All quotes from Wendy Donigers Magnum Flopus ‘The Hindus: An Alternative History’

The Jewrss enjoying her hit job on Hinduism


  1. The Motto of the History of Hinduism: “Clearly the two—the animals of the terrain and the animals of the mind—are intimately connected, and both are essential to our understanding of Hinduism. If the motto of Watergate was “Follow the money,” the motto of the history of Hinduism could well be “Follow the monkey.” Or, more often, “Follow the horse.” Three animals—horses, dogs, and cows—are particularly charismatic players in the drama of Hinduism.” (Page 39)
  2. The Monkeys and Peoples of India: “The mosque, whose serene calligraphic and geometric decoration contrasts with the perpetual motion of the figures depicted on the temple, makes a stand against the chaos of India, creating enforced vacuums that India cannot rush into with all its monkeys and peoples and colors and the smells of the bazaar and, at the same time, providing a flattering frame to offset that very chaos. (Page 305)
  3. Rape as a Legitimate Form of Marriage: “… a form of rape that came to be regarded as a bad, but legitimate, form of marriage: having sex with a sleeping or drugged woman. It appears that a woman’s brother too is someone she might expect to find in her bed, though the Rig Veda severely condemns sibling incest; it is also possible that the brother in question is her husband’s brother, a person who, as we shall see, can have certain traditional, though anxiety-producing, connections with his brother’s wife.” (Page 92)
  1. God Rapes Worshipers: “Abortion is, together with the killing of a Brahmin, the defining mortal sin in the dharma texts. Here, however, abortion is called for because the god has raped the worshiper, with overtones of the king’s power to possess sexually any woman in his realm. The mythological possibilities encapsulated in the last two lines—“so, in your image, / I’ll bear you a son”—are staggering; the whole mythology of gods fathering human sons (think of the divine lineages of the Mahabharata heroes!) is cast in a different light, for, in the end, the woman intends to bear the child, not to have an abortion after all.” (Page 369)
  2. Dasharatha was a Sex Addict: Rama said, “Sita had to enter the purifying fire in front of everyone because she had lived so long in Ravana’s bedrooms. Had I not purified her, good people would have said to me, ‘That Rama, Dasharatha’s son, is certainly lustful and childish.’ But I knew that she was always true to me.” Then Rama was united with his beloved and experienced the happiness that he deserved. “Dasharatha’s son is certainly lustful” is a key phrase. Rama knows all too well what people said about Dasharatha; when Lakshmana learns that Rama has been exiled, he says, “The king is perverse, old, and addicted to sex, driven by lust.” (Page 153)
  1. Rama, Sita, Sex & Politics: Rama thinks that sex is putting him in political danger (keeping his allegedly unchaste wife will make the people revolt), but in fact he has it backward: Politics is driving Rama to make a sexual and religious mistake; public concerns make him banish the wife he loves. Rama banishes Sita as Dasharatha has banished Rama. Significantly, the moment when Rama kicks Sita out for the second time comes directly after a long passage in which Rama makes love to Sita passionately, drinking wine with her, for many days on end; the banishment comes as a direct reaction against the sensual indulgence. (Page 153)
  2. The Sultan as an Incarnation of Krishna: “In Bengal, in 1418 a Hindu actually became sultan, Raja Ganesh. His son, converting to Islam, ruled under his father’s direction until 1431. He was succeeded by an Arab Muslim, Ala-ud-din Husain (r. 1493-1519), who revered the Vaishnava saint Chaitanya, in return for which the Hindus regarded the sultan as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. (Page 299)

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  1. Anand says:


    A lot of gullible westernized people in India do not realize that many “Western” Indologists who are attacking Hinduism, such as Sheldon Pollock and Wendy Doniger, are actually “Jews.”

    The Jews have been at war with western civilization for almost 2000 years. Often, their strategy is the same—divide and conquer. They incite the smaller groups to attack the bigger group and denigrate mainstream institutions to foment revolt.

    Henry Ford, the first car manufacturer, wrote a book called “the International Jew—the world’s foremost problem.” Martin Luther wrote a book called “Jews and their lies.”

    They looted Russia and caused World War I and II, leading to 100 million white people deaths. They had Germans burnt alive in Dresden. Most of the western media and academia is controlled by the Jews. They control Hollywood, where they use their power to spew filth and produce porn.

    Their religion Judaism is the most barbaric and gutter religion. Their “holy” book, the Old Testament, is pornographic and violent. In it, their patriarch Abraham, was a pimp who sold his wife/sister Sarah to a pharaoh, as a prostitute. It brags that their prophet Moses was a mass murderer and a pedophile. In it, Lot’s daughters gang raped their father, Lot. According to Jewish scholar Dr. Samuel Benjamin Harris, “there is no text more barbaric than the Old Testament…..the Quran pales in comparison”.

    As a result, most Jewish women are prostitutes and are often raped by family members. Incest is rampant among them. Most Rabbis are rapists and their synagogues are whorehouses (see the book “Sex, Lies and Rabbis”). Therefore, to keep the sheep in the fold, they use fake “scholars” like Wendy Doniger and Sheldon Pollock to denigrate other religions to preemptively scare other Judaists from converting to more civilized religions like Hinduism and to feel relieved that theirs is not the only gutter religion.

    There are 100’s of books by famous writers attacking the Jews, and 100’s of websites online exposing them. One great book online is called “When Victims Rule”. The Catholic saint Chrysostum called them animals. In the minds of many people, the word Jew is the embodiment of evil and is the biggest cancer of mankind.

    It is a shame that liberal Indians are getting conned by Jewish barbarians.

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