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Media and politicians didn’t care about chaos the US caused in Syria for years, but now that Trump can be blamed, they’re outraged

“Plenty of reason here for the US possibly to become involved,” pleaded a horrified MSNBC correspondent this week, chastising Trump for ignoring “war crimes” and “human rights abuses” by Turkish forces. Yet, while he and others cloak their demands for continued US military action in humanitarian concern for the Kurds in the face of Ankara’s […]

Dutch family discovered living in cellar for nine years waiting for world’s end

   Authorities in the Netherlands have launched a major investigation after an apparent family of 7 was discovered living in the basement of an isolated farm, allegedly “waiting for the end of time.” Police in Drenthe said on Twitter that someone reported they were worried about the living conditions of people who were living in […]

Dutch Family Found Living In Basement For 9 Years ‘Waiting For End Of Time’

A family of six who spent nine years in a basement have been discovered by police in the Netherlands after one of them turned up at a local pub.  Five siblings aged between 18 and 25 along with their sick father have been rescued from a hidden basement in a Dutch farmhouse after the eldest son […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Two female Islamist terrorists sentenced to 25+ years for Notre Dame ‘bombing’ attempt in 2016

   Two French members of an all-female Islamic terror group linked to ISIS have been sentenced to over 25 years in prison each for their failed attempt to blow up Notre Dame cathedral with a car packed full of gas cylinders. Inès Madani and Ornella Gilligmann received 30 and 25 years in prison, respectively, on […]

Harsh: Spain sentences Catalonia independence leaders to 13 years imprisonment for sedition – Protests erupt in Barcelona

   Former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras has been sentenced to 13 years in prison by Spain’s Supreme Court for his role in the attempted secession by authorities in Barcelona in 2017. Junqueras was among nine separatist leaders who were sentenced to between nine and 13 years in prison for sedition for their part in […]

Israeli-American jailed by Russia for 7.5 years for smuggling marijuana

Russia on Friday jailed an Israeli-American woman accused of smuggling marijuana for 7.5 years. Israel had reportedly rejected repeated Russian offers for a prisoner exchange that would have seen Moscow free Naama Issachar in exchange for the release of a Russian hacker who is due to be extradited from Israel to the United States. Israel’s […]

Five Years Later, Do Black Lives Matter?

Five Years Later, Do Black Lives Matter? Above Photo: From Five years since its inception, a look at what the Black Lives Matter movement accomplished and the important work it left unfinished. “Today, there are few signs of the grassroots Black Lives Matter movement that in its first years captured the imagination and hopes of […]

120 Years of Climate Scares: Global Cooling, Global Warming and Now Climate Change

Scientists seeking funding and journalists seeking an audience agree: panic sells. “Global cooling is going to kills us all!” “No, wait: global warming is going to kill us all!” All that’s  missing is a back-and-forth of “You shut up!” “No, you shut up!” That is reserved for those who doubt the need for panic. And […]

Iranian women attend first soccer match in 40 years

Reuters – Iranian women entered the country’s national stadium in Tehran on Thursday after being able to purchase tickets for a national team game for the first time in 40 years. Women have been banned from watching men’s games since shortly after the 1979 Islamic revolution with only a few exceptions made for small groups […]

400,000 years ago prehistoric humans ate bone marrow like canned soup

   Tel Aviv University researchers, in collaboration with scholars from Spain, have uncovered evidence of the storage and delayed consumption of animal bone marrow at Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv, the site of many major discoveries from the late Lower Paleolithic period some 400,000 years ago. The research provides direct evidence that early Paleolithic people […]

Brexit: Parliament’s first Saturday sitting for 37 years to vote between crash out or extension

   MPs to be recalled on 19 October, even with no agreement to vote on – and told to choose between crashing out or an extension Boris Johnson is preparing a dramatic Saturday sitting of parliament later this month in a last-gasp attempt to avoid having to ask the EU for a Brexit delay. MPs […]

18-Year Old US Soldiers Now Entering Afghanistan 18 Years After War Began

This week America’s longest war in Afghanistan turned eighteen, and so did its youngest solder. To mark the occasion, ABC News profiled the US occupation’s newest American member: “Pvt. Hunter Nines is about to join a war nearly as old as he is,” the report said. Reflecting on his first impending deployment […]

Despite doomsday predictions, US Jewish community grew 10% in last seven years

NEW YORK (JTA) — In the past seven years, the American Jewish population has grown 10 percent. It remains a population that is mostly liberal, college educated and overwhelmingly white. And it’s not getting any younger. This is all according to a new American Jewish population estimate of the 48 contiguous US states put out […]

Student, Car Loans Surge Most In Three Years

By Tyler Durden While the total increase in US consumer credit in August was hardly a major outlier, rising by $17.9BN, below last month’s $23.05BN if above expectations for a $15.25BN print, and pushing the total number to a new record high of $4.14 trillion, the components of the overall number were surprising. The first […]

Mystery of the last mam­moths that died suddenly 4,000 years ago

   The last woolly mammoths lived on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean; they died out 4,000 years ago within a very short time. An international research team from the Universities of Helsinki and Tübingen and the Russian Academy of Sciences has now reconstructed the scenario that could have led to the mammoths’ extinction. The […]

Masonic Jewish Conspiracy – Last Moment of Lucidity Was 99 Years Ago

now in mainstream use.   It makes us nostalgic for that brief shining moment 99 years ago  when the mainstream media could still mention the most pressing issue of all time. In July 1920, the staid Tory newspaper, The Morning Post published a series of 18 articles saying there has long existed, “like a canker at the heart […]

Italy’s "Lord Of The Wind" Gets 9 Years For Financing Mafia

Authored by Irina Slav via, Italy’s “Wind King”, or the “Lord of the Wind” Vito Nicastri has been sentenced to nine years in prison for channeling profits from his wind power business to Cosa Nostra’s Matteo Messina Denaro. The Guardian reports that Nicastri was stripped of his companies and property back in 2013 during […]

5 Unanswered Questions that Still Remain 2 Years After the Vegas Shooting

By Matt Agorist It has been exactly two years since Stephen Paddock allegedly busted out the windows of his suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel and opened fire on concert goers below. In total, 58 people would be slaughtered and hundreds of others injured. Sadly, in all the time and […]

Human trafficker, on the run for 17 years after prison break, found in Chinese cave by police drone

   A 63-year-old man who had been on the run for 17 years after pulling off a daring prison break was finally captured by Chinese police, who tracked the fugitive to a cave using drones. Song Jiang was apprehended at his mountainous hideout on September 19 by Yongshan police in Yunnan province, south-west China, after […]

Climate Change Hoax Dates Back 80 Years

  September 29, 2019 Young people are not being told about all the long history of ‘climate disaster’ predictions, that have turned out to be laughable and totally wrong, despite coming from ‘scientists’ – ‘Dozens Of Failed Climate Predictions Stretch 80 Years Back’ Source Article from Related Posts Media and politicians didn’t care about […]

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