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Yemen: A Torrent Of Suffering In A Time of Siege

Above photo: Some of the 40 blue backpacks worn in a protest in New York city against the war in Yemen. Each backpack was accompanied by a sign with the name and age of a child killed on a school bus in Dahyan, northern Yemen, on August 9, 2018, in a Saudi/UAE airstrike. Credit: CODEPINK. […]

Saudi Coalition Attack on Yemen Wedding Party Leaves Over 30 Civilians Dead

AL-JAWF, YEMEN — A wedding anywhere in the world is a happy occasion for couples and their families celebrating a new shared life, Yemen is no exception. Weddings traditionally include thousands of guests gathered in large halls or houses, but not since 2015, when the war began and the Saudi-led coalition began turning Yemen’s weddings […]

Is What’s Happening in Yemen Really Genocide?

What Qualifies as Genocide? There isn’t a concrete definition of the word “genocide” and, unfortunately, the word gets thrown around a lot when it doesn’t actually apply. Google defines the term very generally as “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.” Wow, with that definition, what’s […]

The project of bartering Syria with Yemen and Lebanon with Iraq مشروع لمقايضة سورية باليمن ولبنان بالعراق؟

The project of bartering Syria with Yemen and Lebanon with Iraq مايو 31, 2018 Written by Nasser Kandil, In parallel with testing paths led by Washington and its allies; the occupation entity and the Saudi entity about the results of the recognition of Jerusalem as a capital of the occupation entity and how to adapt […]

Saudi Attempts to Sow Seeds of Sectarianism in Yemen Are Backfiring

SANA’A, YEMEN — A  phalanx of flickering video cameras frames the portly Saudi Imam in a shimmering half-light, as he exhorts a brigade of Sunni Muslim mercenaries from the East African nation of Sudan to prepare for battle with rebels from Yemen’s Shia sect known as Houthis. The (Saudi) King Salman Bin Abdulaziz brought you […]

Can We All Agree That U.S. Officials Are Lying About Yemen?

21st Century Wire says… The article “US Army Special Forces Secretly Sent to Fight Houthis in Yemen“, published to last week caught our attention, as we continue to follow the bouncing ball of  regime change around the world. In the report, we learned that the U.S. military is more deeply involved with the Saudi […]

Yemen: Thousands rally in Sana’a against Jerusalem Embassy move

05/05/2018 BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:15 A.M.) – A pro-Palestinian demonstration was held in San’a on Friday with thousands voicing their anger over US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US’s Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. People held Palestinian and Yemeni flags, expressing their support for the Palestinian people. US Secretary of State Mike […]

Contrary to claims, US army in Yemen doing Saudis’ dirty work

     A new report has torn the mask off the Pentagon’s public narrative that it does not specifically involve itself in the Yemeni Civil War except to refuel Saudi-coalition warplanes: US Army Green Berets are at work on the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border to find and destroy the Houthis’ missile stockpiles. “With virtually no public discussion […]

Yemen’s Houthis See Ballistic Missiles as Last Hope to Deter Saudi Aggression

SANA’A, YEMEN (Report) – Saudi Arabia’s bloody war on Yemen has killed and injured over 600,000 civilians, including more than a quarter of a million children, since it’s onset in March 2015, and it shows no signs of letting up. On April 2, Saudi warplanes targeted a refugee camp in Yemen’s Hodeidah province, leaving piles […]

Yemen – Massacres and Assassinations Trigger a New Phase of War

In mid April some 20+ of Sudanese soldiers were killed in an ambush in northern Yemen. Sudan, which sent up to 10,000 soldiers to Yemen in hope of Saudi money, is reconsidering its engagement. The Gulf states had promised investments in Sudan and the lifting of U.S. sanction in exchange for sending cannon fodder. Neither happened. The war […]

New Report Reveals Involvement of 7,000 UK personnel in Saudi-Led Bombing of Yemen

LONDON – While criticism leveled against the U.K. government for its involvement in Yemen has focused on the country’s arms sales to Saudi Arabia, newly published government documents reveal that the U.K.’s complicity in the conflict runs much deeper. The documents were made public in a newly published paper titled “UK Personnel Supporting the Saudi […]

Wolf Blitzer Defends Slaughtering Children in Yemen Because It Creates Jobs for the War Machine

Saudi Arabia has been  bombing Yemen with American support in an ongoing war with no end in sight. An analysis from Unicef reported that 5,000 children have been slaughtered in the war, while 400,000 are malnourished. Reports indicate that out of Yemen’s population of 27 million people, 7 millions civilians are facing starvation and 19 million are […]

#Royal Baby Celebrated Across The World While Yemen Gets Bombed Again

21st Century Wire says… This week, the UK and the World celebrated the birth of princess Kate’s and Prince Bill’s latest healthy offspring. Meanwhile, a Saudi-led airstrike on a wedding party in Yemen killed more than 20 people and wounded dozens of others, including children, and likely killed by US & UK bombs. #RoyalBaby Indeed, […]

UK COLUMN: US-UK War Crimes Yemen, Guardian’s Anti-Syria Propaganda, Novichok Lies, Trump’s DPRK Play and More

Another US-UK backed Saudi bombing of a wedding in Yemen, and the Guardian running Chatham House anti-Syria and anti-Russian propaganda, and as the Neocon hawks circle the White House there’s a potential for geopolitical chicanery as Trump heads to North Korea. Also Boris ‘Novichok’ Johnson clowning at the G7 Summit, UK government cracking down on […]

Yemen Can’t Wait: 18 Martyred, Several Injured in a New Saudi Massacre in Taiz [Graphic content]

