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The WHO has No Jurisdiction Over the World! By Van Robison The World Health Organization should have no valid control over humanity. The United Nations is anything but United. Human health and well-being are not the property of politics, governing bodies, or corrupt and disingenuous organizations. The WHO is a tyrannical dictatorship that feeds upon fearmongering and ulterior motives.  Human health and […]

They always use the same playbook for world domination

Brought to you by one minion of the Father of Lies By Ellen Do you have more money than you know what to do with? Do you have big dreams and connections in high places? Do I have a plan for you! [embedded content] Getting Started First, make a plan. World domination isn’t just […]

World economy ‘to return to pre-pandemic levels’ by 2022, watchdog says

Vaccinations and financial support from governments will help the global economy recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021, a global economic watchdog has predicted. But the forecast by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) also said the bounce back will be uneven in countries around the world and will depend heavily […]

Joe Biden Will Be President to Unleash World War 3 – Israel Warns

A Joe Biden presidency will likely lead to Wold War 3 which could result in millions dead, an Israeli government minister has warned. According to Israel’s Settlements Minister Tzachi Hanegbi, Biden’s approach to the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal will result in a Holy War in the Middle East. “Biden has said openly for a long […]

Meet Kaavan, the world’s loneliest elephant, transferred from Islamabad Zoo thanks to Cher

He is 36, overweight and friends with a global superstar. After public outcry and campaigning by U.S. singer Cher, the world’s ‘loneliest elephant’ was finally moved from Pakistan to Cambodia. For years Kaavan was living in substandard conditions in an Islamabad zoo. Now he will retire from public view in an animal sanctuary, surrounded by […]

The Muslim world’s changing dynamics: Pakistan struggles to retain its footing

 Increasing strains between Pakistan and its traditional Arab allies, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, is about more than Gulf states opportunistically targeting India’s far more lucrative market. At the heart of the tensions, that potentially complicate Pakistan’s economic recovery, is also India’s ability to enhance Gulf states’ capacity to hedge their bets amid […]

Israeli Official to New York Times: World Should Thank Jewish State for Killing Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks during the opening ceremony of Iran’s 11th parliament, amid the ongoing coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, in Tehran, May 27, 2020. Photo: Official Presidential website / Handout via Reuters. An Israeli official said on Sunday that the world should be grateful to the Jewish state for killing a top Iranian scientist […]

‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’ Kaavan Starts Trip To Cambodia Sanctuary

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Kaavan, dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant” after languishing alone for years in a Pakistani zoo, was readied Sunday for his flight to a sanctuary in Cambodia and the much-needed company of other elephants. The mammoth task of getting him into an elephant-sized metal box for transport took several hours, and was perhaps […]

Will the world community condemn the murder of Iran’s nuclear scientist?

Israel used all four years of Trump’s presidency to entrench its systems of occupation and apartheid. Now that Joe Biden has won the U.S. election, the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, likely by Israel with the go-ahead from the US administration, is a desperate attempt to use Trump’s last days in office to sabotage […]

Iranian craftswomen honored at World Crafts Council

TEHRAN – Two Iranian craftswomen have been honored at the World Crafts Council (WCC), the deputy tourism minister has said.  Parvin Abazari from Sirjan, and Fatemeh Shokri from Bahiri village (in Bushehr province) have gained prizes from an online completion organized by the WCC- Asia Pacific Region, Pouya Mahmoudian announced on Saturday.  Both crafters are […]

Walking for peace: Pandemic halts Gandhi-inspired world march

On Gandhi Jayanti 2019, a group of 50 people, 35 of them Adivasis from different parts of India, set out on what they called a ‘World Peace March’ – the plan was to walk all the way to Geneva, crossing seas by flight and getting permission to cross international borders on foot. They started from […]

 Dispossession and Imperialism Repackaged as ‘Feeding the World’

The world is fast losing farms and farmers through the concentration of land into the hands of rich and powerful land speculators and agribusiness corporations. Smallholder farmers are being criminalised and even made to disappear when it comes to the struggle for land. They are constantly exposed to systematic expulsion. In 2014, the Oakland Institute […]

Former World Bank president James Wolfensohn dies at 86

Browse > Home / News / Former World Bank president James Wolfensohn dies at 86 November 28, 2020 by JNS Read on for article James D. Wolfensohn, former president of the World Bank, died at his home in Manhattan on Nov. 25. He was 86 years old. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and U.S. […]

The Queen’s Gambit: Why there has never been a female chess world champion

The success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit has renewed interest for chess and rekindled the debate over why so few women make it into the upper echelons of the intellectual sport. The show, released earlier this month, has become the streaming giant’s “biggest scripted limited series to date”, having been watched by 62 million households […]

How Singer Cher Is Helping Kaavan, The ‘World’s Loneliest Elephant’

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Iconic singer and actress Cher is in Pakistan to celebrate the departure of Kaavan, dubbed the “world’s loneliest elephant,” who will soon leave a Pakistani zoo for better conditions after years of lobbying by animal rights groups and activists. Because of security concerns, Cher’s schedule was not made public. However, she met […]

