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The Ignominious Jewish End To The Colossus Of Rhodes, One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World

The Colossus of Rhodes was a gigantic 33-metre-high statue of the sun god Helios which stood by the harbour of that city from c. 280 BCE, one of the most important trading ports in the ancient Mediterranean. Made by the local sculptor Chares using bronze, the statue soon appeared on contemporary travel writer’s lists of […]

Signs, Wonders and Mystical Experience in Islamic Spirituality

September 16th, 2020 By Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston) Guest Writer for Wake Up World The Qur’an, which literally means ‘the recital’, is held to be the direct word of God by Muslims and is the most sacred book of the Islamic faith. It is said to have been revealed by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet […]

Small wonders: Meet the artist making painstaking miniatures of classic Vietnamese dishes

Squinting in concentration, Vietnamese artist Nguyen Thi Ha An drops a bright red chilli onto a bowl of pho noodles barely bigger than a coin – the finishing touch to a miniature clay model that has eaten up days of her time. A 28-year-old architecture graduate, An began crafting food miniatures a year ago, spotting […]

A single one-hour meditation session can do wonders for your heart, study shows

(Natural News) As the years go by, more people struggle with anxiety and stress – two “mental monsters” that can significantly affect the well-being of millions every day. In some cases, these mental burdens can even affect our physical health. To address this concern, a team of researchers studied how a “single, […]

Black Peace Advocate Wonders If Trump Can Rein In CIA

Above Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters President Trump’s cancellation of the CIA’s longstanding mission to train, arm and finance a jihadist overthrow of the Syrian government is recognition that “the Obama war has basically failed,” said Ajamu Baraka, spokesperson for the newly organized Black Alliance for Peace and the Green Party’s 2016 vice presidential candidate. Given that the military […]

MSNBC Anchor Wonders If Trump Trying To Provoke A Terror Attack To Prove A Point

MSNBC Anchor Wonders If Trump Trying To Provoke A Terror Attack To Prove A Point Chuck RossDaily Caller June 5, 2017 MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts theorized on Sunday that President Trump is trying to provoke a terrorist attack on U.S. soil in order to prove himself right about Islamic terrorism. Roberts floated the theory during […]

The Fusioneers

The Fusioneers May 26th, 2016 Via: Washington Post: At first glance, the outbuilding attached to Richard Hull’s Richmond home looks like any lean-to built by a retiree with time on his hands: a slap-dash affair with wood that appears salvaged from home projects gone […]

Gender Myth Busted: Study Shows No Such Thing As Male & Female Brains

According to an article written for Psychology Today titled “Brain Differences Between Genders,” written by Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D., the differences between genders extend far beyond physical appearance and general character traits, comprising instead major distinguishers between male and female brains. Much research supports this view. Scientists know, for example, that sex hormones begin to exert their influence during fetal development, […]

How To Heal From The Pain Of A Breakup

Heartbreak is powerful. There’s no doubt about it. Breakups can leave us emotionally scarred for a long time, and the pain of missing someone can last for years after a breakup. But when we look at our feelings of longing as the problem, we prolong our pain. Our feelings are there to point us to […]

Saudi court sentences man to 10 years & 2,000 lashes for atheist tweets

The Saudi religious police, which is also responsible for monitoring social networks, found more than 600 “atheist” tweets on the page of an unnamed user, AP reports. The user was said to deny the existence of God, ridicule verses from the Koran, and accused all prophets of lying and fueling hostilities through their teachings, according […]

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