The Democrats are determined to carry out their communist revolution and remove Trump from power one way or another.

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Many of us (out here) attempt to bring YOU accurate and detailed intel about where we are headed (soon) as a nation. I myself ask for spiritual guidance to analyze and report my findings, as I did today….and whammo ! In my inbox, I discovered a very revealing video from my associate Kathy Hawkins…….a video guide to understanding most every event, beginning with the American Revolution, Civil War through a major turning point for America in 1999, and where we are now.

Note: The video should be a priority watch by every school age and college student.

More than half the American population (the popular vote) and most of the planet earth have absolutely NO CLUE as to how (our) minds have been manipulated by an off world identity a.k.a. Satan and the fake media.

Through his minions a.k.a. the 13 world family [Masonic] banksters a.k.a. “The Illuminati” have conspired for generations [under Satan’s rule] to control the entire planet banking commerce system, but what has (always) been a thorn in their ass……is you and me !

Because of “Free Will” and understanding the “TRUTH,” the human has shown [Satan] over and over again….WE will rise against [HIM] and his minions forever, or until the planet is completely destroyed, thus…..they destroy themselves in the process.

Understand something……

Satan is not just an imaginary identity or favorite name for one’s action(s), but is a real identity that manifests from the spiritual realm that we cannot see (unless you want to)….however, his army of evil can manifest as UFO’s and destroy the planet, which HE claims is HIS domain and we are his slaves.

Is it any wonder why we often watch [predictive programming] movies of UFO invasions, etc combined with good and evil?

Is it any wonder why (many) presidents have involved themselves by attempting to force the CIA, NSA, and the Military Industrial Complex to share their data, intel and discoveries concerning CONTACT with off world beings?

Is it any wonder why President Dwight Eisenhower, JFK, and Ronald Reagan warned us about the New World Order and “secret societies” involving the Military Industrial Complex?

Is it any wonder why President Trump has formed the ‘Space Force?’

Folks….it’s all inter-connected to a world scheme that can and WILL come to a head very soon.

In the video, hosted by a Military Special Ops (insider), you will learn in detail how it’s all coming to a head; a presentation he has given several times to U.S. Army Special Forces.

He does NOT speculate, but knows his history…..of which WE are about to repeat. That history is VERY diabolical…..naming names (we all know) and what the PLAN is for world government.

Note: The world lock-down(s) and mask wearing, under the plandemic, is a beta test for when all hell breaks loose.

You will understand how WE have been duped by a fake plandemic, 911, wars in the Middle East, and how EXTREMELY dangerous, we as a nation are facing, while advancing into massive civil war in just weeks ahead.

President Trump has been given the power to change world events on a scale that is biblical. He is looking at Satan (basically) right in the eyes and ONLY God can protect him now. The CIA is an extremely dangerous / globalist agency that must be shutdown! [JFK was about to do]

The CIA is the controller of the “Shadow Government” on behalf of the 13 [Masonic] families that own most of the world.

The Trump Administration and loyalists within the intelligence / military apparatus know exactly what can happen after the election. (see article below video).

The Democrat Communists are ready to take-back the White House by any means necessary, if Trump refuses to vacate the presidency…..stolen or not by rigged voting / reporting.

Current and former generals and admirals under past presidents, GHWB, Clinton, GWB Jr, and Obama are actively lobbying the Pentagon and other military leaders to NOT follow Trump’s commands in the event thereof.

IMO….the path that Trump will have to follow (after Nov 3rd), when [planned] massive riots and attempts to storm the White house begins……Trump will be forced to enact the ‘Insurrection Act’ and declare Martial Law in most every [Blue State] region.

The traitorous former and current military leaders are pushing for resistance by taking ‘Tactical Command and Control’ away from President Trump, while following a quasi-president Biden, of whom will be in a basement (again) in an unknown location. Note: Americans are already being programmed mentally for Biden to assume ‘Tactical Command and Control’ from a bunker.

This same exact tactic was attempted in WW II under the guise of ‘Operation Valkyrie,’ in Hitler’s military, which almost succeeded, with the assassination attempt of Hitler.

It’s happening (again) now….and is known as the ‘BLACK SWAN.’

Will THEY succeed in their quest to destroy America? Make no doubt, the number one fear THEY have, is the fact, Americans are armed to the teeth and willing to die at any cost to save America from a Communist [Satanic] take-over.

If Trump loses (legally or illegally)…..know one important fact ! The round-up of all personally owned weapons will go in effect within one year of a Biden / Harris presidency.

Therefore……stock-up on food supplies and ammo. Depending on where you live, your life will be up for grabs, but not before a total reconditioning of your mind and soul.

Psychological Warfare is ALWAYS the precursor to war !

God Bless America.

—Dave Bertrand


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