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Top 10 Most Beautiful Indonesian Women

The Southeast Asian island nation of Indonesia is well known for its volcanoes, jungles that are home to elephants and tigers, Komodo dragons and beaches. Though its official language is Indonesian, it is home to thousands of different ethnic groups speaking their own language. Indonesia has 1811- islands with only 6000 of these being inhabited, […]

Why are there so few female CEOs? It’s for the same reason there are so few women on death row

It is more than passing curious that at a time when women constitute roughly half the workforce, and are in the actual majority in terms of earning college degrees, there are still so few female CEOs. The distaff side accounts for CEOs in only 167 out of 3,000 large companies, which translates into a rather […]

‘You hang gays & stone women!’ Pompeo awkwardly fights back as Iran’s Zarif speaks out against racism amid George Floyd riots

“Some don’t think Black Lives Matter,” Zarif wrote, telling “those of us who do” that a war waged against racism is “long overdue for the entire world.” The top Iranian official was commenting on the mayhem sweeping through the US over the police killing of an African American, George Floyd. It is “time for #WorldAgainstRacism,” […]

Polish Nationalists Vs Pride Parade: Women Side With the Queers

To demonstrate gender differences, all one has to do is organize two marches, one nationalist and one gay pride, and see where the women line up. Polish Nationalists v Pride Parade And the winner is….. Notice the gender differences between the opposing crowds. — Strucker (@BaronStrucker) May 25, 2020 The fag pride side had […]

Sorry, Western feminists, but women want to be women: In gender-equal societies females diverge from males even more

Personality studies are one of the more fascinating fields of modern psychology. They are not, however, a very ‘woke’ one. These studies often find that women are higher in traits like Neuroticism and Agreeableness than men; traits which may impact on career earnings. Pointing this fact out was what got James Damore, author of the […]

New Knesset subcommittee to battle the murder of women

The Knesset on Wednesday approved the formation of a subcommittee to combat domestic violence against women, amid a spate of high-profile murder cases in the country. The committee will sit under the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women, which has yet to be re-established by the new government following March elections. It parent committee […]

Some hospitals are now injecting men with estrogen to "treat" coronavirus by turning them into women

(Natural News) Among the many potential remedies for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that the so-called “experts” are unwilling to try due to a lack of proven efficacy, some health workers are bizarrely eager to conduct dangerous hormone experiments on coronavirus-infected men that involve tampering with their hormones. According to reports, male coronavirus […]

As crisis ebbs, most women can again start IVF, though perhaps not complete it

The Health Ministry on Monday announced it was removing age restrictions for those looking to begin in vitro fertilization treatments as the coronavirus crisis appeared to be waning in recent weeks, making them again available for women under the age of 39 who had been barred from the procedure. At the start of the pandemic, […]

Governor Cunt Says Some Women Shouldn’t be Believed as She Tries to Become Joe’s VP

As unhinged as the chant of “believe all women” was, it maintained an internal consistency. When the chant began in earnest, it was during the confirmation process of then nominee Brett Kavanaugh as a judge on the Supreme Court. A woman was claiming that Kavanaugh had raped her decades ago, and it […]

White Liberal Women Are Destroying the White Race With Their Selfish Life Choices

A good video from The Iconoclast here. Watch this video on YouTube This is what I’ve been saying for years now. Liberal white women (the vast majority of white women today) are our collective demise. They have been completely programmed by the Jewish system to hate motherhood, to hate men, to be disgusting dykes, to […]

Aromatherapy can be used to improve symptoms like depression, stress, and pain in post-partum women

(Natural News) The volatile oils present in plants have long been used to treat common human ailments. The earliest records of their use date as far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians, who were credited with inventing the first ever method of extraction for these precious oils. Today, these natural products are known […]

Wu-Flu: Doctors Now Giving Men Women’s Hormones to “Cure” Virus

I knew that they would use this virus as an excuse to turn men into transsexuals. Dnyuz: As the novel coronavirus swept through communities around the world, preying disproportionately on the poor and the vulnerable, one disadvantaged group has demonstrated a remarkable resistance. Women, whether from China, Italy or the U.S., have been less likely […]

Yes, Draft the Damn Women Into Front-Line Combat Duty!

You asked for equality, and now you’re gonna get it, ladies! BBC: US women may soon achieve a level of equality not everyone wants – ending 40 years of all-male precedent by becoming eligible to be conscripted in a time of war, writes James Jeffrey. One of the starkest ways American women have achieved equality […]

The Lockdown and Economic Collapse is the Result of a Society That Respects Women

Our government is literally run by women. Oregon has had a whopping 91 deaths attributed to the flu caused by the coronavirus. As serious as it is to have 91 precious souls in their 80s and 90s die in the nursing home, we might go ahead and compare that to the latest […]

Justice: Should Arthur Topham Have Sexually Assaulted 23 Women Instead? by Christoper di Armani

That may seem a strange title for an article about our legal system, but after reading about Campbell Ernest Crichton, the former Duncan, BC, physiotherapist who faces charges he sexually assaulted at least 23 of his former patients, it seems to be the correct title. A February 21, 2014, article in The Province […]

Giving Women Legal Dominion Over Men Has Destroyed Society

Now that women have legal dominion over men in most Western societies, our civilization is rapidly falling apart. When women are given the power to rule over their husbands and use special matriarchal laws to oppress the men in their lives, society crumbles. When women are given political power to make decisions independent of the […]

Why Do So Many More Men Die From Coronavirus Than Women?

Written by Jenny Graves, Professor of Genetics at La Trobe University. (CONVERSATION) — All over the world – in China, Italy, the United States and Australia – many more men than women are dying from COVID-19. Why? Is it genes, hormones, the immune system – or behaviour – that makes men more susceptible to the disease? I see […]

The Missing Women Fiasco. British Columbia Corruption.

Reasonable people today are reading ‘The Real Story’, Ian Reid’s blog, and they’re reading ‘The Straight Goods’ blog by the Powell River Persuader (posted Feb 17, 2012). That’s where the big, important B.C. news is today. News about the looting of BC Hydro, with details; and the lying of the premier, Christy Clark, […]

The Leftist Guardian Declares Women Genetically Superior to Men

That’s right, subhumans, leftists have gone Full Fash on the woman question, declaring females genetically superior to men. Guardian: Let’s hear it for the female of the species and (more guardedly) for her second X-chromosome! Female superiority in colour vision, immune response, longevity, even basic survival from birth to death are illustrated in Sharon Moalem’s The Better […]

During Corona Lockdown, Women Still Clamoring For Abortions

It seems that all women can think about during this lockdown is how to abort their babies. Human Rights Watch: European governments should urgently guarantee safe and timely access to abortion care for women and girls in the region during the COVID-19 pandemic, 100 nongovernmental organizations said today.   Many women and girls in Europe are struggling to […]

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