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Biden Vows To Pack Supreme Court With Women Who See Constitution as ‘Living Document’

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he will not be “satisfied” until at least half of the U.S. Supreme Court justices are women who believe the US Constitution is a “living, breathing document.“ According to the former Vice President, the Constitution must must be subject to changing interpretations over time. Biden boasted on the campaign […]

hot russian women

Why carry out Russian women look muchyounger than their sequential age? Many western side men favor hot russian women considering that women from Russia look younger than their chronological age. Is actually that why you like Russian elegances? Chronological age VS biological grow older: Sequential age suggests the grow older on your driving […]

Is the Sexual Commercialization of Women and Children a Spiritual Issue?

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times “This happens because we look the other way.” ~Jaco Booyens Some call it the ‘pornification of America‘ because the commercialization of sex and the over-sexualization of women and children in America is worse than any other country in the world. It’s such a disturbing topic that almost no one […]

Hardline transportation minister scrambles after embrace from women’s group

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich, the religiously conservative head of the National Union faction, denied Monday that he had helped the pluralistic women’s group Women of the Wall set up a tefillin laying stand at a train terminal in Tel Aviv. The denial came after Women of the Wall thanked Smotrich profusely in a press release […]

Philippines: Women Patrolling the Street to Protect Drug Dealers

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 17, 2020 Great job, ladies. The kids need their drugs. I don’t know if this is even real, but I guess maybe it is. There’s no way to know. The media could easily just make it up, no one is going to check. Women will do everything […]

Pit Bull Mix Saves Two Women from Domestic Abuser Who Had Beaten Them Severely

Domestic violence occurs way more often than we think. In fact, it is estimated that more than 10 million people experience it in the U.S. solely each year. Sadly, in most cases, the victim feels insecure and way too scared to report the abuse. There are also situations where those affected by this type of […]

On Valentine’s Day, Man Brings Roses to Hundreds of Widows, Single Women and Military Spouses

(TMU) — For many people, Valentine’s Day is a day of chocolates, lavish dinners, dazzling romance, and deep affection. But for singles, it can often be a day of deep loneliness and hyper-awareness about one’s solo status. With that deep disparity in mind, 29-year-old Seth Stewart has been spending the last eight years on a […]

Healthy competition between men, women possible through equal opportunities: Rouhani

MNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that healthy competition between men and women in the society is possible only through giving them equal opportunities. President described Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (AS) as the best role model for women and society, stressing that it was necessary to correct everyone’s views on the status of women in […]

Jerusalem rabbi arrested for holding women in slavery

Jerusalem rabbi arrested for holding women in slavery Jerusalem rabbi arrested for ‘holding women in slavery’ 13 January 2020 Image copyright AFP Image caption The arrest took place in an ultra-Orthodox district of Jerusalem Israeli police have arrested a rabbi who is suspected of holding around 50 women and children in conditions of slavery. The […]

Two Men In Somalia Gang-Rape 12-Year-Old, Executed By Firing Squad. Somali Trash Rape Women In Utah, No Problem!

UTAH: Black Teen Somali Muslim Mohammed Ali, Rapes Two Women At Knife Point, Spared Prison (read more) Utah: Communist Friendly Mestizo Coffeehouse Celebrates Drug Dealing Somali Muslim Invader (read more)   DailyMail, 2/11/2020 Two men who gang-raped and killed a 12-year-old girl in Somalia were publicly executed by a firing squad this morning that was […]

Putting a face to a name: Research shows women are better than men at recalling verbal information and faces

(Natural News) Sorry, gentlemen, but women are better than you at remembering certain things, including conversations and people’s faces. According to the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, such types of memories are called “episodic memories” – consciously recollected memories related to personally experienced events. Remembering these is a dynamic process that draws upon both mnemonic and […]

Finland Is Now Being Run By Five Parties — All Led By Women, All But One Of Them Under 35

Marin won the confidence of parliament with 99 votes in favor and 70 against. She replaced Antti Rinne, who resigned last week after the Centre Party, one of the members of governing center-left coalition, said it had lost confidence in him over his handling of a postal strike. “I want to build a society in […]

5 reasoned explanations why sex can hurt for women

5 reasoned explanations why sex can hurt for women For one out of 10 females, sexual activity are painful. The pain sensation can stem from a number of reasons, every one impacting the lady by herself also her brand new or current intimate relationships, Nelly Faghani, a subscribed physiotherapist at Pelvic wellness Solution, claims. […]

US moves to restrict entry for pregnant women on ‘birth tourism’

The regulations seek to chip away at the number of foreigners who take advantage of the constitutional provision granting“birthright citizenship” to anyone born in the United States, a particular peeve of Trump’s. Under the new rules, pregnant applicants will be denied a tourist visa unless they can prove they must come to the US to […]

US Airstrike Kills 15 Civilians in Afghanistan, Including 3 Women and 3 Children

(ANTIWAR.COM) — A US airstrike against a Taliban splinter group, which killed Mullah Raaz Mohammed Nangyalai, also killed 15 civilians, according to the Independent Human Rights Commission (IHRC) of Afghanistan. The IHRC went on to say this was a “clear violation of human rights” and issued a report calling on foreign forces to be more careful that […]

Kiss me now, you Nazi! Refusing to date woke women makes you ‘dangerous’ & ‘far-right’, apparently

That’s according to pundit Vicky Spratt, who recently penned an angry response to British singer and actor Laurence Fox’s declaration that he won’t date “woke” women. Fox has become something of an iconoclast of late, first for ridiculing the notion of ‘white privilege’ on a BBC panel, and then for expounding on his dating preferences […]

Januhairy: Encouraging women to grow body hair does nothing to promote equality, it’s toxic feminism

So how’s everyone’s Januhairy going? Have all the people who ‘identify as female’ chucked out their razors in an act of bravery not seen since 1429 when Joan of Arc rode into Orleans in white armour on the back of a white horse to lead her army to victory over the English? Just like Joan […]

55% Of US Voting-Age Women Prefer Socialism, Over Capitalism

Daily movement news and resources. Popular Resistance provides a daily stream of resistance news from across the United States and around the world. We also organize campaigns and participate in coalitions on a broad range of issues. We do not use advertising or underwriting to support our work. Instead, we rely on you. Please […]

Sex, Women and the Devil — A Devout Woman’s POV

  January 18, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 15

Sex, Women and the Devil — A Devout Woman’s POV

  January 18, 2020 Source Article from Hits: 13

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