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‘Catastrophically wrong’: German court declares regional lockdown UNCONSTITUTIONAL in ‘politically explosive’ decision

A German district court has declared a strict lockdown imposed by the government of the central state of Thuringia last spring unconstitutional, as it acquitted a person accused of violating it. A trivial case about a man violating strict German lockdown rules by celebrating a birthday with his friends has ended up in a decision […]

‘Are you QAnon?’: One Trump official’s brush with an internet cult gone horribly wrong

“It’s clear that the QAnon conspiracy was a core of what was going on at the Capitol and I want to do everything I can to delegitimize this conspiracy,” Cohen, 34, told POLITICO in an interview. “The country deserved better on Jan. 6 — what transpired was appalling and completely at odds with our democratic […]

Ireland Apologizes For ‘Profound Wrong’ Of Cruelty At Church-Run Homes For Unwed Mothers

LONDON (AP) — Ireland’s prime minster issued a formal state apology Wednesday to the thousands of unmarried women and their children who endured pain, shame and stigma at church-run institutions, saying his government was determined to start righting the country’s wrongs. Prime Minister Micheal Martin’s apology came a day after the final report of an […]

Photo of antisemitic shirt at Capitol siege goes viral. Why was it wrong?

Each got one thing wrong: The picture wasn’t from that day. Source 00 Hits: 13

Gantz: I Was Wrong To Shake Netanyahu’s Hand, Parties That Oppose Him Must Unite

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz on Monday night said that he “was wrong” to have shaken Benjamin Netanyahu’s hand and enter into his coalition earlier this year, and pleaded for an alliance of all who oppose the premier, in order to boot him from office. “Three times, we were close to ensuring that he’d […]

‘I was wrong to join Netanyahu’: Gantz calls for broad center-left coalition

Facing dire political prospects, Kahol Lavan chairman tells other party leaders: ‘Let’s unite and send Bibi home’ ■ Netanyahu calls off cabinet meeting set for Tuesday 00 Hits: 2

‘I Was Wrong’: Jeremiah Johnson Apologizes for False Prophecy Predicting Trump Second Term Win

CHARLOTTE, NC — Self-identified prophet Jeremiah Johnson, who, according to a recent statement, believed he had been “given an assignment to help the body of Christ prophetically discern the plans God had for Donald Trump,” has apologized for falsely prophesying that Trump would win a second term in the White House. “I would like to repent […]

Rand Paul Calls Capitol Storm “Wrong And Un-American”

Senator Rand Paul labelled the chaos that unfolded at the Capitol building Wednesday as “wrong and un-American” and explained he was not siding with other Republicans on opposing the election verdict because he “cannot vote to overturn the verdict of the states”. “I wrote a speech today. I was planning to say I fear the […]

Twelve Times the Lockdowners Were Wrong

Phillip W. MagnessAIER This has been a year of astonishing policy failure. We are surrounded by devastation conceived and cheered by intellectuals and their political handmaidens. The errors number in the thousands, so please consider the following little more than a first draft, a mere guide to what will surely be unearthed in the coming […]

Is there something wrong with a program that encourages in-marriage?

December 20, 2020 by Jonathan S. Tobin – Read on for article What’s the point of programs that were designed to encourage young people to embrace their Jewish identity? Birthright participants hike up Masada, Israeli flag in hand. Credit: Birthright Israel. There was little doubt about what was on the minds of those supporting […]

Joe Biden Says He’s ‘Confident’ That His Son Hunter Did Nothing Wrong

Joe Biden has claimed that he was “confident” his son Hunter Biden did nothing wrong. “Are you confident that your son did nothing wrong?” Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked after a press event in Delaware on Wednesday. “I’m confident,” Biden replied but did not elaborate further. Breitbart repirts: Biden’s son Hunter is under investigation […]

Trump proved the experts wrong on the Middle East, leaving Biden with a new reality

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Pop Star Shawn Mendes Apologizes to Sam Smith for Calling Him the Wrong Pronoun

Singer Shawn Mendes has apologized to singer Sam Smith for calling him the wrong pronoun while introducing Smith at the 2020 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball show on Thursday. Mendes referred to Smith as “he” instead of “they.” “Oh @samsmith I’m so sorry for refferring[sic] to you as a ‘he’ for your jingle ball introduction,” wrote the 22-year-old singer on his Instagram […]

Truth movement was wrong all along.Donald Trump has ‘brought peace’ to the Middle East

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Scheer Intelligence: What They Got Wrong In ‘The Trial Of The Chicago 7’

Above image: By Mr. Fish. The historian, who wrote “Conspiracy in the Streets” on the subject of the Netflix film, sets the record straight on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence.” “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” an Aaron Sorkin film that recently aired on Netflix, brought an important chapter in the history of American activism to […]

USPS contractor: “Something profoundly wrong occurred in Wisconsin during the presidential election”

