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Elites, int’l contests medal-winners, heroes of talent, education, learning: President Rouhani – President described the role of students’ families and the family environment effective on the progress and flourishment of students’ talents, saying, “Elites and those who have won medals at international contests are heroes in the fields of talent, education and learning”. Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with students who have won medals […]

Why Junior Miners Will Be The Biggest Winners In The Coming Gold Boom

What happens when the world’s biggest miners run out of gold? We already know. We’ve already hit peak gold, and the only companies sitting on promising new reserves are the junior miners. The big miners are scrambling for more gold, and merger mania has taken hold. Large-cap miners are doing three […]

EU elections: Possible winners, losers and massive upsets, here’s what you need to know

Elections for the ninth European parliament come at a critical juncture for European politics, with rising geopolitical tensions worldwide thanks to bombastic rhetoric courtesy of the Trump administration aimed at both Iran and China and a rising tide of Euroskepticism unbalancing the bloc. Also on ‘You’re getting worried’: Verhofstadt mocked for challenging Salvini to […]