The End Goal of Feminism is Extinction of Humanity

The principal goal of feminism is to provoke the extinction of the human race.

Feminists tell women not to have children, not to have families, and to pursue soul-crushing careers in the Jewish marketing and fashion industries. Otherwise to become criminal defense lawyers for killer negroes.

Feminists implore women to become sterile sluts and dykes and to abandon their national duty to advance the race through child-birth.

Feminists demand that men not view women as sexual objects. Feminists also encourage women to dress like cheap hookers and to march in the streets with their tits out and the word ‘slut’ written across their stomachs. Feminists encourage women to have casual sex with hundreds of random men and to abort any unexpected pregnancies.

The birthrate would quickly plummet to zero if all women took their advice. But that doesn’t matter to feminists as that’s their goal: human extinction.

Feminists demand equality in the workplace, except in all the dangerous, monotonous and laborious jobs that only men do. Feminists are happy to let men continue to do all the dangerous and tough work. They don’t tell women to pick up the slack. They only want “gender quotas” in the high-paid corporate and government jobs with air conditioning and free lunch.

Feminists demand that men stop complimenting women because that’s sexist. But women fall into suicidal depression if they don’t receive compliments and attention, so men must compliment them and give them attention, say feminists.

Feminists say men have privilege over women. This male privilege is born out of the fact that most homeless people are men, most workplace deaths are men, men live on average five years less than women, and are the majority of homicide and violent assault victims. Western governments spend vastly more money on research to find cures for cancers affecting women than ones affecting men.

In dating, women have a vast market advantage over men. And they have to make virtually no effort in this regard as men are expected to approach women and ask them out on dates… the woman simply chooses which of the plethora of male suitors is “worthy” of her golden vagina. Getting laid is a piece of cake for women: simply walk into a bar or enter a dating app and a mountain of romantic offers magically appear. Men have to run around like headless chickens begging for pussy, doing elaborate tricks to impress mediocre poon.

But none of these facts matter to feminists. The fact that women have it 1000x better than men in modern society; the fact that they have sinister control of the legal system which they use to terrorize innocent men; the fact that they can get cushy jobs solely by possessing a vagina; is all just an elaborate optical illusion conjured by the crafty patriarchy to fool you.

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