Posted on December 2, 2020 by martyrashrakat [embedded content] USPS contractor: “I’m not a Trump supporter. I’m not a Biden supporter either…But, something profoundly wrong occurred in #Wisconsin during the presidential election – and the American people have a right to know.” MUST WATCH! Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Related Filed under: USA | […]

A chance to right a historical wrong

December 1, 2020 by Gilad Erdan Read on for article Some 850,000 Jews have been deported from Arab countries and Iran, but their stories are not heard in E.U. meetings and their photos cannot be found hanging in exhibitions in the corridors of the United Nations. Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gilad Erdan, in his […]

Meet The Wrong Type of Jew

[embedded content] Starmer Promised to ‘tear the poison of anti-Semitism out of Labour’ – what he meant was expelling supporters of the Palestinians from the Labour Party You Can’t Unite With A Rattlesnake  [embedded content]… 00 Hits: 10

Japan’s handling of Carlos Ghosn was wrong, say rights experts

A panel of human rights experts working with the United Nations said Monday that former Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn was wrongly detained in Japan and has urged “compensation” for him from the Japanese government. The Japanese government denounced the report as a “totally unacceptable” viewpoint that will change nothing in the country’s legal process. In […]

It’s Wrong that Millions of People Are Questioning Election Results Says Obama

There is “no legal basis” for the Trump campaign’s lawsuits and that it is ‘very disappointing’ that people are questioning the election results according to Barack Obama The former president discussed the election in an interview with Gayle King that was scheduled to air on “CBS Sunday Morning” The Gateway Pundit reports: During the interview, […]

False Prophet Apologizes for Getting Trump Win Wrong, Tells Biden ‘You’re My President’

(Yahoo News/The Independent) — In the run up to the presidential elections, a number of evangelical Christian leaders had forecast a clear win for Donald Trump — and they are now having to apologize for “missing the prophecy” after Joe Biden was named president-elect. California pastor Kris Vallotton apologized to Biden directly on Instagram, stating […]

I was a Never Trumper. I couldn’t have been more wrong

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Jack Dorsey Admits Censorship of New York Post Story Was “Wrong”

Twitter has locked the accounts of anyone who shared the New York Post story regarding Joe Biden’s foreign lobbying scandal, including media organisations, reporters, celebrities, and even government officials. The story, which has been met with denials from the Biden campaign, claims that Hunter Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a […]

Vitamin D Supplementation: This Is Why It Can Be Wrong

October 16th, 2020 By Raluca Schachter Contributing writer for Wake Up World Over the past decade, vitamin D has distinguished itself as a miracle supplement. Hundreds of research studies suggest that vitamin D can help prevent a multitude of conditions, from osteoporosis to autoimmune disorders, immune function, cardiovascular disease, cancer and more. Statistics suggest that a large […]

Tennessee: Hungry Negroid Opens Fire in KFC for Receiving Wrong Order

More confirmation that negroes carry significant genes which contribute to extremely low levels of emotional impulse control. Newsweek: Police are hunting a man who allegedly fired shots into a KFC drive-thru in Tennessee after being given the wrong order. Detectives said a man in a grey freightliner semi-truck pulled up at the fast food outlet […]

The Washington Post, Which Endorsed Biden, Says Biden Did Nothing Wrong

The Washington Post, which endorsed Joe Biden for president, has investigated his alleged foreign lobbying scandal and concluded that Biden did nothing wrong. Well, that’s that then. Yesterday, the New York Post revealed details of emails recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop that showed Biden had introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top […]

Democrat Arrested For Requesting Mail-In Ballot For Dead Wife Says ‘I ‘Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’

A registered Democrat who was arrested Thursday and charged with a third-degree felony after he requested a mail-in ballot for his dead wife told WFLA that “I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong.” Larry Wiggins, 62, a lifelong Democrat, says he tried to get a mail-in ballot for his deceased wife because he was “testing the system […]

There’s Nothing Wrong with the Air: Let’s Simplify the Covid-19 Plot Dr. John Reizer When most people look at the vast amount of information presented by mainstream media companies, they become frustrated. The average person will often throw up their arms in disgust and walk away from the subject being reported more confused than ever. That’s the goal of mainstream media companies; they strive to […]

After complaint, tiny Swastika, NY, decides nothing wrong with town’s name

SWASTIKA, New York — The rural upstate New York hamlet of Swastika is keeping its name, despite a complaint that it symbolizes the hate and intolerance of the Nazi regime. The unincorporated crossroads in the Adirondack Mountain town of Black Brook, about 35 miles (56 kilometers) south of the US-Canada border, has been known as […]

Bulgarian Soccer Fans Hold ‘Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong’ Banner

A viral image from Bulgaria has circulated the internet with a political banner that reads “Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong… He is a hero…” despite many on the left, and big tech company Facebook, determining the 17-year-old is guilty without a trial. Before a recent fixture, hardcore supporters for one of the Eastern European’s capital city’s […]

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