Taiwan Will Be Easy Pickings for China, says Ex Pat


August 13, 2019


While there may be a reserve of something resembling actual warriors in the Taiwanese military, the overall structure, and composition of Taiwanese forces is a joke. Every major military purchase and upgrade of ships, missiles, weapons systems, etc., is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Since the time of my arrival in Taiwan, mandatory military conscription periods have been reduced from two years, to 18 months, to 14 months, to 11 months, to — drumroll, please — four months.


Taiwan was granted an earlier, carefully scheduled, period of economic super-development, in order to soften them up, to accustom them to success and to pleasure, to effeminate them. These efforts have been successful, wildly successful. Note the recent legalization of gay marriage, under the administration of the New World Order dupe and inveterate political cartoon that is “President” Tsai Ing-Wen, whose name, in English, literally translates as “Vegetable English”.

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