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Iron Man is now a black teen girl: Forced diversity is killing Marvel & DC comics but anti-SJW writers are fighting back

Race swaps & hipster comics In autumn 2014, readers of American Superhero comics came across something  a bit different. The first issue of Marvel’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl saw an established character strangely changed from a cute and sassy young woman into an awkwardly shaped, goofwho cracked unfunny gags about pop culture. She was, bluntly, ugly […]

Zarif holds meeting with a group of female Indian writers, journalists

MNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has held a meeting with a group of female Indian writers and journalists. According to a statement by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Mousavi, the meeting took place on Sunday afternoon in Tehran. At the meeting, according to the spokesman, Indian women raised questions on a variety […]

Just hours left to support young Palestinian writers

This week, we at Mondoweiss have been highlighting some extraordinary people: youth in Gaza who work with the project We Are Not Numbers to sharpen their prose for publication.  And we’ve asked you to step up to support this valuable project and its partnership with Mondoweiss. If you already have, THANK YOU! We are very […]

The match has been increased! Support Gaza writers by unlocking these funds before time runs out.

I’ve been a reader and supporter of Mondoweiss for years, and because I think it fills such an important role, I’m writing to urge you to act now in support. If you commit now to be a recurring donor at any level, you will trigger a $100 match. But only if you sign up by […]

Why the blind spot on the part of some of the best writers when it comes to the Old Testament?

            As the readers have observed, this blog has written against the violence of the OT and has done it’s best to warn the “gentile world” of pouring so much devotion and energy into the Old Testament part of the Bible known as the Torah. Not a rejection of the […]

Petition for new writers to remake GoT final season reaches more than 350k signatures

The petition called “Remake Game of Thrones Season 8 with competent writers” states that “David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (i.e. the books) to fall back on.” READ MORE: Mother of drones: Game of Thrones heel turn sparks viral US foreign […]

Contemporary Palestine as told by its writers and poets in Marcello Di Cintio’s ‘Pay No Heed to the Rockets’

Below is an exclusive excerpt of Marcello Di Cintio‘s political-literary travelogue “Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Life in Contemporary Palestine,” published today, September 4, 2018.   PAY NO HEED TO THE ROCKETS Life in Contemporary Palestine By Marcello Di Cintio 256 pp. Counterpoint Press $26 In 1996, Mourid Barghouti sat in a waiting room on the […]

Dareen Tatour joins eminent Palestinian writers persecuted by Israel

Tamara Nassar Rights and Accountability 1 August 2018 Poet Dareen Tatour in Jaffa on 1 August. A day earlier she was sentenced to five months in prison by an Israeli court for social media posts and a poem. Heidi Levine SIPA An Israeli court sentenced Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour to five months in prison on […]

Four Writers Versus the White Race

By Eric Thomson (1999) Many self-styled racists promote certain authors, not for their value to Aryans, but because certain enemies of Our Race, mainly Christians, do not like them. Analyzed from a racial standpoint: IS IT GOOD FOR WHITES? there is much that is objectionable in their works. I address this article to four writers […]

‘NYT’ writers slam left for intolerance of dissent– on Israel panel that excludes anti-Zionists and Palestinians

New York Times columnists Bret Stephens and Roger Cohen repeatedly bashed the left for not tolerating dissent at a panel about Israel in New York last week. Cohen called for “unsafe” speech and “open discussions, fierce debate” so as to fend off a “monolithic” McCarthyist “mob” on campuses. But the panel itself embodied Jewish intolerance of dissent: […]

The CIA’s 60-Year History of Fake News: How the Deep State Corrupted Many American Writers

Joel Whitney’s new book, “Finks: How the C.I.A. Tricked the World’s Best Writers,” explores how the CIA influenced acclaimed writers and publications during the Cold War to produce subtly anti-communist material. During the interview, Scheer and Whitney discuss these manipulations and how the CIA controlled major news agencies and respected literary publications (such as the […]

Tilda Swinton, other writers, actors, musicians condemn Trump’s Jerusalem move

Tilda Swinton, Mark Ruffalo, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno are among dozens of writers, musicians and actors condemned Donald Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. “In recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,” the letter states, “Donald Trump seeks to achieve through a declaration what Israel has been trying to do for […]

Writers and artists declare solidarity with persecuted Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour

Since the night of October 11, 2015, when Israeli soldiers burst in and arrested Dareen Tatour from her home after she posted a poem on social media prosecutors later claimed encouraged violence, the Palestinian poet has been enmeshed in the absurdity of Israel’s selectively guaranteed right to free speech. Tatour was indicted on two counts, […]

Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians’ careers ‘suddenly stalled’ — Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan has long been a singular critical voice on the Israel question among U.S. mainstream columnists and he plays that role again at New York Magazine in a column blasting Chuck Schumer for leading the charge on “creeping authoritarianism” with the new “Israel Anti-Boycott Act”. Sullivan ascribes the bill to the “complete… grip of […]

The Daily Stormer is Hiring Writers (And Soliciting Donations to Pay Them)

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 18, 2017 Here’s the deal. This site needs more news writers. We do not need more people writing essay regarding their thoughts on whatever, we need news pieces, like the ones which fill-up most of this site. I see great effortposts on /pol/ and other forums every day. […]

Abbas should stop playing us for political gain, say young Gazan writers

Mahmoud Abbas, the once-legitimate president of Palestine (the last election was in 2005), meets with U.S. President Donald Trump May 3. And as if to prove his “mettle,” he has declared a war on Gaza. Abbas has literally thrown down the gauntlet to Hamas, demanding that it cede its control of the government in Gaza […]

Lawmakers urge Obama to appoint special envoy for Palestinian children

Press Release from Defense for Children International-Palestine (DCIP) and American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) — No Way to Treat a Child Campaign: Twenty members of Congress signed a letter to President Barack Obama on Monday, urging the appointment of a Special Envoy for Palestinian Children to ensure the U.S. government prioritizes Palestinian children’s rights. Logo: No Way to […]

Rise of the robots: Smartphone maker Foxconn eliminates 60,000 factory jobs by switching to robot workers

     The manufacturing hub for the electronics industry, Kunshan, in Jiangsu province, is seeking a drastic reduction in labour costs as it undergoes a makeover after an industrial explosion killed 146 people in 2014. The county, one-seventh the size of neighbouring Shanghai and the mainland’s first county to achieve US$4,000 per capita income, was adjudged […]

Fort Mac Fire And Feel-Good Boosterism For Extractive Industry

Print Friendly Above Photo: Flickr/Premier of Alberta It’s been inescapable: the emotion that rises each time another story crosses the screen about the wildfires in Alberta is enough to occupy any free, thinking part of a brain and burst an already full chamber of a heart. Especially when we think about 90,000 people fleeing a Canadian […]

A 50-year-old Palestinian is killed in alleged attack, while two 12-year-olds are arrested

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / Jerusalem Palestinian shot, killed by Israeli forces after attempted attack near Hebron BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 14 Apr — A Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli forces at the entrance of the al-Arroub refugee camp in the southern occupied West Bank on Thursday afternoon, after reportedly attempting to attack […]

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