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Black Killer of White Woman Paroled; Returns to Scene and Kills First Victim’s Daughter

Martha McKay and Travis Santay Lewis ONE OF Arkansas’ most notorious murderers returned to the scene of his crime 24 years later to kill his victim’s daughter — and then drowned as he tried to flee cops, according to officials. Travis Santay Lewis — who had been out on parole since 2018 — was last […]

This is How a Modern Woman Passes Her Day

This filthy whore Abigail Ratchford posted this retarded video to Instagram. It features her face with a mask and her fake tits. Nothing more. In fact, all of her Instagram photos and videos are the same: bikini body shots with slut-face duck lips. You get the idea. These kook-brained modern women claim that they don’t […]

$35,000 Worth of Food Thrown Out After Woman Coughs on It as a Joke

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 27, 2020 Female humor is similar to Jew humor in that it is all just “peepee poopoo haha penis hahaha.” Hey – funny joke, you stupid bitch. NBC News: A woman played a “twisted prank” at a Pennsylvania grocery store Wednesday by purposely coughing on about $35,000 […]

Elderly Woman Sentenced to Jail for Feeding Stray Cats in Her Neighborhood

Believe it or not, one 79-year-old woman got herself in trouble and was sentenced to 10 days in jail for feeding stray cats. Luckily, she somehow avoided serving prison, but her story is now going viral. Nancy Segula of Garfield Heights, Ohio, said it all started when one of her neighbors moved places and left […]

UK: Black Gets 15 Years for Dragging Woman Down Staircase and Attempting to Rape Her

Charles Martel Daily Stormer March 26, 2020 Sean Manning Common sense dictates that real rape would involve at least some violent dragging. Isn’t it strange that white “rapists” never seem to do that? MyLondon: A “dangerous” man who tried to rape a woman he had met in a pub after she refused […]

Woman Walks All-Night in Cold Rain to Help Deserted Dog, Say “God Got Her Through It”

Joey is just another dog who ended up left behind because of his neglectful owners who didn’t deserve to have him in the first place. People who learned of Joey’s fate got even madder at his cruel family because they didn’t bother to surrender him at a shelter, but tied him to a pole instead. […]

67-year-old woman dies of COVID-19, becoming Israel’s second fatality

A 67-year-old woman died of the coronavirus Tuesday afternoon in Holon’s Wolfson Medical Center, the hospital said, confirming Israel’s second fatality in the global pandemic. The woman suffered from “a serious preexisting medical condition,” according to the hospital. Israel’s first fatality from the virus, 88-year-old Holocaust survivor Aryeh Even, was buried overnight Saturday in a […]

Grandmother, Age 95, Becomes Oldest Woman in Italy to Recover From Coronavirus

In a stunning example of how wherever there’s life, there’s hope, a 95-year old Italian grandmother has become the oldest known woman in the country to recover from coronavirus. Alma Clara Corsini arrived at the Pavulo Hospital in the northern province of Modena on March 5 after suffering from symptoms of the deadly disease. She […]

Young NY Hasidic woman reboots life in secular Berlin in Netflix’s ‘Unorthodox’

On the first day of shooting for the new limited Netflix series “Unorthodox,” actress Shira Haas had her head shaved on camera. Her thick, long, light brown locks fell to the ground as she cried and smiled simultaneously. “I was ready for it, and it was important for the story. But still, I was personally […]

China to Punish Woman Who Flew from America to China While Hiding Corona Infection

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 20, 2020 Pictured: Jie Li, a Chinese citizen living in Massachusetts Of course, hiding symptoms of an infectious disease to board a plane is legal in America, because we respect women and Asians and so on. NBC Boston: A Biogen employee who allegedly flew from Massachusetts to […]

Guilty! Woman who let dog die in hot car could face 6 years in prison

A jury has found a Milton, Florida, woman guilty of felony animal cruelty. As reported by the Pensacola News Journal, 36-year-old Crystal Houk could face up to six years in prison for leaving her dog to die inside of a hot vehicle in late August. Houk’s dog was spotted in a Walmart parking lot on August […]

RIP Greece. Egalitarian Kook Woman Elected President, Promises to Open Borders & Install Matriarchy

RIP Greece. You’ve elected a woman… and now your country will die a slow and painful death. CNA: Greece’s first woman president began her term on Friday with a pledge to protect the country’s borders and defend human rights, whilst warning Greeks to follow health rules as the country grapples with over 100 coronavirus cases. […]

Woman and Her Horse Spread Positivity with Latest Internet Dance Challenge

Have you heard of the newest viral challenge that involves some great music and a bunch of creativity? “The Git Up Challenge” and all those people who have accepted it and shared the video of their one-of-a-kind performance on the social media have been putting smiles on our faces for months now. And as it’s […]

A lot more than baby on board: Woman caught trying to sneak insane amount of contraband into Brazilian prison (VIDEO)

The 22-year-old woman was visiting her hubby who was banged up in the Nelson Hungria Penitentiary Complex near Belo Horizonte. Guards noticed she was wearing a rather fetching, if oddly-shaped, jumpsuit.  Pregnant women are not normally subjected to body scans when visiting inmates in Brazilian prison but, when officers attempted a pat down, the young […]

Woman Shares What Her Experience Was Like Inside of The MK Ultra Program

According to the US Government, MK ULTRA was the code-name for a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to conduct mind-control experiments on human beings from 1953 to 1964. The people used in these experiments did not suspect it, seemed to be chosen at random, and were often left emotionally crippled for […]

Hate Hoax: Black Woman Carves “White Pride” Into Sidewalk Outside Black-Owned Gym

Paul Joseph Watson | – March 9, 2020 Another hate crime hoax was exposed after the words “white pride” were carved into the sidewalk outside a black-owned gym in Tennessee – by a black woman.Gym owner Derrick Carson arrived at the Johnson City branch of DC Fitness at 5am in the morning to discover […]

Woman Looks After Weak Runt of Litter That Turns Out to Be Giant Pit Bull

When we make the decision not to quit on someone, incredible things happen. One pregnant mother dog was placed at a shelter just a couple of days before her due date. When she gave birth to her puppies, one seemed a bit different than the rest of the litter and everyone assumed he wouldn’t make […]

Black Arrested for Crashing Into White Woman’s Jeep and Causing It to Burst Into Flames

Charles Martel Daily Stormer March 6, 2020 Tevin Washington She appears to have been burned alive. That’s the sort of thing that really should only happen to mudsharks. NBC Chicago: A man who went out for drinks on his 25th birthday allegedly crashed into a rear of another vehicle, sending it flying […]

Horrible video of a monster woman cut off her dog’s leg paws because eating from her food

In a disturbing video showing a dog’s paw hacked off by his owner, has quickly garnered world attention. The accompanying story appeared in the local newspaper in the coastal town of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. The video clip, recorded by the owner’s son, is extremely graphic and shocking; causing immediate public outrage. Everyone seeing the video […]

What is ‘woman’? Language police want to rewrite ‘sexist’ dictionaries — their real objective is THOUGHT CONTROL

The authors of the letter published this week complain that the dictionary refers to a woman as a “bitch” or a “maid”, while a man is described as “a person with the qualities associated with males, such as bravery, spirit, or toughness.”  Like all serious dictionaries, Oxford draws attention to the different terms that are […]

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