The Alt-Light Dodge Race Because They’re Race Mixers

Some of the key figures among the alt-light milieu have consistently dodged the racial question, preferring only to speak about “culture” in their spiels.

The reason they do this is because they’re race-mixers with non-white children.

Gavin McInnes (has Native American wife + children)

Mike Cernovich (has non-white Iranian wife + child)

Augustus Invictus (had non-white Hispanic ex-wife + children)

Milo Yiannopoulos (homosexual + negro husband)

Paul Joseph Watson (rumored non-white girlfriend, possible closeted fag)

Alleged girlfriend of PJW

As you can see, these people have a vested personal interest in downplaying the race question in the debate about nationalism. They define their nationalism exclusively by culture and ideas because they’ve already thrown away their genetic heritage through race-mixing.

A few other characters in this milieu like Alex Jones, Jack Posobiec, Roger Stone, Stefan Molyneux and others appear to have white spouses, but who nonetheless avoid the racial question for political/financial reasons. They believe that by only talking about “culture” they can avoid the “racist” charge and keep their Jewish-controlled platforms.

In other words, they’re all either race-mixers or pathetic cowards who insert Jewish penises into their rectums.

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