The Enemies Of Free Speech

  • Brother Nathanael
    January 28, 2020 @ 2:54 pm


    The Enemies Of Free Speech

    My fellow Americans.

    Allow me to present to you the crucial undertakings of our highly esteemed representatives on Capitol Hill.

    For with that grisly threat of anti-Semitism lurking on every corner we can now see our tax dollars mightily at work. [Clip]

    [”Experts and academics from the Jewish community, including Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, testified on the rise of anti-Semitism in the US before the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism.”]

    Here we go again!

    Yet another Hearing on the “rise of anti-Semitism” so the hacks on Capitol Hill can pass more laws to advance the interests of Jews against their Gentile constituents.

    Step up goy!

    And shove a gag in your mouth! [Clip]

    [”We need citizens to step up and demand more of people in public life that they should insist on a zero-tolerance policy on intolerance. Full stop. And on that score, Mr. Chairman, I’ll just acknowledge that you’ve shown real courage in speaking out, and I applaud you for it.”]

    He’s applauding Max Rose, a Jew like him, who’s heading up the Hearing so as to advance the prejudices of 1.8 % of the population.

    Ain’t that a shame. [Clip]

    [”Now a second reason is that we have online platforms that tolerate anti-Semitism and hate. And I’m not talking about just adults, but children can find horrific hate taking place online with just a click or a swipe, 24/7, 365 days a week.”]

    Yeah, ‘hate’ that ‘children’ can find to whom the ADL endorses books that promote homosexuality, transgenderism, and sex changes.

    Vulnerable children indeed!

    Yet ‘horrific hate’ of observers who expose and condemn Israel for imprisoning Palestinian children—blindfolding them, beating them, torturing them—this the ADL can’t allow.

    It’s the kind of ‘hate’ the ADL wipes off the net for Jewry’s ‘good.’ [Clip]

    [”So it’s long overdue for the social media companies to step up and shut down the neo-nazis on their platforms.”]

    Hey you ‘neo-nazis!’

    Better burn your swastikas ’cause Greenblatt and his tribe don’t like you criticizing their wicked Jewish State, nor their promotion of illicit and deviant sex.

    Do you affirm the Bible and its teachings?

    Then you’re a ‘neo-nazi.’

    And Greenblatt demands the hacks on Capitol Hill to enact all kinds of ‘hate’ laws to muzzle your mouths. [Clip]

    [”I want to follow up on what the chairman said, this is not the time for thoughts and prayers, we need resources and action. So let me give you some ideas of what you can do, right now, across party lines. Number one, pass The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act to ensure that law enforcement agencies deal with violent extremists on the home front. Pass The No Hate Act to ensure local law enforcement is trained up on how to deal with this. Pass legislation that hold the perpetrators of online hate accountable, The Online Safety Modernization Act.”]

    That’s the one he really wants.

    What it is, is creeping legislation that leads to ‘full stop’ censorship that would fully criminalize the:

    Quote: “Publication of personally identifiable information of another person to threaten, intimidate, harass, or cause other harm.”

    Get it?

    Simply “identify:”

    Jonathan Greenblatt, Heidi Beirich, Eileen Hershenov, as promoters of deviant sex, as defenders of Israeli crimes…

    Or “identify:”

    Daniel Schulman, Susan Wojcicki, Sheldon Adelson, as obstructers of funding, contrivers of search rigging, meddlers of elections…

    Then you’ll be prosecuted for publishing “information that causes them harm.”

    That’s what this law he’s pushing is all about.

    I mean, the enemies of free speech just can’t stand the facts and want you in jail for it.

    They fear TRUTH so much they suppress it, muzzle it, derank it, delete it, defund it, prosecute it, AND redirect it.

    Do a search, “The Holocaust Hoax.”

    Hundreds of titles and entries on the “Holocaust” have proven, even scientifically, that the established narration is a hoax.

    But look what comes up:

    Holocaust Denial Wikipedia

    The Fake Nazi Death Camp Wikipedia’s Longest Hoax…stating that the “hoax” is thousands of Poles were gassed in Warsaw not Jews.

    Confronting the Holocaust as Hoax

    The Holocaust Hoax: A Rejoinder

    Holocaust Revisionism – Conspiracy Theories

    Yet this one never comes up.

    It was a best seller for years.

    Now this is the “Redirect Method” that the Jewish ADL in collusion with Google created to give your searches the exact opposite of what you’re looking for.

    Just the facts ma’am, just the facts.

    But the enemies of free speech—Greenblatt, Wojcicki, Rose, Schulman, Beirich, and a whole host of Jewish abettors—don’t want you to have the facts.

    +BN off the cuff

    All right, where’s the coffee? Ok.

    Here we go.

    Hmm, tastes like ice tea.

    Coffee on the rocks!

    I’m not sure how Jews by criminalizing anti-Semitism can stop people from hating them.

    I mean, Jews keep on saying that anti-Semitism is a disease, that it’s a mental illness. So how does making it illegal to have a mental illness help “cure” that person?

    How does throwing someone in jail for a “disease”—for this is what Jews say anti-Semitism is, a disease—is going to cure that anti-Semite from his infection the Jews call “hate.”

    I would think making it a crime to have this “anti-Semitism” infection only would makes it worse.

    You see, If the Jews won’t allow a homosexual to undergo “conversion therapy,” yet want anti-Semites to convert to loving Jews, then shouldn’t there be some kind of conversion therapy going on here?

    Sigmund Freud would love this one-and all the Jewish psychiatrists.

    So, Let’s now have specialties in psychiatry, a 10 year program in getting a “Doctorate in Anti-Semitism Conversion Therapy,” and send the Goys to these new kind of Jewish shrinks.

    Then the pharmaceutical companies can come up with some new drugs that suppress anti-Semitic feelings and make an anti-Semite actually love Jews. I mean, they would make a killing!

    But, well, if none of this works, and the goys don’t really care much for Jews, and you know, still call them pushy, arrogant, money lovers and all that, then maybe, just maybe, Jews themselves should do a little self-help on their own…

    Like changing their behavior, changing their attitudes, changing their manipulative ways, repenting of stealing Palestinian land, repent of bribing politicians, repent of meddling in our elections, you know, things like that.

    It would take just a little bit of effort for Jews to just try to be decent and moral people, and stop ordering people around, like Greenblatt.

    Then people might just start liking them.There’s a first time for everything, you know.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe in miracles.

    But I don’t look for anything worthy coming from devils.

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