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Woman Drags Dog Behind Her Electric Scooter Until His Paws Bleed, Then Laughs About It

A surveillance camera in Bakersfield, California, caught on tape a woman dragging a little dog behind her electric scooter. The scooter was moving at around 15mph and the dog clearly couldn’t keep up with the pace, so he was just being dragged while lying on his side. 2 videos, that were shared on Facebook by […]

Hong Kong demonstrators savagely beat woman with a metal rod

   A disturbing video shows a woman being surrounded and beaten by masked protesters in Hong Kong. The unsettling footage comes as authorities struggle to clamp down on worsening violence in the semi-autonomous city. The assault was reportedly sparked by a political disagreement between the woman and a group of armed demonstrators. Video of the […]

Another Woman Accuses Roman Polanski Of ‘Violently Raping’ Her When She Was A Teenager

Jewish director and convicted rapist and pedophile, Roman Polanski may sue the French newspaper that published new accusations made by another woman who claims he drugged and violently raped her when she was a teenager in the 1970s: France’s author and director guild could meet soon on whether to exclude the French-Polish Jewish star, its […]

Woman killed by her own dogs in Clearcreek Township, Ohio

   The Chief Investigator for the Warren County Coroner’s office says a woman was found dead in her home after she was attacked by her own dogs. 49-year-old Mary Matthews’ body was found Friday in the 7400 block of Waterway Drive in Clearcreek Township. According to the incident report, an officer was dispatched to the […]

Woman found dead in house with 140 snakes seemingly strangled by python in Oxford, Indiana

   A 36-year-old woman in Oxford, Indiana, was recently found dead in a makeshift “snake sanctuary” that was home to 140 snakes. The victim, Laura Hurst, was found lifeless on the floor of the home with a reticulated python around her neck. It’s a bizarre story from top to bottom, and it starts with the […]

Hunger-striking Jordanian woman in Israeli custody put under medical supervision

A hunger-striking Jordanian woman of Palestinian extraction who is being detained in Israel without charges was taken for medical treatment, the prison service said Friday, for the fourth time in a little over a week. According to the Israel Prison Service statement, Heba al-Labadi was transferred from Kishon Prison to the medical facilities at Ramle […]

Syrian Woman to Ivanka: “How Shameless, You Are Proud Your Father Murders Us”

This article was originally published in 2017. Ivanka Trump on Twitter, how shameless you are to be proud of your father’s murderous bombings of Syria.   Are you both afraid because Syria is protecting Syrians from foreign terrorists armed and funded with US tax monies?. Mrs. Ivanka Trump, you should tell your father to stop murdering us.  […]

Shocking murder in Germany: Woman run over & then HACKED to death in broad daylight by her HUSBAND

The 31-year-old victim was out for a walk when she was rammed by the suspect, who reportedly dragged her nearly 30 meters (98 feet) until his vehicle hit the wall of a house. The cold-blooded killer then got out of his car, retrieved an ax from the trunk, and proceeded to savagely hack at woman’s […]

Woman caught on camera STRIPPING in street during stand-off with taxi driver

The woman was arrested for public nuisance after dramatically tearing off her garments on the city-state’s Middle Road. The unidentified 31-year-old was arrested following the early morning incident during which she was seen striking the driver.  Censored footage of the incident was posted to the Facebook page where it has been viewed nearly 150,000 […]

Mysterious skeleton of woman and girl discovered in lost Tower of London chapel

   The Tower of London is perhaps best known as a dungeon and burial ground where Anne Boleyn, Thomas More and various other friends and exes of Henry VIII were laid to rest after losing the king’s favor (and their heads). But for much of its 950-year history, the tower was also a thriving palace […]

Chelsea Clinton achieves peak STUPID: Says a man can be a woman

(Natural News) The two Clinton women, Hillary and Chelsea, are currently making the rounds in promotion of their newly released piece of fan fiction, entitled The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience. And while on this promotion tour, Chelsea has been making a complete fool of herself by […]

I am a trans woman – but I think this woke world has gone too far

From anger directed at celebrities for the rational belief that parents shouldn’t decide whether their three-year-old is trans, to a culture of outrage that freaks out at the most minor of offenses, transgender activists have become detrimental to my, and others’, very existence. Not helping matters is the fact that these people are laying bombs […]

Fort Worth Police Fatally Shoot Black Woman In Her Home – Time For A Change?

The Facts: A recently published paper by Physicist Dr James Benford in the Astronomical Journal hypothesizes that newly discovered near-Earth objects (there are many thousands) might be a hub for extraterrestrial ‘probes’ to monitor the human race. Reflect On: Given what’s been disclosed, and what’s being disclosed about life on other planets and intelligent life […]

Rivlin pleads with Putin to pardon Israeli woman jailed in Russia

President Reuven Rivlin on Sunday sent an official plea to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, seeking the pardon of an Israeli woman sentenced Friday to 7.5 years in a Russian prison on Friday for alleged drug smuggling. Naama Issachar has been held by Moscow for six months after a reported 10 grams of marijuana were […]

Russian hacker held in Israel asks family of jailed woman to urge prisoner swap

A Russian hacker being held in Israel and facing extradition to the United States urged the family of an Israeli-American woman sentenced in Russia to seven-and-a-half years in prison for alleged drug smuggling to appeal to Israeli officials for a prisoner swap. Aleksey Burkov, a Russian IT specialist arrested in Israel in 2015 at the […]

Pope Francis Blesses Pagan Idol Of Naked Woman In Vatican Ceremony

Pope Francis hosted a global warming themed event that included dozens of people literally bowing down before a carved pagan idol inside the Vatican walls. Pope Francis was then presented with the pagan idol — in the form of a semi-naked pregnant woman — which he proceeded to “bless,” according to the Catholic News Agency. […]

The Woman Who Raised Heroes

Hussein Samawarchi This is, by far, one of the most eventful weeks for the media this year. The ongoing discussions of the speeches made at the United Nations shook the world of news analysts with praise for leaders like Presidents Hasan Rouhani [Iran] and Michel Aoun [Lebanon], and, mockery for substandard performers like [“Israeli” Prime […]

Amazon Workers Protest After Woman Fired for Spending Extra Hour With Dying Relative

By John Vibes Employees of an Amazon delivery location in Sacramento, California are protesting the company’s decision to fire a worker who missed an hour of work for a bedside vigil with her dying mother-in-law, even though she communicated with her managers and gave them advanced notice. Last week, other workers at the Sacramento delivery […]

‘Spread the word’: Melbourne woman posts warning of needle in grapes (PHOTOS)

“Please check all your grapes before eating especially if your giving them to your kids!” Chloe Shaw wrote on Facebook when sharing images of the fruit. Victoria Police confirmed to Australian media that they are investigating the incident, adding that “anyone found to be contaminating food products can be charged with a serious indictable offence […]

Israeli woman detained in Egypt for 40 hours after bullets found in guitar case

An Israeli woman was arrested Friday by Egyptian authorities after rifle bullets were found in her guitar case as she passed through a border crossing from Israel to the Sinai Peninsula. Border officials found 16 rounds of M-16 rifle ammunition in her bag, which were left over from her service in the Israeli army, the […]

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