Thank White People For…

Thank White people for:

Thank White people for:

– That computer you’re typing on
– The software that drives your computer
– The Internet & nearly all web applications
– Recorded music
– Motion picture
– TV
– Radio
– Camera
– Telephone
– Light bulb
– Automobile
– Rocketry (modern)
– Satellite
– Spacecraft
– Airplane
– Skyscraper
– Telescope
– Printing press
– Eyeglasses
– Contact lenses
– Microwave oven
– Metallurgy (most discoveries and methods)
– Materials science (plastics, compounds, & most other synthetics)
– 95% of medical advancements
– 95% of life saving pharmaceutical drugs
– Modern food preservatives
– Most scientific breakthroughs over the past 1000 years
– The bulk of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
– Astronomy (most discoveries and mapping techniques)
– Sea navigation (most advancements)
– Discovery of DNA
– Genetics (most research)
– Microscope
– Laser technology and its myriad of uses
– Harnessing electricity
– Nuclear energy
– Wireless technology
– Air conditioning devices
– Refrigeration
– Modern agricultural techniques
– Modern democracy

Where would the world be without White people? Stuck in the stone age, that’s where. So the next time you get in your car, pick up your cell phone, fly in a plane, etc. thank White people.a

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WHY people don’t DEFEND the Whites?

by alicia frischmann

Do you know that White people in ALL the countries that their ancestors created and ONLY White countries will become a MINORITY in the next 3 decades? Do you know that most non-Whites who will replace them, HATE them and BLAME them on all the evils of the world? Do you know that the JEWS are behind the plan? Do you know that by the end of THIS CENTURY, ethno-Europeans Whites will become even smaller, maybe 10 or 15% of their ancestral homelands?Related image

The White genocide project can be summarized by 3 phases:

1. Intentional reduction of the birthrate of White people by the JEWS pushing feminism, anti-family propaganda, easy sex, abortion rights & propaganda, homosexual marriage & propaganda, individualism, materialism

2. Massive non-White immigration during decades, allowing the families of immigrants to join them, give them generous welfare money from the money of Whites to out-breed the Whites, all this under the supervision of the JEWS in government, and the promotion of socialism in the JEWISH mainstream media

3. Promotion of race-mixing (miscegenation) between the Whites and non-Whites, 24h per day, 7 day per week, in all the JEWISH run education curriculum, in the Walt Disney JEWISH produced movies for children, in the Hollywood JEW movies, in the MTV JEW music industry

The combination of these points lead to the REPLACEMENT of White people by other races in their HOMELANDS. If this is not stopped, in 100 or 120 years there will be no more White people on the surface of the earth, no White civilization (European) but small White tribes scattered here and there.

Why people don’t expose the JEWS for this “White Genocide” project?

Please Watch this and SHARE widely
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What people would do if it was not the Whites, but a tribe in Amazon or Africa, or the Tibetan people being menaced by extinction?

Why this HATRED for White people?

JEWS PROJECT THEIR OWN EVIL IMAGE ONTO THE WHITE RACE  and then incite the brown races they bring into Europe and America to attack and hate the whites! 

by alicia frischmann

There are very few, even tiny minority of black people who make the difference between Whites and JEWS !

In reality the Jews are the top enemies of Whites, and they use the Whites to HIDE themselves when they cause all the miseries of the planet. Jews call themselves “Whites” when they want to create a “White Guilt” among White people about all these miseries that Jews have caused such as slavery, World Wars, Porn & filth, Hollywood… At the same time these evil Jews create an “anti-White” feeling among non-Whites who become the soldiers on the ground of the JEWS against any White resistance.

When non-Whites hate Whites while being imported by millions every year by the Jews to ALL and ONLY White countries, then they will see the replacement on Whites as a “moral thing”.

It’s why the crimes committed on Whites are far higher than those committed by Whites. But the most important factor of the anti-White Jewish propaganda is to create in the non-Whites a wish to destroy the Whites, a fantasy to see the Whites reduced to a powerless discriminated hated isolated minority in the countries their ancestors have built for them. Africans, Muslims, Hispanics become the tools used by the Jews used to achieve the “White Genocide” project.

It is an entirely Jewish project that aims to first reduce the birth-rate of White Ethno-Europeans people by Cultural Marxism, then bring millions of non-Whites for all fake reasons, then promote race-mixing to genocide the Whites.

All this to succeed need to remove the pride of White people in their own culture, identity & History, also ban free-speech and imposing “hate-speech laws” and “political correctness”.

Political correctness does not allow the Whites to defend themselves because they censor themselves from expressing their opinions or their interest as a group. Political correctness is the most sophisticated social program of the JEWS ever. Without it, their biggest crime ever, the “White Genocide” project, cannot succeed.

The Jews not only run governments and media, but also run social organizations, “human rights movements” for “social equality” to integrate the non-Whites that THEY brought in every school, University, Housing neighborhood, big corporations, public & governmental Jobs.

While doing that, the Jews in Hollywood & Walt Disney promote race-mixed couples and race-mixed children in almost every movie and cartoon. The Jewish writers of education-books illustrate the books of children with similar propaganda since young age. The Jews running the Porn industry promote race-mixed Porn to create a desire for White woman among the non-White men while portraying White woman as an cheap slut.

