‘The biggest thing you did for Israel’ was breaking Iran deal — Adelson tells Trump

With supporters like Sheldon and Miriam Adelson and their puppet, non-presidential President Trump, “Israel” needs no enemies:


“Trump Enthralls Adelson Assembly, Repels American Jews and Sticks a Dagger in AIPAC” Haaretz, Dec. 9/19, by Chemi Shalev

“The president’s 45-minute self-laudatory speech to IAC had two glaring omissions: Right-wing anti-Semitic violence and one Benjamin Netanyahu.”

“Love or loathe him, Donald Trump gave Israelis of all political stripes a poignant moment full of pride and naches on Sunday Night. Trump’s physical embrace with members of the special-needs Shalva band right after they sang God Bless America to his attentive ears was the one highlight of the Israeli American Council conference in Washington that will stir the hearts of all Israelis, right, left and center.

“Not that the rest of Trump’s performance – as seen on a live stream – was boring or unremarkable. On the contrary, in the annals of relations between Israel and the United States, there’s probably been nothing like it. In between rambling and sometimes incomprehensible depictions of the minute details of his own foresight and courage, Trump gave settler-supporting, Palestinian-despising Israelis and Jews 45 minutes of pure heaven.

“He blasted Iran, denigrated Palestinians and even pronounced that his May 2018 embassy move had miraculously made Jerusalem into the capital of Israel. He delighted the enthusiastic crowd by managing to insult Native Americans with his reference to Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas’ while concurrently hurling a vaguely anti-Semitic slur at his business-minded, wealth-oriented Jewish audience, which, he said, would naturally resist Warren’s tax-taking policies.

“Proving once again that no one hates liberal Jews like non-liberal Jews, Trump garnered another round of applause and chants of ‘Four more years’ by equating a vote for his rivals with disloyalty to Israel. He blasted anti-Semitism and even gave his newly appointed federal anti-Semitism czar Elan Carr a few minutes to laud the president’s unyielding opposition, but failed to mention the kind of anti-Semitism that is uppermost on the minds of American Jews – the right-wing kind that led to the Pittsburgh massacre and others – mainly because he knows they believe that he is partly responsible for it in the first place.

“Also absent, most notably, from both Trump’s speech and Miriam Adelson’s glowing introduction – which could have furnished the opening pages of the Book of Trump she thinks should be added to the Bible – was any mention whatsoever of one Benjamin Netanyahu. The man for whom Adelson set up a newspaper and invested hundreds of millions in its free and costly distribution, the prime minister still being touted by his fans as Trump’s best friend forever, was suddenly rendered invisible. A non-entity. Persona non-grata. The man who never was.

“Nonetheless, for right-wing Israelis and American Jews who believe Adelson’s adulating depiction of Trump as ‘the greatest president,’ it was a joyous celebration of his unyielding, one-sided support for Israel, which he reiterated from the podium. For everyone else, including the vast majority of U.S. Jews, Trump’s speech must have been excruciating – and his rousing reception by the Israeli-American audience more than slightly nauseating.

“It would have been a field day for American anti-Semites too, were it not for the fact that most of them are such firm Trump fans. Under any other circumstances, the sight of a U.S. president serving as speaker, host and stand up comedian at a gala funded and orchestrated by a gambling magnate who just happens to be the top Republican donor – and, who, by sheer coincidence, approved of Trump’s every word – could have been added as an appendix to the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’”

Source Article from https://mondoweiss.net/2019/12/the-biggest-thing-you-did-for-israel-was-breaking-iran-deal-adelson-tells-trump/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-biggest-thing-you-did-for-israel-was-breaking-iran-deal-adelson-tells-trump

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