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In 1917 Rudolf Steiner Foresaw a Vaccine that Would ‘Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality Out of People’s Souls’

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times If you’ve felt at all like you’re in a spiritual war right now, you’re not alone. Many of the world’s greatest scholars, philosophers and ascetics understood the world to be multi-dimensional and co-inhabited by non-physical beings both good and evil, always at war with us and each other. It’s not […]

Would-be Hitler assassin and Holocaust survivor Henry Wermuth dies aged 97

A Holocaust survivor who once attempted a solo mission to kill Germany’s Nazi wartime leader Adolf Hitler by derailing his train has died in London. Henry Wermuth was 97 when he passed away from organ failure on May 19, the Times of London reported in an obituary. He had recently recovered from a suspected bout […]

Iran has banned all use of Israeli tech. Really? That would set it back 50 years

Ahead of its annual al-Quds Day orgy of Israel-bashing on Friday, Iran’s parliament has unanimously passed legislation banning “any cooperation” with Israel — specifically including the use of Israeli computer hardware and software — as a crime against God. In normal years, al-Quds day is marked across the Islamic Republic by regime-orchestrated anti-Israel marches and […]

Postponing Oscars 2021 due to Covid-19 would be a cowardly move, the final nail in the ceremony’s coffin

Next year’s Oscars are likely to be delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic according to a report in Variety. Yes, it appears coronavirus has managed to achieve what the Second World War could not, frightening Hollywood enough for them to consider moving their annual back-patting snooze-fest in 2021.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and […]

Trump Unveils Plan That Would See Big Pharma Reap Massive Profits from COVID-19 Vaccine

A former Big Pharma executive and a four-star General have just been appointed by President Trump to lead a “Manhattan project-style effort to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.” The effort, called Operation Warp Speed, has set a goal to create 300 million doses of a non-existent vaccine by January. Moncef Slaoui, who used […]

McConnell Patriot Act Expansion, “Would Explicitly Permit the FBI to Collect Records of Americans’ Internet Search and Browsing Histories Without a Warrant”

I could link to dozens or hundreds of posts. Talk about beating a dead horse… For decades. Anyway, here’s one from just a few years ago: NSA Routinely Monitors Americans’ Communications Without Warrants …if you think that place is only used to store information gleaned from taps on foreigners, I’ve got a […]

Europe would have had MILLIONS of coronavirus cases if it did not close borders, finds study

(Natural News) A new report published in Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering revealed that implementing international travel bans helped Europe tamp down its COVID-19 caseload. The study, led by computer modeling experts at Stanford University, predicted over a million cases in Europe alone had air travel not been limited across the continent. “Global network mobility models, combined with […]

Hitler would’ve loved the Covid-19 blame games. Let’s not let the pandemic spoil Victory Day

Adolf Hitler intended his Reich to last a thousand years, but it met a bloody end after just twelve. Five days after US and Soviet forces linked up on the Elbe River, he committed suicide in the ruins of Berlin before the advancing Red Army captured his bunker. A week later, the remnants of the […]

Here’s Why The US Economy Would Continue To Crash Even If All Lockdowns Were Lifted Immediately…

Extremely loose lending standards helped create debt-fueled “booms” throughout our economy in recent years, but now lending standards are going in the complete opposite direction very rapidly. For instance, Chase is now requiring a credit score of at least 700 for all new home loans, and they are one of the financial institutions […]

Elon Musk Puts Two Homes On The Market After Tweeting He Would Sell Most Of His "Physical Possessions"

By now everybody has had a chance to digest Elon Musk’s Friday meltdown Twitter tirade that lobbed off almost $15 billion in Tesla market cap. Among the various disjointed – and unvetted in violation of Musk’s settlement with the SEC – tweets from Musk, which among others claimed that “Tesla stock price is too high” […]

China would open fire to force US aircraft to change course from Syrian coast: media

By News Desk -2020-05-03 BEIRUT, LEBANON (5:10 P.M.) – A Chinese news agency said the Russian military’s decision to intercept two U.S. aircraft along the Syrian coast would have ended differently if it was their air force involved. “According to reports, the Russian military stationed in Syria discovered an air target approaching its military base in Syria […]

Lost Dog Waited at the Exact Same Spot for Four Years Hoping His Owner Would Come Looking for Him

Dogs are curious creatures who love to explore and learn more about the world around them. Sadly, this sometimes leads for them to embark on adventures and get lost. A fluffy and loving dog named BonBon was with his owners in the car, but when they stopped at a gas station he jumped off the […]

What would it take for proponents to say: ‘The Great Lockdown was wrong’?

April 28, 2020 By Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog There must be SOME criteria where the proponents of the Great Lockdown could say, “In hindsight, this was wrong.” It is obviously hysterical to insist that admitting a policy mistake is totally, completely impossible. German fascists are not wiping out Poland, after all. I mean, what if a […]

Mike Pompeo Admits COVID-19 Is a “Live Exercise,” Trump Retorts “I Wish You Would Have Told Us”

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Study proves that coronavirus vaccine would never work; might actually create MORE new viruses through recombination in human hosts

(Natural News) Bill Gates, Andrew Cuomo, and others are calling for mass vaccinations against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), even though a vaccine for the novel virus doesn’t yet exist, as a condition for release from lockdown. But a 2015 study reveals that any vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) would actually create […]

McConnell says he favors allowing states to go bankrupt, but that would mean pensioners get SHAFTED

(Natural News) For decades, mostly Democrat-run states have won favor — and votes — among key political constituencies by padding their pensions. But as the tax base in many of these states dried up as people fled high levies and high prices — Illinois, New Jersey, and Connecticut come to mind — […]

Bennett says opening cemeteries on Memorial Day would have been a ‘virus bomb’

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday defended the government’s plan to shutter the country’s military cemeteries for next week’s Memorial Day out of concerns that people would visit them en masse and potentially spread the coronavirus. “This was a very, very difficult decision, but it was necessary as every year some 1.5 million people visit […]

What would a Biden administration foreign policy look like?

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a long foreign policy track record and very little of it is impressive. Mondoweiss spoke with Jacobin staff writer Branko Marcetic about Biden’s past votes, devotion to Israel, disagreements with Obama, and how a Biden foreign policy would look compared to Trump’s. Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden […]

If Movie Theaters Reopened, Would You Go?

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Trump has slated movie theaters as one of the first businesses to reopen. Will you go? Trump has a Three Phase Plan to Reopen America.  Phase one: Restaurants, movie theaters, sporting venues, places of worship and gyms can reopen if they observe strict social distancing. Elective surgeries can resume when appropriate […]

No Cannes do! French police turn away would-be holidaymakers fleeing London lockdown in private jet

The group of Croatian, German, French, Romanian, and Ukrainian nationals had planned to spend a few days on the French Riviera despite the fact that the country has been in lockdown since March 17. Their flight arrived last Saturday but the incident was only publicized by French police Thursday. The group of seven men, aged […]

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