  Related News Houthi forces launch ballistic missile at Saudi military airport Houthi forces claim to score direct hit on Saudi airport with ballistic missile in new attack VIDEO: Houthi rebels blow-up entire squad of Saudi-backed fighters with missile strike in northwest Yemen Yemeni Tribal Council protests against US-led airstrikes in Syria Breaking: Houthi forces […]

With MSM AWOL on Yemen, MintPress News Series To Give Yemenis Back Their Voice

SANA’A, Yemen — As the U.S.-Saudi-led war against Yemen enters its third year, the people of this coffin-shaped nation on the Arabian peninsula find themselves struggling not only to survive but to be seen and heard by a mainstream media that is preoccupied with war in neighboring Syria, the resumption of Cold War-like tensions with […]

‘Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria’

As Riyadh’s campaign in Yemen enters its fourth year, it has been repeatedly accused by rights groups of civilian casualties during the bombardment. However, in Syria’s case, reports of a chemical weapon attack in Douma that are yet to be independently corroborated became the trigger for a coordinated military action, Clark pointed out. ‘Toxic, damaging […]

Billion-dollar deals, Paris Opera, but no Yemen: What’s Saudi crown prince’s French trip all about?

France was the third stop of Mohammed bin Salman’s maiden foreign trip as crown prince of Saudi Arabia, following his visits to the US and UK. Though the ultraconservative country has been repeatedly accused of war crimes in Yemen, French President Emmanuel Macron has appeared cautious to remain on friendly terms with Saudi Arabia – […]

Saudi strike in Yemen kills over a dozen members of same family

     More than a dozen civilians have been killed and several others injured when Saudi military aircraft carried out separate airstrikes against residential areas across Yemen as the Riyadh regime continues with its atrocious bombardment campaign against its southern neighbor. A local medical source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Arabic-language al-Masirah television network that […]

Saudi airstrike kills 12 members of same family in Yemen – reports

The 12 victims were all reported to be from the same family. People on the ground said the blast destroyed a house in the al-Hali district of the city. Hodeidah is home to the largest port in war-torn Yemen. It’s the main distribution point for aid for the millions of civilians on the brink of […]

US Admits ‘Doing the Planning’ for Saudi Strikes in Yemen

In a new meeting with reporters, Defense Secretary James Mattis has offered new details about US involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen, providing specifics about what the US is doing that contradict long-standing claims of a very limited, non-combat involvement. Mattis now admits the US is “doing the planning” in Yemen strikes, and has shown […]

Trump Touts $12.5B Saudi Arms Sale as US Support for Yemen War Fuels Atrocities

For the second time in as many years, President Donald Trump welcomed Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, second-in-command to one of the world’s most repressive dictators, to the White House. Trump used Tuesday’s visit to tout the$12.5 billion worth of warplanes, missiles, warships and other weapons the Saudi regime has purchased from US corporations […]

Watching The Hawks – Congress Fails Yemen & Coming Water Shortage | Watching the Hawks on RT America |

Watching The Hawks – Congress Fails Yemen & Coming Water Shortage | Watching the Hawks on RT America | Watching The Congress shows its true colors this week, scuttling measures to both restrain the war on Yemen and overhaul workplace harassment accountability on Capitol Hill. A number of factors are threatening over 5 billion […]

Why 55 U.S. Senators Voted for Genocide in Yemen

Tuesday’s debate and vote in the U.S. Senate on whether to end (technically whether or not to vote on whether to end) U.S. participation in the war on Yemen can certainly be presented as a step forward. While 55 U.S. Senators voted to keep the war rolling along, 44 voted not to table the resolution to end it. Of those […]

Watching The Hawks – Voting on Yemen & Saudi Prince Visits | Watching the Hawks on RT America |

Watching The Hawks – Voting on Yemen & Saudi Prince Visits | Watching the Hawks on RT America | Watching The As US senators are forced to acknowledge their culpability for a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, Saudi Arabias vaunted modernizer-prince pays the White House a visit. RTs Dan Cohen discusses how 15 years since […]

WHO says diphtheria infected over 1,300 people in Yemen

AP— The World Health Organization says a diphtheria outbreak in war-torn Yemen has spread rapidly nationwide and infected more than 1,300 people. WHO said in a statement that children and young adults account for almost 80 percent of cases and more than 70 people have died. Diphtheria, first reported in Yemen in October last year, […]

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis tells Senate US support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen will reduce civilian casualties

     US Defense Secretary James Mattis has defended US military support to the Saudi-led coalition that is waging war in Yemen. He argued it helps to limit the civilian death toll and bring the conflict to a “negotiated” end. “We need to get this [war in Yemen] to a negotiated settlement, and we believe our […]

‘US Empowers Yemen Genocide’: Samantha Power’s Speech Stalled By Student Protesters

‘US Empowers Yemen Genocide’: Samantha Power’s Speech Stalled By Student Protesters Above Photo: © Emeline Armitage / YouTube Students stormed the stage and held banners aloft as former US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power gave a speech at John Hopkins University. The protesters condemned her involvement in the US decision to back the war in […]

Ansarullah Leader Explains How US and UN Sandbagged Yemen Peace Talks

SANA’A, YEMEN (Report) — The U.S.-backed, Saudi-led war against Yemen is entering its fourth year. This war has killed over 13,000 people, injured over 21,000, devastated civilian infrastructure, triggered a famine, and created one of the worst man-made (and very preventable) humanitarian disasters on the planet. As a result of the Saudi-initiated and U.S.-enforced land, […]

It’s Time to Stop US Involvement in Yemen War

By Kelly Choate 09-03-2018 | 11:45 Now entering its fourth year, Yemen’s horrific war has caused the world’s worst humanitarian crisis – and the United States is actively helping to fuel the fire. But legislation put forth by a bipartisan group of senators can put an end to the US role in this horrific war… […]

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