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5G – The Global Human Experiment without Consent

Debra Green, PhD, Children’s Health Defense Waking Times 5G is the next generation of cell phone infrastructure, yet it is categorically different than its predecessors (4G/LTE, 3G, 2G, etc.). It is not a simple upgrade. It is a major increase – and change – in the type of wireless radiation to which we will all […]

Can Putin Zelenskiy talks on Ukraine succeed without Western permission?

Russia’s Putin discusses ending conflict in eastern Ukraine with president Zelenskiy [ Editor’s Note: These talks are of course a long shot, but Moscow has been consistent in its policy of always being open to talks no matter how bitter the issue. Zelenskiy’s motivation, a large part of it, would be to have the ex-comic […]

‘There is no peace without equality, and there is no equality without peace’ — the legacy of Israeli Black Panthers activist Kochavi Shemesh

Kochavi Shemesh, one of the founders and an ideologue of the Black Panthers movement in Israel died on April 13, 2019 at 75. Born in Iraq in 1944 in a Jewish hospital in memory of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, he immigrated to Israel with his family in 1950 where he then grew up in the […]

Improve your mood and beat depression without a prescription using these natural alternatives

(Natural News) Many people suffering from depression rely on their prescribed antidepressant drugs, which have been proven to cause adverse effects and are only making them more sick than ever. If you’re looking for an effective treatment for depressive symptoms without the frightening side effects, look no further than these five natural […]

A World Without Dollars? Are We Approaching The End Of America’s Financial Order?

A World Without Dollars? Are We Approaching The End Of America’s Financial Order? Above Photo: From For Washington, the U.S. dollar is leverage, a financial weapon to dominate the world economy, to impose its foreign policy agendas and to secure a steady flow of natural resources over sovereign countries who use the currency. In […]

Without Reform, Trump’s Embrace of MBS Will Haunt the United States

President Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House (Photo: The White House. Source: Wikicommons) Hossein Askari 21st Century Wire President Trump has steadfastly refused to point the finger at Mohammad bin Salman, aka MBS, for ordering the murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi, a U.S. resident and contributor to the Washington […]

INSTEX without credit not acceptable to Iran: Deputy FM

As a preliminary step, and a means for trade between Iran and Europe, INSTEX is a good initiative, Abbas Araghchi said referring to the financial channel—Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges— the European signatories to the nuclear deal had undertaken to provide Iran with such a means. However, the implementation of the initiative has taken […]

NY bill removes vaccine exemptions without public hearing

On June 13, 2019, the New York legislature quickly pushed a bill (A2371) to repeal the religious exemption to vaccination through both the Assembly and Senate in one day with no public hearings. The unprecedented legislative coup, which cut the citizens of New York out of participating in the law making process, culminated in the […]

The U.S. Supreme Court just declared that the government owns your blood and can take it without your consent

(Natural News) Further eroding Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights, the Supreme Court has ruled that police officers can now forcibly and without warrant draw blood from unconscious drivers whom they suspect of operating a motor vehicle while drunk. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled in the case of Mitchell v. State of […]

UAE refuses to accuse any nation of tanker attacks without ‘proof’ as US points finger at Iran

“We cannot accuse any nation at the moment because we don’t have indisputable proof,” Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE foreign minister said Wednesday during a joint media conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. If other nations have more concrete information, I am sure the international community will gladly hear […]

AMA Says Mature 12-Year-Olds Can Consent to Vaccination Without Parents

Note: This is Part VI in a series of articles adapted from the second Children’s Health Defense eBook: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health. The first eBook, The Sickest Generation: The Facts Behind the Children’s Health Crisis and Why It Needs to End, described how children’s health began to worsen dramatically in the late 1980s following fateful […]

When America Had An Open Prison – The Story Of Kenyon Scudder And His ‘Prison Without Walls’

When America Had An Open Prison – The Story Of Kenyon Scudder And His ‘Prison Without Walls’ Above Photo: The institution’s west dormitory is depicted in this 1942 photograph. Scudder demanded that no walls be erected on the prison grounds. AP Photo In a country with mass incarceration, horrific prison conditions and a penal system suffused with racism, some American prison […]

‘Never before’: MILLIONS could be without light as Argentina & Uruguay hit by nationwide blackouts

Argentina suffered a “nationwide” blackout, which also affected neighboring Uruguay, Alejandra Martinez, a spokesperson for the Buenos Aires-based electricity supplier company Edesur, told local media. “Something like this has never happened before,” she said. The company had earlier explained that the massive power outage happened due to a failure in the electrical interconnection system. The […]

Deep Fake Technology Will Soon Be So Advanced That Reality Won’t Be Distinguishable Without A.I.

By Aaron Kesel Videos utilizing Deep Fake technology, are spreading at a rampant rate online, as social media users are finding themselves questioning whether something is real or edited by the tech. In recent weeks, there was a Facebook scandal where the company knowingly allowed a Deep Fake video of Nancy Pelosi slurring her words […]

Reporters Without Borders accepts prize from journalist-killing regime

Ali Abunimah Power Suits 28 May 2019 Reporters Without Borders is facing sharp criticism for accepting a prize from a regime that murders journalists. The group, often known by its French initials RSF, received the Dan David Prize for “defending democracy” earlier this month at a Tel Aviv University ceremony attended by Israeli President Reuven […]

"It Looks Like A War Zone" – Millions Without Power As Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio & Indiana

More than 5 million people were left without power after a series of tornadoes ripped through parts of Ohio and Indiana late Monday, destroying homes and severing power lines – the latest installment in a two-week span of powerful tornadoes and thunderstorms that has rocked the Midwest, leaving nine dead. State officials in Ohio told […]

Controversial ‘NYT’ cartoon could have run in Israeli papers without uproar, former ‘NYT’ reporters say

Remember the cartoon the New York Times ran from a European syndicate a month ago, showing Netanyahu as a dog with a star of David collar leading a blind Trump wearing a skullcap? The cartoon caused a ton of fallout for the newspaper, none of it positive. Now two former Times reporters say the cartoon […]

Waging War on Iran without Turkey? Is Turkey Sleeping with the Enemy? The Russia -Turkey -Iran “Triple Entente”

Note to readers: please click the share buttons above   Author’s Note and Update Recent reports suggest that Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton, together with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are “doing everything possible to instigate a war with Iran”. Will they succeed? The Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group is currently en route to the Persian Gulf […]

US Workers Are Paying High Taxes. But Without Any Of The Benefits.

The OECD may not be able to include employer-based health insurance premiums into its model, but I certainly can. And when I add them into the OECD model, I find that the average American worker has one of the highest compulsory payment rates in the developed world. For this analysis, I take the information from […]

Funding The Green New Deal Without Raising Taxes And Creating Massive Debt

Funding The Green New Deal Without Raising Taxes And Creating Massive Debt As alarm bells sound over the advancing destruction of the environment, a variety of Green New Deal proposals have appeared in the US and Europe, along with some interesting academic debates about how to fund them. Monetary policy, normally relegated to obscure academic […]

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