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Ice Age Farmer Report: 100% farm workers have covid!? Forces behind riots engineering food shortages next

   As riots erupt in cities across the US, the same forces behind the violence are engineering food shortages to absolutely bring this country to its knees. How could this be possibly be achieved? Watch to find out. Then start growing food and work to defend our farms and food security. Sources Source Article from […]

NOLA Garbage Workers Form Union To Fightback

NOLA Garbage Workers Form Union To Fightback Above photo: Fired garbage workers protests infront of New Orleans City Hall on May 18th. Chris Granger/ “We are digging in for a long fight,” says New Orleans striking sanitation worker Jonathan Edwards late on Thursday night about being fired in early May by People Ready, a contractor of […]

Hundreds Of Maquiladora Workers Dying After Back-To-Work Orders

Hundreds Of Maquiladora Workers Dying After Back-To-Work Orders Above photo: Maquiladora Workers Strike from On Saturday, the health secretary of Northern Baja California announced that 432 of the 519 people who have officially died from the virus in the state were maquiladora workers. In Baja cities like Tijuana and Mexicali, as well as other […]

Two Fictions of Mainstream Economics. 45 Million US Workers Unemployed

Mainstream economics consistently fails to predict the future. I’m talking about those ‘schools’ of mis-thought, ranging from Paul Krugman on the ‘left’ to Glenn Hubbard and other apologists of business and neoliberalism on the ‘right’. One of the favorite myths they perpetrate is that ‘wages are sticky downwards’. That means that in conditions of recession […]

Restaurant Workers Mobilize In Right To Work States During COVID-19

Restaurant Workers Mobilize In Right To Work States During COVID-19 Above photo: Restaurant workers strike. USA Today. For the past eight years, Johnathan Bo-o has worked on and off in the service industry, starting as a dishwasher at a restaurant in an Atlanta suburb when he was 17. The restaurant Bo-o was serving at prior to […]

Bending PPE Rules Spells Death For Health Care Workers And Families

Bending PPE Rules Spells Death For Health Care Workers And Families Above photo: Colleagues and family members gathered at UIC Hospital in Chicago for a demonstration to remember fallen health care workers and raise attention to the lack of personal protective equipment and the bending of PPE rules. At UIC Hospital, 190 healthcare workers have been […]

Iran says 10,000 of its health workers infected with coronavirus

Reuters – Around 10,000 Iranian health workers have been infected with the new coronavirus, the semi-official ILNA news agency quoted the deputy health minister as saying on Thursday. “Around 10,000 health workers have been infected with the deadly disease in Iran and some of them have died,” Qassem Janbabai said, according to ILNA. Writing by […]

The Rebirth Of A Logistic Workers’ Movement?

The Rebirth Of A Logistic Workers’ Movement? Above photo: A UPS driver in late April in Brooklyn, New York. John Lamparski/Getty Images. The history of rank-and-file organizing at UPS reveals the opportunities and challenges for a union movement of delivery and warehouse workers. An interview with Joe Allen, author of The Package King. Booked is a series of […]

Two Amazon workers who tested positive for coronavirus have died

(Natural News) Amazon confirmed that two more of their warehouse workers who had tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) have died. George Leigh, who worked out of Amazon’s Beth Page, New York distribution center, died on April 9. He was followed by another worker from Indiana, who has yet to be named, who died on […]

No Slacking: As Employers Keep Watchful Eye On Remote Workers, Trump Admin Roots Out Unemployment Fraud

With record numbers of people working from home during the pandemic, employers are using sophisticated software to remotely monitor their employees‘ productivity. Companies such as ActivTrak, Teramind, Hubstaff and Time Doctor provide bosses with a “dashboard” which provides data on individual workers – including their screen time, mouse activity, desktop screenshots, and even their physical […]

We Need to Do More for Our Healthcare Workers, Because They are Our Saviors

Without doctors and nurses, we would all be long dead from the coronavirus. They are the thin dancing line that protects us all. Hello ma’am I need a physical — Hit or Miss DSA (@HitorMissDSA) April 25, 2020 We need to do more for them. We can forgive their debt. CNN: […]

Trump’s "zombie economy" scheme that pays workers to stay home and NOT work while small businesses get crushed is the dumbest economic experiment ever attempted

(Natural News) The Trump administration is paying huge numbers of people more money to not work than they used to make at their jobs, so even as economies attempt to reopen, small businesses can’t find anyone who wants to work. Why should they work, after all, when they’re collecting more money to […]

US supported MEK terrorists kidnapped Iranians as slave workers

Request for the Release of Workers from Captivity of Terrorism …from the Association for Defending Victims of Terrorism (ADVT), Iran [ Editor’s Note: This ADVT submitted piece slipped by my on getting it up for Labor Day, with all the virus news we were buried under. Saturday nights are good for combing through the edit […]

Liberating Logistics: All Power To The Frontline Workers

Liberating Logistics: All Power To The Frontline Workers Above photo: Coronavirus pandemic in NYC as seen on April 4, New York, New York, United States – 04 Apr 2020. By Lev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock. May Day strikes are capping off a global wave of labor action through which logistic workers have asserted themselves against capital in […]

Across Class Lines: Amazon Tech Workers Join Warehouse Workers In Protests

Across Class Lines: Amazon Tech Workers Join Warehouse Workers In Protests Above photo: A family member of an employee protests outside an Amazon fulfillment center in Romulus, Michigan, last month. Paul Sancya/ AP. Home-office climate activists and warehouse employees across the nation find common cause mobilizing against Amazon’s policies. At first, Gerald Bryson didn’t take the […]

Crisis In Processing – Thousands Of Meatpacking Workers Infected, Deaths Hit 20 

As a crisis in processing unfolds across America’s meatpacking facilities, President Trump earlier this week invoked the Defense Production Act to ensure plants remain open. Last week, we noted how a “rash of coronavirus outbreaks at dozens of meatpacking plants across the nation is far more extensive than previously thought,” which led us to believe the next […]

FBI Raids Medical Clinic for Giving Essential Workers Exposed to COVID-19 Vitamin C IVs

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project Waking Times Shelby Twp, MI — FBI agents in hazmat suits, equipped with respirators, raided a medical clinic last week after a doctor reportedly gave high dose vitamin C to essential workers who may be exposed to COVID-19. “At Allure Medical we are offering high dose, intravenous, vitamin C to […]

International Workers’ Day and the Palestinian cause

In many cities around the world May 1, 2020 will be distinguished by the absence of demonstrations for International Workers’ Day, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, many will mark the occasion within their homes, as the crisis lays bare the deepening struggles faced by working-class people as a result of failed neoliberal policies, […]

Amazon, Walmart, FedEx Workers Plan Walkout On Friday

Amazon, Walmart, FedEx Workers Plan Walkout On Friday Above photo: From Socialist Alternative. Workers from corporations are planning a walkout Friday, including employees from Amazon, Walmart and FedEx. The workers are seeking better health and safety standards as well as hazard pay while working during the coronavirus pandemic.  Former Amazon employee Christian Smalls, shared a flyer on Twitter last week that […]

URGENT. May 1st. Health workers in Australia. How to Reject the flu shot.

Even if we save one life it will be worth it. Apparently May 1st all Health workers in Australia will be forced against the Law to take the flu shot of poison or lose their job. This is uploaded to help you guys avoid being poisoned with the Flu Vaccination.From our Friends at Know Your […]

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