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Secession in Virginia Would Defuse the State’s Conflict over Guns

Earlier this month, West Virginia state senator Charles Trump introduced a senate resolution requesting that the citizens of Frederick County consider joining West Virginia. That is, the West Virginia Senate invited the county to secede from Virginia and join West Virginia.  The Senate later adopted the resolution. Resolutions like these don’t change any laws, but […]

Let’s Contemplate A Future Without Money & How It Would Work

The Facts: Togo, a country in West Africa has decided to ban the use of toxic chemical pesticide, glyphosate because of growing health and environmental concerns. Reflect On: Togo joins 20 other countries who have decided to ban this pesticide, do you think your country will ever do the same? Recently, a country in West […]

HSBC Whistleblower Interview: World Economy Would Collapse if Banks Stopped Laundering Money

Do you ever wonder why the mainstream corporate media always tries to sell the public half truths, if any truth at all? Why the governments seem to only prosecute and jail members of the public and never the CEOs of companies or heads of organizations responsible for the largest and most wicked crimes? […]

Russia would annihilate the US in a nuclear war

…by Jonas E. Alexis Oliver Stone once again should be recommended for asking Vladimir Putin thought-provoking questions. Back in 2017, Stone asked Putin: “In a hot war is the US dominant?” Without hesitation, Putin responded: “I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict.” In other words, the Neocons, the war machine, ethnic cleansers in […]

If Martians Teleported The Davos Crowd To A Distant Moon, Who Would Mourn And Who Would Cheer?

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The system that has so enriched the self-serving Davos Crowd is unraveling, and technocratic tweaks, carbon trading and philanthro-capitalism can’t fix what’s broken. Thought experiment: If the Martians teleported the entire Davos Crowd to a distant moon, who would mourn and who would cheer? Friends and family of the disappeared elites would […]

New anti-boycott bill would be more extensive than previous legislation

Boycott legislation: May 15, 2019, Rep. Lee Zeldin joins House Republican colleagues in announcing H.R.336, the Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019. The latest anti-BDS bill seeks to prohibit Americans from participating in UN- and EU-issued calls to boycott Israel, and fails to hold Israel accountable for human rights violations. news […]

91% of Peer-Reviewed Papers Find Medicare for All Would Save Public Money, Cover Everyone

91 percent of all peer-reviewed scientific articles find that a single payer healthcare system like Medicare for All would save the country money, according to a meta analysis released Wednesday. The study, published in the influential open access journal PLOS Medicine, is a systematic review of 22 single payer plans from 18 studies, published between […]

Congressional Republicans are pushing an anti-BDS bill that would target the UN and EU

Congressional Republicans continue to push legislation that targets the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and their first move of 2020 is the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. The legislation, which was introduced by rabidly pro-Israel Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), would an add an amendment to the Export Administration Act of 1979 that would prohibit boycotts against […]

Amy Klobuchar says she would work on increasing support for Israel if elected president

Presidential hopeful Amy Klobuchar was interviewed by the New York Times editorial board as part of their endorsement process yesterday. The Minnesota Senator addressed a number of topics, including Israel. Klobuchar implied she might roll back the Trump administration’s declaration on the legality of settlements, but said she would not move the United States Embassy […]

Iraq ouster of foreign troops would show US ‘failure,’ Mideast experts say

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AFP) — When it invaded in 2003, the United States promised “Iraqi freedom,” democracy, and prosperity. But 17 years later, its troops may be ousted from a country beset by just the opposite. After a parliamentary vote earlier this month, Iraq’s government is preparing to order foreign forces out of the country in […]

Formula still works: Jojo Rabbit is an average film that would never get 6 Oscar noms if it wasn’t about the HOLOCAUST

Directed by Taika Waititi, the comedy drama tells the story of a young German boy in the Hitler Youth whose imaginary friend is a whimsical Adolf Hitler. Jojo, the titular character, comes to question his Nazi beliefs when he meets a teenage Jewish girl his mother helps to hide in the walls of his house. […]

Navy: Releasing UFO Files Would Cause “Exceptionally Grave Damage to US National Security”

(ZH) — A trove of classified materials associated with an infamous UFO incident marked TOP SECRET are so sensitive that their release would cause “exceptionally grave damage” to US national security according to the Navy. The files, related to the 2004 encounter between the USS Nimitz and a series of strange, “Tic Tac” shaped UFOs, […]

Breaking News: Nancy Pelosi said the House would vote Wednesday to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, allowing a long-awaited trial to begin. — © blogfactory

House Will Vote Wednesday to Send Impeachment Articles, Pelosi Says The speaker, who has waited nearly a month to transmit the papers which will allow thr trial to begin. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday that the House will vote Wednesday to send the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, three […] […]

A Full-Scale War In The Middle East Would Be A ‘Catastrophe For The Whole World’ Putin Warns

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that a full-scale war in the Middle East would be a ‘catastrophe for the whole world’. He said that large-scale military conflicts would be a catastrophe not only for the region but for the world and that it would lead to ‘new flows of migrants’ to Europe and other […]

John Kerry: I Knew US Dollars From Obama’s Iran Deal Would End Up Funding TERRORISTS

Former Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that he knew part of the money sent to Iran as part of Obama’s Iran nuclear deal would end up in the hands of militant Iranian terror groups. “To put a fine point on it, do you believe that any of that 55 billion dollars ends up in […]

Virginia bill would allow the state to vaccinated children without parental consent

(Natural News) First it was gun control. Now it’s vaccine policy that the police state of Virginia is trying to manipulate so that minors can choose to get vaccinated or even obtain birth control without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Senate Bill 104, introduced by Virginia Democrats, would basically treat […]

Vermont Bill would ban cell phone use for anyone under 21: ‘Cell phone is much more dangerous than a gun’

   A bill proposed by Democratic Vermont state Sen. John Rodgers would ban cell phone use for anyone under 21. The bill, introduced on the first day of Vermont’s 2020 legislative session, would punish anyone under 21 years old who is caught with a cell phone with one year in prison, a $1,000 fine, or […]

The UN predicted Gaza would be unlivable by 2020. They were right.

While revelers around the world are making new year’s resolutions for 2020, in the Gaza Strip, a different kind of assessment is taking place as Palestinians try to determine whether, or how, they can survive the next 10 years. In 2012, the United Nations published a report whose title asked a jarring question: “Gaza in […]

‘Macron would do well to reread the history of France’: Plan to confer Legion of Honor on London gets frosty reception

Le Figaro reports that the Legion of Honor, France’s highest order of merit, will be conferred on London during France’s ‘year of de Gaulle’ in 2020, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the death of former president and French Resistance leader Charles de Gaulle. He lived in exile in the British capital during the Nazi […]

Hong Kong protesters co-opt GTA for their riots, get owned by mainland gamers – if only it would all stay online

GTA V, an action-adventure game originally released in 2013, was updated last month with the Diamond Casino Heist expansion pack, which expanded options for character clothing. Within days, gamers were dressing up in gas masks and yellow safety helmets, the “Hong Kong hero” outfit worn by protesters in the autonomous Chinese city. The virtual protesters […]

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