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Trump’s New Campaign Video Shows the Destruction Wrought By BLM & Biden/Harris

Trump is going to get more based as the election approaches. He always does this. Trump understands that BLM and Antifa are the Democrat Party’s henchmen who they control through cash injections. These are rioters-on-demand for the Demoncrats and marxist jews. They do what George Soros and the elite jew mafia tells them to do. […]

Drone footage shows devastation wrought by Beirut blast

Drone footage has given a view of the devastation caused by the August 4 explosion in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. The explosion, apparently caused by a massive stock of poorly stored ammonium nitrate, tore through the capital, killing at least 180 people and injuring 6,000. The head of Lebanon’s customs authority was formally arrested […]

Ron Paul: What Has QE Wrought?

What Has QE Wrought? By Ron Paul The Great Recession began in 2007. It didnt take long for the money managers to recognize its severity, and that a little tinkering with interest rates would not suffice in dealing with the economic downturn. In Dec. 2008, the first of four Quantitative Easing programs began which did […]

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