The Censorship Racket Explained: No Due Process, No Evidence, No Defense

When government takes away your rights in a criminal prosecution, there’s a “due process” that must be followed. Even though the criminal justice system is corrupt and dishonest in its own way, there is at least recognition that those who are accused may face their accusers; that the accused has the right to see the evidence against them; and that evidence may be presented in their defense.

But in the world of online censorship by tech giants, no due process exists. You’re banned without explanation… you cannot face your accusers… you cannot present evidence in your defense… and no evidence even needs to be cited against you. You can be de-platformed, censored, smeared, slandered and have your entire reputation and business utterly destroyed based entirely on rumors and lies backed up by extreme censorship to silence your dissent.

This is the reality of the internet censorship we all face today. I explain the details in my video, below:


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