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In 2017, US Gov’t Slaughtered More Than 1.3 Million Wolves, Bears, & Other Native Species in the Name of Big Agriculture

By Rachel Blevins Data released by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) shows that more than 1.3 million native animals were killed by Wildlife Services in 2017—and despite the fact that the slaughter of wolves, cougars, and birds was funded by taxpayers to benefit the agriculture industry, it is receiving very little media attention. The […]

One of the first wolves back in Denmark for 200 years is shot dead

     This is the heartbreaking moment one of the first wolves to roam wild in Denmark for 200 years was shot dead. Footage captured by two naturalists shows the animal, reported to be a female, being hit with a single shot fired from a nearby car before dropping to the ground. If the animal is […]

LONDON WOLVES: Third London Bridge Attacker Was on EU Watch List – Talked Terrorism with Security

Shawn Helton21st Century Wire The London Bridge attack story continues to spin wildly out of control, as the third attacker named in the terror atrocity, another known wolf, was placed on an EU-wide database and according to security officials, openly acknowledged the will to carryout terror in March of 2016.  The UK’s prior warning of […]

Hong Kong police on high alert over threat of ISIS-inspired lone wolves – report

Law enforcement stated on Wednesday, that the terrorists, inspired by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), could be already lurking among the 7 million people of the city, the newspaper reports. Despite there being no specific intelligence data on possible attacks, anti-terrorism police are on alert to “prevent lone wolf-style attacks.” They are also to devote […]

London sees mass anti-Tory, anti-austerity and anti-racism protest

     Several thousand protesters demonstrated in London on Saturday against austerity, racism and the new Tory government. The opposition rally was the biggest major protest since the June 23 Brexit referendum. Central London saw more than 10,000 anti-Tory campaigners on the streets and Black Lives Matter activists. Protesters made their way down Piccadilly Circus, Marble […]

Erdogan lands in Istanbul, gives speech downplaying coup as ‘minority’ army mutiny

     A plane carrying Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has landed at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. The country’s leader is making a statement on the military coup. Erdogan has addressed crowds of supporters after emerging at Ataturk Airport. Having thanked the public and politicians for their support, the president said that Turkey would not be intimidated […]

Scott Roberts: Some Words of Encouragement

Youtube link Scott is often accused of being “Mr. Negative” even though the is seeking to be realistic. Regardless, we have a more positive outlook from Scott on this occasion. Source Article from Hits: 2

Argentina shoots & sinks Chinese trawler for alleged illegal fishing (VIDEO)

Argentina’s Naval Prefecture (PNA) chased and scuttled the ‘slow boat from China’ after observing it trawling inside the exclusive economic zone off Puerto Madryn, according to Argentinian officials. “The vessel was hailed over radio and both visual and audio signals were sent to make contact. However, the vessel turned off its fishing lights and proceeded […]

Terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo Got Reinforcements from Turkey: Russia

Local Editor Terrorists have increased their activities ahead of the next week’s inter-Syrian talks, with terrorists in the Syrian province of Aleppo receiving reinforcements from Turkey, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said. The much-anticipated talks between the Syrian government and different opposition groups are scheduled to take place in the Swiss city of Geneva on January 25. […]

Jihadi John Version 2.0

It didn’t take long for IS (Islamic State) to find a new cartoon-style villain to fill the shoes of Mohammed “Jihadi John” Emwazi. The masked villain often appeared in high-value productions, narrating them with a perfect British accent, as the enemies of IS were slain in increasingly elaborate and equally gruesome manners. Just as Jihadi John’s […]

Force field of sound creates world’s first sonic tractor beam

     Just in time for the latest Star Wars saga, a team of physicists have created a working tractor beam. Composed of “acoustic holograms,” their device creates a force field out of sounds, one capable of manipulating and moving small objects. How do you solve a problem like gravity? According to researchers from the Universities […]

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