The Corona ‘Gates’ Tattoo

  • Brother Nathanael
    April 8, 2020 @ 9:56 pm


    The Corona ‘Gates’ Tattoo

    Wanna tattoo?

    What used to be only for convicts and sailors is now branded on women and men all across America.

    But with corona now panicking the masses, Bill Gates is trafficking in a digital tattoo for everyone to use.

    He said it on Reddit.


    “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

    These “digital certificates,” delivered with the vaccine itself, are ready to go.

    Funded by the Gates Foundation,

    “MIT researchers can record a patient’s vaccination history by storing the data in an invisible dye delivered under the skin at the same time as the vaccine.”

    You see, Gates’ “digital tattoo” is essentially a sneaky microchip dipped in dye fixed invisibly beneath the skin.

    More than just an inoculation record, the digital tattoo—linked to a central data base—creates an archive of a person’s name, medical history, law enforcement violations, and ‘relevant’ civil undertakings.

    So when Gates inserts his needle, his tattoo inks a chip right along with it. [Clip]

    [”As much as you look at the potential of a pandemic occurring, is there anything that’s really surprised you about what’s happened in the case of the corona virus?”
    “You know, it’s really unprecedented. Uh, and, you know, we’re kind of in unchartered territory about how we minimize the pain. Uh, even the issue of once we get the case numbers down, there’s a lot of dialogue, uh, between our Foundation experts and the government now, but what does opening up look like? You know, which activities have, like schools, have such benefit, and can be done in a way in that the risk of transmission is very low.” “Yeah.” “And which activities like mass gatherings, ahh, maybe, in a certain sense more optional. And so, until you’re widely vaccinated, those may not, ahhh, come back ahhh, at all.”]

    So unless “you’re widely vaccinated” you’re not going to watch your son play baseball at the Little League “gathering” just a block down the street.

    Bravo Billy Boy!

    Suddenly the geek becomes the ‘Nostradamus of Disease.’

    Suddenly the nerd who deals in bits and bytes becomes a practitioner of bacteria and germs.

    All because Gates is a major funder of ID2020, a ‘Digital Identity Alliance,’ which includes “Gavi,” a vaccination cabal devoted to plunging a needle into 1.1 billion people’s veins.

    Got your Certificate yet?

    Now Billy Boy’s Microsoft ‘Manifesto’ for ID2020 is not only creepy, it’s a cheap shot on our intelligence:

    “Imagine a world where safe and secure digital identities are possible, providing everyone with an essential building block to every right and opportunity they deserve.”

    “Imagine” the mark of the beast you unprincipled Microsoft bitch?

    You want us to “imagine” some “building block” essential to our “deserving” every “right and opportunity” we already have as our God-given stewardship?

    You want to play “God” do you? You don’t want to mess with Him, little Micro-girl.

    And not to lose an “opportunity” to make kosher hay from a ‘crisis,’ the Jew Zuckerberg wants a piece of the panic. [Clip]

    [”Among those helping to battle the pandemic are Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr Priscilla Chan. In an exclusive interview Zuckerberg told us of his company’s role in the fight. This morning the couple is also announcing that their charitable group, the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, is partnering with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on possible treatments.”
    “I’m really proud to share that CZI is going to be joining Gates and others to put together something that they’re calling the Therapeutics Accelerator to fight corona virus. They’re going to fund a group to screen all of the drugs that we know have potential effects against corona virus. Figuring out drugs is always expensive, but philanthropy can do a role in kick starting this. So we’re going to be contributing 25 million dollars with Gates and others to be able to get this started quickly and now.”]

    Jews and their shiksa wives are very philanthropic you know.

    Hey Zucky boychik!

    Best you keep your hooked nose and mail order bride pressed against your computer screen and leave our immune systems aside.

    Yet maybe America is getting what it “deserves,” a Corona ‘Gates’ Tattoo, with a Zuckerberg’s facebook nose stuck into it.

    For after all, a needle dipped in dye with a vaccine dripped with a chip, can be a shared affair on social media blips.

    I guarantee the Jewish ADL and SPLC won’t ban your blips.

    +bn off the cuff

    Water of Life.

    The new buzz word of the month is “social distancing,” and all that bs.

    I grew up in Judaism and believe me Jews don’t do “social distancing.”

    But the goyim have fallen into this trap, while every morning in a group of “10,” which Judaism designates as a “minyan”—without which there can be no “gathering” for Jewish prayer—Jews come together whether in a synagogue, or a home designated as a synagogue, to do their daily cycle of prayer beginning with “Shacharit” – morning prayers.

    Circumcision, “Brit Milah,” is the same.

    The male baby, the family, the rabbi, and the Mohel, the one who does the cutting and the sucking of the penis, all come together as a “Kehilat,” a “community” and watch the blood-letting of the baby boy.

    Then a big catered meal is served and the “mishpochah”—the “greater family,” the entire synagogue—guzzle down wine and gefilte fish.

    How’s that for social distancing?

    I’m certain that de Blasio, mayor of Hymie Town, New York City, is turning a blind eye to Jewry’s ignoring his “social distancing” decree.

    Believe me, Jews don’t give a damn about civil decrees. They do it their way and hacks can scuttle down the highway.

    Money, Jewish “gelt”—and Jews got the gold you know—can work all kinds of un-policed ‘civil disobedience.’

    You see, “social distancing” is only for the goys and it started decades ago with the “Open Immigration Law Of 1965,” pushed by the American Jewish Committee, and promoted by their Jewish poster boy, Senator Jacob Javits of New York.

    The Law opened America to Third World Immigrants and threw out the quota system and restrictions that only immediate families could come, with the principal person having already lined up a job in the professions…academia, science, engineering, or medicine.

    When the Law was passed in ‘65, Javits celebrated with his acclamation, “Open The Flood Gates!”

    And since then, every kind of creed, color, germs, viruses, racial complexions entered into this country and began the cultural “social distancing” that Jewry engineered which initiated “social fragmentation.”

    Prior to this Law we had a homogenous unified society which culturally was “Christian” with the generations-old “White Christian Political Power Bloc.”

    The Jews have well destroyed this.

    Now with this lockdown Jewry wants to exterminate the White Middle Class, the only political bloc that can oppose them.

    And the upcoming new generation of whites were just beginning to become “jew wise” and opposing the anti-Christ state of Israel.

    How’s that for timing?

    Just in time to unleash a ‘pandemic panic’ by those who control the narration: Jews. Jews who own ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and all the papers.

    Bezos of the Washington Post did a leverage buyout with the Meyer-Graham family, Jews, who still have plenty of influence over the paper.

    My fellow Americans.

    Let’s not lose heart.

    Corona can bring the change we want.

    This Jewish media-induced ‘crisis’ can be our opportunity, not Jewry’s.

    A broom is sweeping up the broken pieces of yesterday’s life.

    And the wind cries Mary.

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