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The 5 WORST Reader’s Digest Health Myths STILL being propagated and perpetuated today

(Natural News) Reader’s Digest is obviously not a publication you should be looking to for health advice on anything, but it just so happens that they’ve outed themselves, so it bears taking a look. They went and did it. They published “50 Health FACTS Your Doctor Wants You to Know” and it’s […]

The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us

We haven’t seen anything like this since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Leading up to this year, farm incomes had been trending lower for most of the past decade, and meanwhile farm debt levels have been absolutely exploding.  So U.S. farmers were desperate for a really good year, but instead 2019 has […]

Inflation Is Showing Up At The Worst Place Possible For Consumers: Walmart

When it comes to aimlessly bemoaning about how inflation is a giant mystery that nobody will ever figure out, the Federal Reserve are experts. When it comes to actually assessing real world inflation that is rearing its head in places that have a direct impact on consumers, the Fed is conspicuously absent from the conversation. […]

“Worst Year Ever”: The Chinese Ban on U.S. Agricultural Products Will be a Death Blow for Countless U.S. Farms

U.S. farmers have never experienced a year quite like this.  During the first half of 2019, endless rain and unprecedented flooding were the major problems.  As a result of the incredibly wet conditions, millions of acres of prime farmland didn’t get planted at all, and tens of millions of other acres are going to yield […]

Chicago PMI 2019 Collapse Is The Worst In Over 30 Years

Despite some rebounds in regional Fed surveys, Chicago PMI has fallen for five of the seven months so far in 2019, collapsing in July to 44.4 – the second weakest since the financial crisis. This is the worst drop since the financial crisis. This was dramatically below the 49.5 lowest analyst estimate. Only 2 components […]

Don’t mourn Theresa May: She was one of Britain’s worst-ever prime ministers

Spare us the Uriah Heep-style hypocrisy and gushing ‘tributes.’ The truth is an Op-Ed on the achievements of Theresa May would be the shortest one ever written. Winston Churchill helped defeat the Nazis in World War Two. Clement Attlee gave Britain the NHS. Harold Wilson established the Open University. Ted Heath saved Rolls Royce. Gordon […]

US Manufacturing PMI Slumps To 10-Year Low, Business Outlook Worst On Record

Despite a collapse in European Manufacturing PMIs (led by Germany), and 3rd month of contraction in Japan PMIs; US PMIs were expected to modestly rebound in preliminary July data, but instead the picture was mixed: US Manufacturing PMI missed – printing 50.0 versus 51.0 exp and down from 50.6 in June US Services PMI beat […]

“It’s Going To Be Staggering”: Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent

“It’s Going To Be Staggering”: Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent Source Article from Related Posts The 5 WORST Reader’s Digest Health Myths STILL being propagated and perpetuated today (Natural News) Reader’s Digest is obviously not a publication you should be The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 […]

The WORST Part of the Epstein Case

July 16, 2019 By corbettreport According to the dinosaur media, the worst part about the exposure of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking and high-level blackmail operation is that it bolsters conspiracy theories about child sex trafficking and elite corruption. Newsflash: they’re trying to gaslight you. Don’t fall for it for a second. #PropagandaWatch SHOW NOTES: […]

Bill de Blasio claims tall buildings in NYC are "worst emitters" of greenhouse gases … huh?

(Natural News) To help stop “global warming,” New York City is rolling out all sorts of new legislation to ban things like hot dogs and red meat, and possibly even the city’s iconic skyscrapers, which Mayor Bill de Blasio hilariously claims are the worst emitters of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2). […]

Iran deal was ‘the worst diplomatic debacle in American history’ — John Bolton to CUFI

Lemmeseeherenow. Hmmm. Bolton has never engaged in anything approaching ‘diplomacy’. Neither has Pompeo nor Abrams, nor for that matter~ Trump. All neocons, except perhaps Trump who has no idea what/how to do anything smart and has surrounded himself with the scumbags of America/Israel and other choice scumbags. Found this yesterday: “Religious Fanatics Have Hijacked America’s […]

Job Opening Suffer Worst Start To A Year Since 2009

With US job openings hitting an all time high in late 2018, with more than 1.3 million more job openings than unemployed workers, and with April and May payrolls both coming in unexpectedly weak (only to rebound in June), it was to be expected that the May JOLTS report would be subpar, and so it […]

New Report: Worst Monument In Charlottesville Can Be Removed

New Report: Worst Monument In Charlottesville Can Be Removed Above Photo: From A new report released July 1, 2019, concludes that a major monument in Charlottesville, Virginia, can be legally removed. The monument, which depicts George Rogers Clark threatening Native American men and a woman holding an infant, is not covered by a Virginia state law that […]

Existing Home Sales Tumble YoY For 15th Month – Worst Run Since Housing Crisis

After April’s disappointing drop in all segments of the home-sales data, existing home sales were expected to rebound (again) in May and surprised modestly to the upside. Existing home sales rose 2.5% MoM to 5.34mm in May (and saw a modest upward revision in April) However, existing home sales have declined on a YoY basis […]

Sen. Gillibrand Slams NRA: “Worst Organization in USA!”

Democratic 2020 hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand issued a scathing attack against the National Rifle Association (NRA) during a Sunday town hall event, blasting the gun advocacy group as “the worst organization in this country.” Gillibrand made several bombastic statements during the Fox News townhall in Dubuque, Iowa. Kirsten Gillibrand: “The NRA is the worst organization in […]

Society Is In Decay – When The Worst Is First And The Best Is Last

Society Is In Decay – When The Worst Is First And The Best Is Last Above Photo: Planplanplanplan/Flickr Plutocrats like to control the range of permissible public dialogue. Plutocrats also like to shape what society values. If you want to see where a country’s priorities lie, look at how it allocates its money. While teachers and […]

Pending Home Sales Suffer Worst Decline Streak Since Financial Crisis

Despite disappointing weakness in new- and existing-home sales in April, pending home sales were expected to maintain their gains, rising 0.5% MoM (after a 3.8% MoM rise in March). However, the analysts were way off, as pending homes sales slipped 1.5% MoM Only the Midwest managed a rise in sales… Northeast fell 1.8%; March fell […]

Our Worst Enemy Controls Our "Money"

  May 30, 2019 (Left, Humanity is controlled by psychopaths) ( The above-stated difference in the punishment of a Jew and a non-Jew for the same crime is common in the Talmud and Halacha. The Lubavitcher Rebbe continued: “The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: ‘Let us differentiate.’ Thus, […]

The Worst 2020 Election Interference Will Be Perfectly Legal

The Facts: Not only Julian Assange, but journalists and media outlets around the world are being heavily censored. Not only is their content being censored, but their revenue streams have been taken away. Reflect On: Why is this happening? What ever happened to the freedom of information and the freedom of speech? What’s really going […]

U.S. Stocks Have Fallen For 5 Weeks In A Row – That Is The Worst Stock Market Streak In Almost 8 Years

May 25, 2019 By Michael Snyder We haven’t seen stock prices slide like this in a long time, and if this keeps up we could soon be looking at an avalanche.  Our rapidly escalating trade war with China and more bad U.S. economic numbers pushed stocks down once again this week, and at this point […]

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