The Jews are the reason of our misfortune, they are the root cause of all our problems. Once we recognize this simple fact, then we can hope to solve all our problems caused by other racial & religious groups as a direct consequence of the “diversity” forced on us by our JEWISH Masters in Western World


by alicia frischmann

The Jewish media and the Jewish-narrated education books teach us that “White Supremacy means enslaving other races” and oppressing them… that Whites hate non-Whites and wish to exterminate them.

This is how the Jews lie and in fact they succeed in convincing people about this definition, even the most anti-Jews activists fall in such non-sens. If we add to that propaganda some stories on the Jewish TV of crimes perpetrated by some White man, ignorant with low IQ and no education, then this propaganda becomes a “truth”.

White Supremacy is simply the recognition of the SCIENCE of race, that the ethno-Europeans are superior in different aspects. The physical aspects, beautiful and fit bodies, and attractiveness. But this remains a superficial interpretation of White Supremacy. The main supremacy is intellectual. In fact hundreds of scientific studies and papers prove that Whites, or ethno-Europeans especially the Nordics have a higher average of IQ

Yes, it’s true. Different human races have different averages of IQ. This means in every race there are those with high IQs and those with low IQs, but when you make the average, then this average is also higher or lower then in other races

This simple fact explains why since centuries & thousands of years, different races produced different levels of advanced civilizations! This is why we have today 1st world countries, developing countries and 3rd world countries! IQ or intelligence is mainly due to the race of humans, but it is also very poorly affected by the environment (ex: education)

Now we come to the main point of IQ: To be an engineer or be able to do the work of engineers, people should have an IQ above 120 according to different studies. Now if we assume that a country is more advanced when it has more engineers, and if that country is made of White people (ethno-Europeans), then that country will be more advanced than a country made of Arab or African race because the number of engineers, or the percentage of engineers is higher in White countries.

Guess what? North Asians have higher average of IQ than White people, it is why Japan for example, is more advanced than Europe and more industrial, productive and innovative. In fact Japan is the num#1 innovative country in the world!

Back to “White Supremacy”, it is in fact the natural supremacy and does not mean Whites want to kill all non-Whites! Do the Japanese want to kill all non-Japanese?

If Whites don’t understand the topic of race, then they will be completely replaced / genocided by the Jews. This is why the Jews promote the idea of “White power” and “Whites wanting to enslave humanity”!

When all humans understand race then they will stop complaining about the evil Whites who “stole the wealth of the poor other races”, and they will become less hostile on Whites! All these rapes and racial crimes committed on Whites will also stop because people will stop hating & blaming the Whites…

Racist or Race Realist ? Know the difference…

“Racist” means you hate others who are from other races. “Race-realist” means you understand that races are not equals in abilities in general. For example I am not racist. I like to see Arab people in Arab countries so I see what is their behavior and traditions. I like to see Chinese in China if I visit for tourism or short stay. I like to see Black people in Africa so i eat their delicious spice food and listen to their very happy music suitable for dance. I don’t want to kill people from other races, I don’t even hate them. But when the Jews force them on my country and help them to replace my own people, which the Jews reduced the birthrate, this will replace my own culture by theirs and I feel stranger in my country. Is it hate to oppose that? Moreover I don’t believe that those people are biologically able to produce the same level of advancement in my country, I mean the average IQ of Muslims in general is lower than Europeans. Same for Africans. Am I hater to be honest?

 All cultures and all races are NOT equals in abilities. It needs little bit of meditation and critical thinking to realize that this world has been UNEQUAL since centuries. That has nothing at all to do with “Colonialism” or “Evil Whites” or “crusades”. If we were Equals, why then there is no single 2-floors ancestral building or an amazing ancient architecture in Africa? Why Japan for example that was almost all its History isolated, had always very advanced civilization, Arts, Music, Architecture that dates several centuries or even more. By the way Science proves that ancient advanced civilizations that dates thousands of years were NOT built by the races of people who inhabit them now. White Aryan (Nordic race) monies were found by hundreds in Egypt, Peru, Iran, India, China too… Sorry to tell you the truth, but races are not equals. You can deny it as much as you like, but science of race provides hundreds of studies about the classification in abilities of different races. Is this a hate-speech? Who cares because the truth doesn’t care about feeling. We have just to accept it and deal with it. We can’t expect for example that places in the world will every become rich and advanced. This will make us feel less guilty, and make those people feel less angry of the people of the developed world. Especially the Jewish plan to destroy White civilizations by race-replacement will be stopped. What else?

Few links tell you how JEWS promote non-Children fro White people

The worst decision you can ever make is to have a child, according to science

Want to fight climate change? Have fewer children

Why having children is bad for your marriage

Why Science Says Having Kids May Be A Bad Idea

NBC: “having a child … is one of the worst things you can do for the environment

Science proves kids are bad for Earth. Morality suggests we stop having them.

View: Science proves kids are bad for Earth, morality suggests we stop having them

Professor Says Having Kids is an “Indulgence” That’s Bad For The Earth

NBC article: Having lots of kids is immoral like releasing murderers from prison

The War on Whites Is Real

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