic blood, or Italian, though she had blue eyes. Police, in their frenzy to kill dogs protecting their property or simply asking to be petted, which is most cases, over and over murder civilians. I can think of one case in Toledo where […]

Ahmad Dawabshe celebrates his 9th birthday while still trying to recover from settler arson attack four years ago

West Bank / East Jerusalem / Israel Dawabshe arson survivor marks his birthday and tragedy in the same month NABLUS, Wednesday, July 31, 2019 (WAFA) by Zahran Maali – Ten days ago, Ahmad Saad Dawabshe celebrated his ninth birthday and today he is completing his fourth year in laser treatment to recover from the effects […]

More Than Three Eco-Defenders Killed Per Week in 2018 While Fighting to Protect Wildlife, Homes, and Livelihoods

Julia Conley, Common Dreams Waking Times The fight to protect land, homes, livelihoods, and wildlife from destructive, pollution-causing industries turned deadly for more than 160 environmental defenders in 2018, international human rights group Global Witness revealed Monday night in a new report. Organizers campaigning against the destruction of the environment face governments, contract killers, and private […]

Amazon openly sells pedophilia products while banning books that try to help people overcome unwanted same-sex attraction

(Natural News) At the same time that Amazon continues to sell child sex dolls to pedophile perverts, the Jeff Bezos retail empire is reportedly pulling all “conversion therapy” books from its website because they’re apparently “offensive” to leftists. Popular titles like those written by Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a psychologist who’s considered to […]

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