Tens of thousands march for ban on abortions in Slovakia

Tens of thousands marched in Slovakia’s capital on Sunday, calling for a total ban on abortions in the predominantly Catholic central European country.

Abortion laws in Slovakia are relatively liberal compared to those in countries like Poland or Malta, which have among the strictest laws in the European Union and often allow them only in cases like rape.

In Slovakia, on-demand abortions are legal up until 12 weeks of a pregnancy while abortions for health reasons are allowed until 24 weeks.

Conservative and far-right lawmakers want to allow them only up to six or eight weeks of pregnancy or ban them outright, and parliament starts debating draft laws to restrict abortions this month.

It is unclear if the proposals will become law since the ruling Smer — a leftist, socially conservative party — and junior center-right Slovak National Party in the government, have not said whether they will back any of them.

Demonstrators march during an anti-abortion protest rally, demanding a ban on abortions, in Bratislava, Slovakia, on September 22, 2019. (Photo by Reuters)

Abortions fell in the country of 5.4 million to 6,000 last year, from almost 11,000 a decade ago. A Focus agency opinion poll this month found 55.5% of people disagreed with restricting abortions while 34.6% supported the move.

Protesters carrying signs saying “A human is human regardless of size” and “Who kills an unborn child kills the future of the nation” marched in the capital on Sunday, demanding a total ban on abortions, including in cases of severe birth defects or rape.

“The life of every human is invaluable, therefore it needs to be protected from conception until natural death,” one of the protest organizers, backed by the Catholic Church, said on stage.

The organizers estimated turnout at the protest at about 50,000.

The ruling Smer Party has led Slovakia nearly non-stop since 2006 and has built its base by lifting social benefits amid years of economic growth and backing conservative issues.

The most recent official census in 2011 found 62% of the country identify as Roman Catholics, while 6% are Protestants.

(Source: Reuters)

Source Article from http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2019/09/22/606841/Slovakia-abortion-ban-march

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