Covid Pandemic is Over Says World Renowned Dr./Scientist

by Tyler DurdenSun, 11/22/2020 – 23:00TwitterFacebookRedditEmailPrint This video provides one of the most erudite and informative looks at Covid-19 and the consequences of lockdowns. As AIER notes, it was remarkable this week to watch as it appeared on YouTube and was forcibly taken down only 2 hours after posting. The copy below is hosted on LBRY, a blockchain […]

Pope Francis Urges Solidarity In A COVID-19 World In Rare Op-Ed

Pope Francis called for solidarity in a world gripped by the coronavirus, praised health care workers and chastised governments and individuals who selfishly thought only of themselves during a global pandemic, writing in a New York Times op-ed published on Thanksgiving. Francis remembered the nurses who helped save his life from severe pneumonia at the […]

World’s ‘hottest doctor’ who called for MANDATORY Masks goes to Yacht Bikini Sex Party Maskless

Home » Immorality, North America, Social » World’s ‘hottest doctor’ who called for MANDATORY Masks goes to Yacht Bikini Sex Party Maskless     The world’s so-called “hottest doctor,” who has repeatedly called for mandatory mask laws and social distancing, was pictured maskless partying on a boat in Miami while surrounded by bikini-clad women. Mikhail […]

Antony Blinken: A smooth, old-school diplomat who will take on a harsh new world of wary allies and foes

Antony Blinken is soft-spoken where his predecessor was a loudmouth with a giant chip on his shoulder. He is a consensus builder and a listener, in contrast to the departing secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, who often interjected his own prejudices and strong views into America’s affairs. And while Pompeo was seen as crude, Blinken […]

Jews ‘Deeply Alarmed’ That Amazon’s Alexa Believes Jews Control The World Financial Systems And Media

Despite the fact that Amazon’s AI Alexa robot has been shown to promote the agenda of the Radical Left, otherwise Liberal Jews are now up in arms that this otherwise compliant and politically-correct “useful idiot” has a firm grasp of the obvious — that Jews do indeed control the world financial markets and mainstream media: […]

James Wolfensohn, former World Bank president and Jewish philanthropist, dies at 86

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World Mizrachi secures $2 million for Masa Israel program

World Mizrachi, a religious-Zionist organization, has secured $2 million for Masa Israel grants and scholarships for North American Jewish families, which will allow youth to spend a gap-year in Israel, according to a press release from the organization on Wednesday. As a result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, funding was cut to many programs of […]

Joe Biden Says America Is Back & ‘Ready To Lead The World’

Joe Biden declared that the US is  “ready to lead the world, not retreat from it,” as he announced some of his cabinet picks. Signalling it will be ‘business as usual’, his picks indicate a return to Obama-era foreign policy  While formally introducing the appointees at Wilmington’s Queen Theater in his home state of Delaware, […]

Rouhani: Thank God world got rid of Trump

TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani has expressed satisfaction over the defeat of U.S. President Donald Trump in the November presidential election, saying “thank God that the Americans and the world got rid of Trump”. “One of the manifestations of Iran’s victory and the enemy’s definite defeat in the economic war is the end of the […]

Oral insulin, by Israeli mom-son team, starts final trials to become world’s 1st

An Israeli company has started final-stage tests of its oral insulin, bidding to become the first to make the product available on the international market. The product started phase three trials under the US Food and Drug Administration in California on Monday, after 14 years of development.  If all goes well, Oramed Pharmaceuticals says it […]

Hungarian Prime Minister: ‘Soros Is One of the Most Corrupt People in the World’

Home » Corruption, Criticism, Europe » Hungarian Prime Minister: ‘Soros Is One of the Most Corrupt People in the World’     Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán lambasted billionaire plutocrat George Soros as “one of the most corrupt people in the world” after he called on the European Union to make Hungary and Poland submit […]

Trailing the Mayflower – The Iconic Ship of a Pilgrim Voyage to the New World

One of the most famous voyages from England to Virginia was on the Mayflower. This ship became the symbol of the search for a new life and pilgrimage to the New World in the 17th century. 2020 marks the 400 year anniversary of this historic vessel’s iconic voyage. The origins of the Mayflower are uncertain […]

COVID-19 Outbreak Forces World’s Largest Medical Glove Maker To Shutter Factories

Top Glove, the world’s largest manufacturer of medical latex gloves, has closed and reduced capacity at more than two dozen factories in Malaysia after 42% of the 5,767 workers it screened for COVID-19 tested positive. The company’s 2,524 positive cases are almost entirely foreign-born factory workers, Malaysia’s Director-General of Health Noor Hisham Abdullah said Monday. […]

COVID-stricken Palestinian economy to contract 8% in 2020, World Bank says

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COVID-19 vaccines offer hope as world leaders plan for future

PARIS, France — France is expected to loosen its coronavirus restrictions on Tuesday as the boss of a major airline said proof of vaccination will likely become the only way people can fly in a post-pandemic world. Hopes over COVID-19 vaccines have given a boost to virus-weary citizens across the globe, but the disease remains […]

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