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Zundel’s Merry Christmas to all Political Prisoners

[Editor’s Note: As Christmas draws near once again it brings along with it the grim reminder that all of the political prisoners now in prison in Germany and Austria are Christians. Men and women who are on the forefront of the bitter struggle to challenge the diabolic agenda of the Zionist Jews who […]

THE ZUNDEL TRIAL & FREE SPEECH By Douglas Christie, B.A., L.L.B.

THE ZUNDEL TRIAL & FREE SPEECH By Douglas Christie, B.A., L.L.B. February 25, 1985 dchristie2 DOUGLAS CHRISTIE, B.A., L.L.B. __________________________________________________________ [EDITOR’S NOTE: In the Introduction to this small booklet published by C-FAR back in 1985, then President of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Daryl Reside, wrote: “In this booket, C-FAR’s Canadian Issues […]

Ernst Zundel With David Irving (video)

Ernst Zundel relates his time with David Irving and Jim Rizoles comments at the end. Source Article from Hits: 23

Holocaust Truth: Did Six Million Really Die? by Ernst Zundel & Joseph G. Burg

[Editor’s note: In his recent article about the attack on the Pentagon on 9-11, Gordon closed by musing about why Germany had supplied Dolphin submarines to Israel and posited that Shrimpton and Fulford were perhaps correct in their wild claims about a highly secretive, mysterious group within Germany referred to as the ‘DVD’. Well, I, […]

Saudis Criticize Canada’s Past Oppression of Ernst Zundel During a Disagreement Over Human Rights

An escalating feud between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada over an official disagreement regarding the topic of human rights was set into motion after Canada criticized the Kingdom over human rights violations, so the SKA turned around to criticize Canada for similar issues. As the criticisms between the two countries escalate, a recent crucifixion […]

When Truth Fears Investigation: On August 5th We Honor The Life Of Ernst Zündel

By John Wear August 5, 2018 marks the one year anniversary of Ernst Zündel’s passing. He was essentially kidnapped from the U.S. and forced to remain in Germany. His wife, Ingrid Rimland, was unable to leave the U.S. to be with him. She risked jail time in Germany despite having no previous criminal convictions. His crime? Ernst […]

Ernst Zündel: Future Consequences for Jewish Actions

The late great Ernst Zundel tells an Israeli journalist that Weimar conditions in America will result in a Weimar solution, which has been a long time coming. This comes from a much longer interview. Source Article from Hits: 19

Ernst Zündel’s 2015 Interview at First International Identitarian Congress in Mexico

This appears to be Ernst’s last interview, conducted approximately 2 years before his 2017 death. He was still sharp as a tack. Source Article from Hits: 66

My Most Admirable Friend, Ernst Zündel

By ROBERT FAURISSON The slanted French newspaper Le Monde announces the death of Ernst Zündel In its edition of Saturday, August 12, Le Monde published a long, two-column article by Thomas Wieder, a journalist whose devotion to the “Shoah” cult is well known. Entitled “Ernst Zündel, Holocaust denial publisher” and adorned with a photograph of the deceased, who died […]

Ernst Zündel – The Truth Warrior

This is a short tribute to a man who dedicated his life to restoring the honor of the German people and exposing the vicious lies against them. Source Article from Hits: 17

Another Voice of Freedom: Ernst Zündel Interviews Dr. Fredrick Toben

Gerald Fredrick Töben is a German-born Australian who was director and founder of the Adelaide Institute, which sought to expose the audacious lies of the official story of the Holocaust. He has made a number of documentaries on the subject. Source Article from Hits: 56

Ernst Zündel: Unbowed (35 minute video documentary by Lady Renouf)

A memoir of Ernst Zündel by Lady Michèle Renouf This brief introduction to the video is closely based on an article in Metapedia about Lady Renouf ; details of the video follow. Lady Michèle Renouf (born 1946) was an Australian model, actress and political activist. Now a British national, she has become known in recent years for her defense of […]

Top Canadian Jew says — “Ernst Zündel deserved to die in agony!”

“Ernst Zundel deserved agony, not a quiet exit.”—  Toronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski By Michael In our August 7 eulogy for the late Ernst Zündel, we alluded to the “Talmudic mentality” and the penchant of people afflicted with it for revenge and hatred, which they project on to Zündel in paroxysms of rage and libel.  No […]

Ernst Zündel and the Wicked Silence

By JOHN KAMINSKI IN AN AGE OF TYRANNY,TRUTH IS NO LONGER AN ADEQUATE DEFENSE He gave his life so everyone could be free 8 August 2017.  I can’t think of another person who has had a larger impact on the way people think than Ernst Zündel. By standing up to the powers that be, and […]

VIDEO: RIP Ernst Zundel / Canadian Media Defames Him

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

Dr. Duke Tells the Inspiring Courageous history of Ernst Zundel & Honors His Passing!

Download Today Dr. Duke had a special show in memory of the courageous author Ernst Zundel, who published numerous books and pamphlets on the history of World War II. Unbelievably for societies that pride themselves in being free, he was imprisoned in both Canada and Germany for straying from the orthodox dogma on the “holocaust,” […]

Ernst Zündel: A Lover, not a Hater

Ernst Zündel died of heart failure on August 5 at his ancestral home in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany, near Pforzheim, one day before the anniversary of the atomic holocaust in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. He was 78. He passed away seven years and five months after having served seven years in […]

Iconoclastic Historical Revisionist Ernst Zundel has Passed Away

CBC news has reported that Ernst Zundel who lived in Canada for decades before being deported to Germany to face prosecution has died, according to a statement from his wife Ingrid Zundel. He died Sunday at home in Germany after he was found unconscious by his sister Sigrid.  Upon hearing the news, Zundel’s long time friend, Michael […]

Heroic Holocaust denialist Ernst Zundel has Died

Heroic Holocaust denialist Ernst Zundel has Died Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer August 7, 2017 A true hero passed away over the weekend. Ernst Zundel died Sunday, according to his wife Ingrid. He was found unconscious by his sister Sigrid in his home in Germany. He was 78. Zundel spent his whole life fighting for the […]

In homage to Ernst Zündel

By ROBERT FAURISSON                                              This newsletter No. 6,000 salutes a prestigious hero of revisionism, Ernst Zündel, born in Germany in 1939. Those who, given their relatively young age, do not know just who this […]

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